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50 Adorable Easter Baby Photoshoot Ideas to Try

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Whether you are a professional photographer trying to get some ideas to add to your portfolio or a mama trying to plan some photos you can take of your new baby and family, these Easter baby photoshoot ideas will give you plenty of choices to browse!

Props and Materials for An Easter Photoshoot for Babies

Some of these Easter photo ideas are simple ideas and require no props, but you could also use a simple plush bunny, Easter eggs, wooden crosses, baskets, and flowers can elevate a photo from simply cute to the best easter photoshoot ideas for baby!

Choosing an outdoor background may help you with the perfect lighting for your Easter pictures if the weather cooperates, but if you don’t have somewhere you can shoot outdoors you can always get simple backgrounds from Amazon or the dollar store.

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50 Easter Photoshoot Ideas for Baby

Easter Photoshoot Ideas for Newborn Babies

Document your baby’s first Easter with these adorable newborn poses. Newborn photography can be easier to get cute photos of than older babies because they can’t crawl away! Take advantage of their newborn sleepiness if the timing works out for the Easter holiday.

1. You can’t go wrong with a simple fuzzy hat and diaper cover. This little bunny outfit paired with a plush carrot is sweet and perfect for one of those cute easter photos.

Inspiration for an easter baby photoshoot
Image credit: Katherine Chambers

2. Grab your own crochet bunny outfit and carrot for your new baby and set up this easy display to take photos in your own home. Sometimes it’s easier to just stay home and try to do it yourself with all the craziness a new baby can bring.     

An fuzzy outfit for an easter baby photo shoot idea
Image credit: Amazon

3. Colorful easter eggs and a basket quickly transform a plain white onesie into an Easter photo shoot for your baby. Take advantage of how they sleep so much at this stage and try some cute poses in portrait mode.

a newborn baby posed in a basket of Easter eggs for an easter baby photoshoot
Image credit: Pinterest

4. This rainbow tree for spring is perfect for Easter and also can help symbolize a baby born after many trials. This beautiful set up shows the joy that comes when a new baby finally arrives.

a rainbow tree of flowers to make a DIY Easter Photo shoot for babies
Image credit: Katherine Chambers

5. Professional photographers can help achieve the little bean poses we are all accustomed to with newborn photos. Woolen wraps and fuzzy bunny ears help make this pose more Easter themed.

an easter baby photoshoot with a swaddled baby with a plush carrot
Image credit: Blossom Brook

6. Swaddle your baby and purchase one of these digital backgrounds to easily try and do your own Easter newborn photos at home. I love the subtly of the blues and greens of this background as opposed to the traditional multi-colored eggs. You can grab the background here on Etsy!

a digital background for a photo shoot for babies at Easter
Image credit: Etsy

7. An adorable yellow outfit will easily make your baby look more like a chick or even a tiny dinosaur when you pair it with a giant egg. This is another digital background that can help elevate your own swaddle photos at home.

easter baby photo shoot idea of a baby in a cracked egg
Image credit: Pexels

8. Sometimes newborn photos can’t be taken right away due to stress, medical issues, or more. Use this holiday as an opportunity to take those first photos of your little one if you haven’t gotten to yet!  A baby in a metal bucket can easily be turned into an Easter theme with some bunny ears and pretty eggs scattered on the ground.

a baby in a bucket for an Easter Photo shoot
Image credit: The Pod Photography

9. Chicks and chickens are another spring animal that make for amazing Easter photos. I love this chicken hat and the blanket that makes it look like this newborn is resting in a nest.

Image credit: Katherine Chambers

10. If you want to take your own photos and don’t have a bunch of props you can download this simple digital background and transform your living room or bedroom into an Easter photo studio.

Image credit: Etsy

Easter Photoshoots Outside

If the weather cooperates, photo shoots outside make some of the best photos. Take advantage of the natural light, green grass, and fun environment. Babies love being in nature! See which of these poses inspire you for your Easter baby photoshoot ideas.

11. A simple wooden crate paired with a bunny hat and some carrots makes for this photo opportunity where your baby is the star.

Image credit: Pinterest

12. Taking a photo from a more unconventional position can make for an adorable photo! This little bunny and his stuffed animal are looking out over all the eggs they are going to collect soon. You can find the bunny ears and tail here!

