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15 Weeks Pregnant with Twins: What to Expect in Twin Pregnancy Week 15

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Welcome to twin pregnancy week 15! And while in the first trimester, twin pregnancy symptoms mirror singleton pregnancy symptoms, the second trimester is when you may actually start feeling pregnant with TWINS.

Twin moms definitely tend to start showing sooner than singleton pregnancies, and the second semester is when that baby bump really starts to pop!

The second trimester is also considered the “golden era” of pregnancy so it’s likely you’re feeling WAY better than you did a few weeks ago.

Fatigue decreases and morning sickness finally dissipates, which are excellent things! Enjoy this stage of pregnancy, as for many women, it’s a great time. Because once you enter the third trimester, it gets increasingly harder.

This twin pregnancy guide will cover everything you need to know about week 15! If you haven’t yet read my other twin guides, you will find a list at the bottom of this article!

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Twin Pregnancy: Week 15

15 weeks of pregnancy is squarely in the second trimester, which means you’re probably feeling way better than you did a couple of weeks ago!

Personally, I felt pretty decent for weeks 14 and 15. After that, my energy started to plummet and I was consumed with body aches and pains.

All that to say, if you’re feeling well now, take advantage if it! And if you’re feeling terrible, know that it’s perfectly normal.

You may have learned at your 12-week scan whether your twins share a placenta, or you may have scheduled an ultrasound at the 16-week prenatal visit to find out.

Morning sickness has hopefully hit the road and energy levels are much improved, though there are other pregnancy symptoms that will emerge during this time. The babies are growing and developing in amazing ways and you’ll be starting to show!

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preemie babies

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 15 Weeks

Increased energy and libido

If you start feeling frisky this week, that’s very normal for the second trimester! For many women, with an increase in energy comes an increase in libido. Enjoy it while you can and don’t worry–sexual activity doesn’t harm the babies and they’re not aware of it.

Easily winded

Yep, shortness of breath definitely kicks in around this time as a result of your expanding uterus putting pressure on your lungs. It’s an especially common twin pregnancy symptom since you have even more pressure than you would with single babies!

If you’re a go-go-go kind of person, you might want to take things a little slower… and give yourself permission to take the elevator.


If you’re feeling faint or dizzy, take a minute to sit or lie down. You can also bend forward toward your feet to encourage blood flow to your head.


Headaches are a common aspect of being a pregnant woman and can be caused by any number of factors. Be sure to get plenty of rest and lie back with a cold compress across your forehead to relieve the pain.

My headaches were accompanied by sinus pressure and this ice roller was the only thing that helped me feel better. It brought immediate relief and felt so amazing!

Purchase the ice roller here.


Such a lovely symptom, right? Thanks to higher blood volume and sensitivity in your nasal cavity, nosebleeds become more common around this time. Usually, they’re not harmful, just annoying, especially when you’re out and about. But if you have any concerns, contact your healthcare provider!

Heartburn, Gas, Indigestion

Stomach problems are also incredibly common during this time thanks to good old pregnancy hormones. Sometimes certain foods can trigger it so it’s a good idea to pay attention to what you eat! There are also some pregnancy-safe medicines you can take, including antacids.

Typically, with a singleton pregnancy, you don’t experience heartburn until the third trimester. I remember telling a friend that I was having heartburn and she told me that it seemed too early for that!

Hint: don’t tell an expectant mama that she is wrong! A multiple pregnancy is so different than a twin pregnancy, and heartburn can indeed happen in the 15th week of a twin pregnancy.

Swollen Gums

Another regular aspect of pregnancy but it’s not dangerous. Just be careful when brushing your teeth and flossing! If your gums bleed a little bit while you’re brushing or flossing, it’s nothing to worry about.

Pregnancy Brain

Yep, pregnancy brain is a thing and it tends to kick in around this time. Writing things down or setting reminders can help you remember when your brain decides to betray you!

Aches and Pains

Your muscles and ligaments are beginning to stretch even more to accommodate the two developing babies in your belly, which means you will likely feel aches, pains, and cramps. These are totally normal, called round ligament pain.

I adored this magnesium bath soak. It helped tremendously with my aches and pains!

