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14 Weeks Pregnant With Twins: What to Expect in Twin Pregnancy Week 14

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You are now 14 weeks pregnant with twins. Woohoo! I found that for me, personally, the further my twin pregnancy progressed, the more surreal it felt.

You’d think that it would become more real as the reality set in that I was having twins, but instead, I feel like I became more shocked and in awe each week.

If that’s you, no worries, you aren’t alone! Learning that you’re having twins is a wild experience. Amazing, but wild. In this post, I’ll walk you through what to expect at 14 weeks pregnant with twins.

I’m detailing the most common symptoms in your 14th week of twin pregnancy, twin fetal development, a handy checklist of things you should be doing, and so much more.

pinnable image of a mom at 14 weeks pregnant with twins

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14 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

Week 14 is usually referred to as the official first week of the second trimester. You can celebrate the fact that you’re a third of the way not just through pregnancy, but twin pregnancy! (And you should celebrate because it’s amazing!)

The 2nd trimester is often called the start of the honeymoon phase of pregnancy, when you feel your best. It’s a good time (or at least better than the 1st and 3rd trimesters), so enjoy it.

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 14 Weeks

Here are the major symptoms you can expect as you dive into week 14.

 Aches and Pains 

Your muscles and ligaments are beginning to stretch even more to accommodate the two developing babies in your belly, which means you are likely to feel aches, pains, and cramps.

These are totally normal, called “round ligament pains.” <— I did not personally experience round ligament pains until I was 16 weeks, but it is very common to experience them as early as 14 weeks.

This pregnancy bath soak will help ease your aches and pains if it’s something you’re experiencing. Baths with this were the only thing that helped me when my body got super achy later on in my pregnancy.

Increased Appetite 

Now that you’re (hopefully!!!!) over the worst of the morning sickness and indigestion, your appetite will likely increase. This is also, in part, due to the TWO growing babies in your belly. This is likely to be twofold when you’ve got twice the baby. It’s recommended that you eat around 600 extra (mostly nutritious) calories a day when you’re carrying twins.

Increase in Energy

With an increase in appetite will also come an increase in energy, or at least it will feel that way. You are probably just not feeling terrible like you were during the first trimester. I found that I had more energy at 14 weeks, but it didn’t last very long.

Twin pregnancy is so hard. Give yourself lots of grace and adjust your expectations for yourself. You are growing two entire humans!

Stuffy Nose 

Pregnancy hormones mean an increase of mucus, so it may not be allergies or a cold you’re dealing with. A warm compress, running a humidifier, taking a warm bath or shower, and drinking plenty of water can help offset this! 

Weight Gain 

Continued weight gain is normal at week 14 and may even increase. If you have an average BMI, you should expect to gain about a pound a week until week 20. 

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identical twin girls as babies, discussing symptoms of twin pregnancy at 14 weeks

Twin Fetal Development at 14 Weeks

The babies are now moving around more frequently, and their fetal movements are much smoother and more graceful than they were in the first trimester. They’re also starting to lengthen and straighten out as their necks get longer and stronger. 

They might even start growing hair or eyebrows at this point, though more likely, they’ll start to grow lanugo, which is a fuzzy coating designed to keep them warm until fat starts to form. The roofs of the babies mouths also start to form here and the digestive system continues to develop. (Source: What to Expect

Ready to announce your twin pregnancy to the world? I’ve got you covered!

The Best Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

How Big are Twins at 14 Weeks?

The size of twins at 14 weeks pregnant is approximately 3 inches in length and weigh about 1.5 ounces each.

If you like the fruit comparison, they are now the size of a peach. (Source: The Bump

14 Weeks Pregnant With Twins Belly

Mom at 14 weeks pregnant with twins showing of twin belly bump.

Your twin bump at 14 weeks will look about the same this week as it did in week 13. Shopping for maternity clothes is definitely something that can start to happen if it hasn’t already! Your breasts will also start to grow more and will likely be less tender.

I 100%, DEFINITELY looked pregnant when I was 14 weeks pregnant with twins. Granted, it was my 2nd pregnancy in 2 years, so my body quickly remembered what to do. I am a pretty petite person and my stomach definitely had that hard, round pregnant look at this point.