Baby with easter bunny ears and tail for baby photoshoot idea
Image credit: Mommy Clicks

13. Grab an Easter basket and a chocolate bunny for a cute setup for your little sweet tooth. This is a better idea for older babies or toddlers who can handle having some candy! But chocolate makes all kids happy, so you’re bound to get some candid photos while they’re keeping still (even if they get a bit messy).

baby with chocolate easter bunny
Image credit: Adobe Stock

14. Pick out a cute outfit, scatter some colorful eggs on the ground, and take some photos of your baby exploring the eggs for an adorable pose like this.

an easter photoshoot of a baby lying in the grass playing with Easter eggs
Image credit: Seaside Sundays

15. Create your baby’s initial with easter eggs for a unique photo that would be fun to recreate year after year from babyhood through graduation.

an easter photoshoot of a little girl with her initials spelled out with Easter eggs
Image credit: Pinterest

16. A basket full of baby chicks or ducklings is the perfect setting for this dapper little lad.

Image credit: Pinterest

17. Keep the focus on the reason for the season with a simple wooden cross as the background for your photos. This is a great idea for taking photos at your local church. 

an easter photoshoot of a baby with a cross at a church
Image credit: Nicole Davis Photography

18. Take advantage of that wonderful golden hour to get the perfect light for your outdoor Easter baby photoshoots. This little one looks deep in thought with the classic wooden chair and a sweet stuffed rabbit.

an Easter Photoshoot of a little girl with a plush bunny
Image credit: Pinterest

19. Create an Easter tea party and photograph your little one as they sit or dine among the tea cups, stuffed animals, and dolls. This is perfect for older babies or toddlers and would be fun for a sibling shoot with baby.

a photo of a little girl having an easter tea party
Image credit: Forever Bebes

20. I love that they used a metal tier in the background of this set up to hold color coordinated eggs. This little one’s Sunday best makes for the best outdoor photos.

an easter photoshoot of a baby with a dapper cap eating a carrot
Image credit: Fix the Photo

DIY Easter Photoshoots

Sometimes you don’t have the means or mental capacity to find a family photographer with a professional studio to have your entire family get in the Easter photos.

Don’t let that discourage you from having a baby photoshoot this Easter! You can take DIY photos of your baby or the entire family with a tripod and remote control clicker.

21. You can set up this cute layout for your babes with a simple background, and some Easter banners. You probably have props (like the basket you’ll give on Easter) on hand anyway.

easter photoshoot for babies
Image credit: Cocos Caravan

22. Find a cute onesie, and a headband, and lay your little one down on some Easter candy, such as peeps, or a background of Easter candy, and snap away!

Image credit: Jen Rydelek

23. For this sweet photo opportunity all you need is a white towel or comforter, a favorite snuggly animal, and a pair of bunny ears. Your relatives will all be asking for copies of this one!    

photo of a baby with bunny ears and a stuffed animal
Image credit: Tina Take My Photo

24. Keep the focus on your baby with a simple solid background and an outfit consisting of a bunny headband and diaper cover to see those adorable baby rolls.

photo of a baby with an easter basket and Easter eggs
Image credit: Thriving in Parenting

25. Aerial shots are a position that is often neglected with DIY photography but can yield such cute results. I particularly like the one from above with the baby looking down at the eggs in her lap.

easter photoshoot of a baby with Easter eggs
Image credit: Forever Bebes

26. Use that milestone chalkboard to display an Easter-themed quote or title and pose baby beside it for the perfect holiday setup. You can give babies their Easter baskets here and snap away at their delight in finding new treats.

photos of a baby with easter basket on easter morning
Image credit: Madison Fichti

27. There is nothing cuter than a baby in overalls! A white blanket and greenery keep the focus on the babe’s adorable outfit with this sweet Easter setup.  

Image credit: Thriving in Parenting

28. This idea takes the baby in the basket to the next level by incorporating some precious artwork that your baby has helped make.

an easter photoshoot of a baby in an easter basket
Image credit: Pinterest

29. If you don’t have time to take pictures before Easter, you can take a picture Easter morning with the colorful personalized basket you chose for your baby. It makes for the perfect easy Easter photoshoot setup. All you need to do is pick a cute outfit for Easter morning and you are good to go!  

photoshoot of a baby's first easter
Image credit: DIY Showoff

30. This easy display can be set up and taken down in minutes. Hurry up and take those photos before those eggs are no longer perfectly placed!  

an easter photoshoot of a baby in bunny ears surrounded by Easter eggs
Image credit: HONEST

Easter Photoshoot Ideas for Baby Boys

Here are some Easter photoshoot ideas for your son! These adorable Easter baby photoshoot ideas are perfect for your baby boy this holiday.

