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Hi there! I’m Caitlin.


I’ve been married to my hubby, Ben since July of 2011. We got married in my home state/best state ever, Rhode Island on a sweltering hot, yet glorious day.

This is me and the hubby about a year into marriage.

 Isn’t he handsome?? This photo happened to be taken before we had kids.  Don’t we look freaking amazing?!  We look a bit less youthful now thanks to our three little munchkins.  I love them so much, but MAN are they a lot of work.

Speaking of munchkins, our first, Theodore, is now three.  This fact makes me want to bawl my eyes out and celebrate at the same time.  Watching him learn and grow is so fun and exciting, but it goes so fast. Stop growing!

Here is me and Theo when he was a newborn.  He was born at 9 pounds, the little chunker!

Life as a family of three was so fun, and free.  We felt busy and overwhelmed, because we were first time parents, but first time parents, let me tell you, you might end up having three under three for an entire year, and THAT is overwhelming, so enjoy just one now while you can!

We have twin girls who are now one. Josie and Margo were born almost two months premature and were so teeny tiny.  You can read more about my twin pregnancy and delivery under the twin section of my blog, but for now I will spam you with baby pictures, because they are cute. 


And that, my dear readers, is how we became #rogerspartyof5. 


Life as a family of five (with three under three) has it’s struggles, challenges, hardships…. and yes, it does have it’s joys. It’s chaotic and messy with lots of crying and lots of laughing.

Before I was married I earned my masters in flute performance, and wanted to be a college professor and perform.  I started working on my doctorate and got a taste of what my life would be like, and decided it wasn’t for me.  I could say that I regret those years earning my undergraduate and graduate degrees, but they were some of the best years of my life.  I learned so much, and met lifelong friends, so hey.  Now maybe I’ll become a famous blogger to make up for that!  After I decided to stop pursuing my doctorate, I spent a few years teaching elementary school music. This was a lot of fun, and very challenging yet rewarding.  When I found out I was pregnant, I decided to switch over to working part time, and taught music lessons at a studio for a few years.  That brings you up to speed on my life!

Other important things about me: Exercise and eating health are very important to me, so I am slightly obsessed with kale and quinoa.  Theo learned how to say quinoa before he learned how to say mama (kidding, sort of!).

I love red wine and dislike chocolate. I know, I know. The ocean sings the song of my soul.  So read my blog, and if we’re not already, let’s be friends!

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