Something to keep in mind (but not to stress out about) going forward: if your belly begins to swell abnormally (keeping in mind it will get larger faster with twins) you may want to consult your doctor. Twin pregnancies carry higher risks of polyhydramnios, which is when there is too much amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac. This can also be brought on by gestational diabetes among other causes, so consult your healthcare provider if you have concerns! 

When is the next ultrasound? 

You most likely had a 12-week ultrasound examination to determine if your twins share a placenta. Twins that share a placenta can have increased health risks, and are identical twins.

Twins that each have their own placenta can be either identical or fraternal twins.

You can read more about identical vs fraternal twins here! My twins are identical twin girls, and they had their own amniotic sacs and placenta, making them di-di twins. We confirmed that they are identical via a DNA test.

identical twin girls as babies, discussing symptoms of twin pregnancy at 14 weeks

They are also mirror-image twins, which is incredibly fascinating!

OK, back to twin ultrasounds.

Typically, you won’t have an ultrasound scan until between 18-22 weeks of pregnancy, which is right before the start of the third trimester.

You could schedule a 14 week ultrasound to try to determine the sex of your babies, but keep in mind that it may not be accurate and that it will be easier to tell at 18-22 weeks gestation. I know it’s difficult, but just be patient!   

It’s also not uncommon to have extra ultrasounds during your twin pregnancy.

In fact, I had an ultrasound at every single appointment when I was expecting twins!

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Mom of identical twin girls. identical twin girls as babies, discussing symptoms of twin pregnancy at 14 weeks

My Twin Pregnancy Experience: 14 Weeks

I used a pregnancy journal with my pregnancies, and it is one of my favorite things. I love to look back on the sweet memories and it’s so fun to compare symptoms from pregnancy to pregnancy!

14 Week Twin Pregnancy Journal Entry

I am still feeling well, hallelujah!

Although, this insomnia is rather annoying. If I could just sleep at night, I’d have so much more energy during the day.

It’s so nice to have my appetite back and actually be able to enjoy food again. I am eating everything and anything I want to and it feels amazing. I know that I will need to get back to a balanced diet at some point, but for now, I am making up for all the things I cuoldn’t eat during the first trimester!

I need to find a better balance between keeping up with things around the house and relaxing. I find that I’m struggling to make up for how lax I was when I was feeling terrible, and then I wear myself out.

I also would love to get the energy to exercise, although when I asked my doctor about it, he told me that it’s OK not to exercise during twin pregnancy.

Oh! And my nose is randomly stuffy, so there’s that!

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Twin Pregnancy Symptoms Weeks 14: In Summary

  • Increased appetite
  • Increased energy
  • Round ligament pains
  • Stuffy nose
  • Weight gain

Twin Pregnancy Health Tips: Weeks 14

  • Continue to get plenty of rest.
  • Stay active, but know that intense exercise is not necessary during a twin pregnancy. A simple routine of walking or prenatal yoga is perfect.
  • Eat full balanced meals with plenty of fiber.

Twin Pregnancy To-Do List for Weeks 14

  • Announce your twin pregnancy and due date!
  • If you have other kids, start talking to them about their new brothers or sisters
  • Spend time with the hubby – enjoy those energy boosts!
  • Start researching birthing classes, if that’s something you think you need
  • Schedule a dental visit
  • Start thinking about your twin registry!

Things to Purchase During Your 14th Week of Twin Pregnancy

  • Bella band: this is the perfect thing to use when you’re not ready for maternity clothes, but your regular pants aren’t fitting.
  • Bra extender: you will eventually want to buy nursing bras, but not until later on in your pregnancy, as your breasts still have a way to grow. A bra extender is a clever solution to make your regular bras last a few more months.
  • Maternity Pajamas: everything by this brand is so lovely. This is another pair if you prefer long pajamas.
  • Magnesium bath soak: This will feel delightful to your achy body.
  • Maternity leggings: These were my favorites for a budget pair. These were my favorites for a splurge.
  • Belly butter: Even if you don’t care about getting stretch marks, belly butter and belly oil will soon be a relief. The skin around your belly might become dry and itchy as it stretches out!

Twin Pregnancy Guides Week by Week: 

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