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Twin Fetal Development at 15 Weeks

The babies’ ears are right where they should be on the side of the head and the eyes are working their way to where they need to be, right in front of the face so they can look at you!

Babies are practicing breathing, sucking, and swallowing motions to prepare for birth. They’re also kicking and moving already–but you are unlikely to feel any fetal movement quite yet!

(Sources: The Bump and What to Expect)

How Big Are Twins at 15 Weeks?

At 15 weeks pregnant with twins, your babies are on average 4 inches long and weigh 2.5 ounces.

If you like the fruit analogy, your little pair is about the SIZE of a pear! (see what I did there?)

They’re starting to look more and more like babies every day!

15 Weeks Pregnant with Twins Belly

Your twin bump at 15 weeks will definitely be showing more than if you were having a single baby.

Your uterus has expanded past the pelvic wall to accommodate your little buns that are cooking in the oven!

15 weeks pregnant with twins

This is my twin bump in my 15th week of twin pregnancy. My twin belly had definitely “popped” and there was no mistaking at this point the fact that I was expecting twins!

My Twin Pregnancy Experience: 15 Weeks

From my pregnancy journal:

We announced this week on social media that we are pregnant… with twins!!! Everyone now knows that we’re having TWINS! It feels so surreal that we are having twins. I can hardly believe it and I am soooooo excited!

I feel like my stomach is huge and that I look much farther along than 15 weeks. I guess that’s what happens when you’re growing two babies!

I am still feeling relatively well. I wouldn’t say that my energy is quite back to normal, but it is so much better than it was a few weeks ago. Praise the Lord for that!!

15 week twin bump at 15 weeks pregnant with twins

Twin Pregnancy Health Tips: 15 Weeks

  • Drink a LOT of water… but make sure to stop drinking 1-2 hours before you go to bed so that you aren’t up all night long using the bathroom.
  • Get a pregnancy pillow! (scroll down for my other product recommendations at 15 weeks with twins)
  • Eat plenty of nutrient-rich snacks… when you’re carrying twins, you need about 600 extra calories a day, so make sure it’s (mostly) a healthy diet!
  • Make lists and set reminders
  • Buy comfy bras and cotton underwear (increased discharge is another common symptom!)
  • Keep taking those prenatal vitamins and make sure you’re getting plenty of iron and folic acid!

Things to Purchase During Your 15th Week of Twin Pregnancy

  • Bella band: this is the perfect thing to use when you’re not ready for maternity clothes, but your regular pants aren’t fitting.
  • Bra extender: you will eventually want to buy nursing bras, but not until later on in your pregnancy, as your breasts still have a way to grow. A bra extender is a clever solution to make your regular bras last a few more months.
  • Maternity Pajamas: everything by this brand is so lovely. This is another pair if you prefer long pajamas.
  • Magnesium bath soak: This will feel delightful to your achy body.
  • Maternity leggings: These were my favorites for a budget pair. These were my favorites for a splurge.
  • It is time to invest in a pregnancy pillow. I used and loved this one!
  • Belly butter: Even if you don’t care about getting stretch marks, belly butter and belly oil will soon be a relief. The skin around your belly might become dry and itchy as it stretches out!
  • It is also time to invest in some maternity clothing past maternity leggings. Things change out seasonally, but I have always had really good luck at Target and Old Navy for jeans, tops, and dresses. I prefer overbelly jeans vs underbelly ones! Those just fall down. Another way to extend your wardrobe is to buy a few nice, solid-colored tanks or t-shirts and wear them with open cardigans/jackets that don’t have to be maternity.

This is a 3-pack of maternity tanks that are perfect for layering. Prefer long sleeves? Try these!

Twin Pregnancy To-Do List

  • Work on your twin baby registry.
  • If you’ve chosen to have a Multiple Marker Screen (MMS, a.k.a. Triple or Quad Screen Test), between weeks 15 and 20 you will have your blood drawn for testing. This test measures levels of protein in your blood to see if your baby is at risk for any neural tube defects. This is optional.
  • Schedule your 20-week prenatal visit
  • Schedule your 18-22 week ultrasound scan
  • Start looking for baby names!
  • Start brainstorming for twin baby shower ideas… the best time to have one is during your third trimester, but it never hurts to be prepared!

Twin Pregnancy Guides Week by Week

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