31. Easter is the perfect time to take those photos of your baby boy in their Sunday best or even those heirloom outfits. This outfit will have family members begging for a copy of these photos.

an Easter Photo of a little boy sitting under an easter tree
Image credit: Krome Photos

32. Dress your little Easter bunny up and snap some photos of them in all their glory while they triumphantly hold a full basket of plastic easter eggs.   

Happy baby boy in Easter bunny suit with a basket of eggs
Image credit: iStock Photo

33. This momma dressed her little boy up like he was in the Peter Rabbit movie and it is adorable! This is a good idea if you want a simple setup with the focus on your baby and their sweet outfit.  

an adorable photo of a baby on easter with a little plush easter bunny
Image credit: Cuddle Sleep Dream

34. This bunny costume in front of a field of spring flowers does not disappoint! This would be an adorable layout for the whole family to get some photos together.   

an easter photoshoot of a baby in a little bunny outfit
Image credit: In the Playroom

35. Hanging strings of plastic eggs is a great way to get a pop of color into your photoshoot.

easter photoshoot for baby with Easter eggs hanging on the wall
Image credit: Pinterest

36. This easter photo session featuring chocolate eggs is an adorable and unique twist on traditional easter photos. Your son will love diving in and getting messy with this tasty treat. This is absolutely perfect if Easter falls around your baby’s first birthday.

easter photoshoot of baby eating chocolate nest cake
Image credit: In the Playroom

37. Show off your little boy’s first Easter with a personalized t-shirt. This could be an easy tradition to do for all the holidays that first year.

baby's first easter photoshoot
Image credit: The Mod Mango

38. Chicks are adorable and precious in easter photoshoots! These adorable chicks and eggs make the scene for these photos.

easter photoshoot of a baby with chics
Image credit: In the Playroom

39. A pink tutu and bunny tail turn your cute baby girl into a little pink rabbit. You could easily put out the number of eggs to match the number of months your baby is for an added touch.

An Easter Photo shoot of a baby girl in a tutu with Easter eggs
Image credit: Darla Peters Photography

40. There is almost nothing cuter than a baby in a bucket! Toss some easter eggs in and let them have a ball picking them up and throwing them around on the grass.

easter photoshoot ideas of a baby in a metal tub with Easter eggs
Image credit: Pinterest

Easter Photoshoot Ideas for Baby Girls

You will love dressing up your little girls in all the frills and fluffiness that comes with Easter photos and Sunday bests.

41. A pink swaddling blanket with a matching pink crocheted hat is the perfect photo op for your baby girl’s first Easter.

an easter photoshoot of a baby snuggled in a pink fuzzy blanket with bunny ears and a plush carrot
Image credit: Melanie Beth

42. A smocked and embroidered dress with a white background and a white wicker chair shows off the sweetness of your little girl.

an easter photoshoot of a baby girl in a smocked dress with yellow ducklings on it
Image credit: Velveteen Rabbit

43. A baby bonnet is the perfect touch when capturing your daughter’s first Easter photos this year.

A newborn baby easter themed photoshoot. Baby girl with pink bonnet and pink plush bunny
Image credit: Katherine Chambers Photography

44. Nothing is cuter than your baby girl in a cute dress with pigtails and some adorable baby ducklings.

easter photoshoot of baby girl with ducklings
Image credit: Pinterest

45. A beautiful Easter tree makes the perfect backdrop for your baby girl! Find an Easter dress and headband in your color preference and you can use a basket with some carrots and a plush bunny as props.

Image credit: Pinterest

46. This pink plush bunny ear hat is so adorable for a simple Easter picture for your baby girl.

Image credit: Kristen Fotta

47. Celebrate Easter with a spring-themed photoshoot, complete with fresh flowers. Adding a flower crown would be a sweet touch.

Image credit: Pinterest

48. Dress your baby girl up in her fancy Easter dress and have a photoshoot with a bunny in a basket. This is so precious.

Image credit: Pinterest

49. Settle your baby down for a nap with her easter ear bonnet on. Once she’s asleep, pose her with a stuffed bunny for an adorable Easter Photo.

Image credit: Pinterest

50. This Easter picture of a baby girl with her purse and all of her accessories is just the cutest and would be so easy to recreate!

Image credit: Pinterest

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