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The Anti Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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I’ve seen Mother’s Day Gift Guides floating around Pinterest and the blogging community for the past several months now.

I thought about writing one, and even drafted one, but couldn’t get past a title. I’m generally long-winded so if I can’t even get past the title page, I know there’s a problem.

Why I didn't write a Mother's Day Gift Guide, and what mom's really want for Mother's Day.#motherhood #momlife #mothersday #mommyblogger

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That problem is I don’t want a gift for Mother’s Day. I don’t want jewelry, a pair of shoes, flowers, or gardening tools.

I just want like… an entire HALF DAY to myself at the spa, after drinking my entire cup of coffee before it gets cold.

When I come home, I want to find a sparkling clean house;  Children that have been fed, and are in spectacularly darling moods.

I want to play and cuddle for a few hours before bedtime, and then kiss them goodnight as a magical fairy (known as my husband) puts them to bed.

I know I’m not alone because every gift guide I’ve read begins with “What I REALLY want for Mother’s Day is…” and usually includes a hot shower, day at the spa, kid-free shopping trip, or something along those lines.

I just kind of feel like if I don’t really want a gift, then I’m not going to write a gift guide.  So if you feel the same way that I do, send this along to your hubby, and tell him which number (or numbers!) you want. 

Include phone numbers to local spas, because… #men.

Updating this post two years later, and I’m happy to say we have a great new tradition!

The Saturday before Mother’s Day is my day allllll to myself. I do whatever I want. Shopping, spa, coffee. Then, on actual Mother’s Day, I do something with my family. It’s a perfect balance!

Ideas For Mother’s Day To Help Mom Relax

  1. Sleep.  Get up, get the kids breakfast, let her sleep in AND ALSO pick something else from below.
  2. A spa day: This could include a mani/pedi, facial, or a massage.  If cost isn’t an issue, I suggest all of the above.
  3. Breakfast in bed: Breakfast could be takeout from her favorite spot, or homemade. If the kids are under 10, please don’t let them help.  Deliver the breakfast and then whisk the kids out of the house like a magical fairy.
  4. Shopping trip: mom’s don’t usually indulge in shopping that’s not for the kids, so you can buy a gift card or take cash out with the stipulation that it MUST be spent on something she enjoys.  Don’t forget that you have to watch the kids while she goes out!
  5. Girlfriends movie night: I saw this posted in a facebook group somewhere, and I won’t lie, I was extremely jealous.  This group of ladies had a tradition where they got a hotel room and watched movies and relaxed all day and went to dinner at night. I mean… doesn’t that sound awesome????
  6. House cleaning service: This would be best coupled with something else, say a spa day! I would love, love, LOVE going to the spa and coming home to a sparkling house!!
  7. A day to herself: to do whatever her heart desires!  Maybe she hates shopping and going to the spa;  arrange a day where you can take care of things for the kids, and then tell her the day is hers.  She can choose to relax in whatever way she wants.

Also, Don’t Feel Guilty

It’s Mother’s Day, we’re supposed to be embracing the fact that we’re mothers, and that means spending time with our kids!  No. 

We do that every day, that’s why they call us mommy!  You can spend a day away from your kids and not feel like a bad mom because of it.

Also… if you DON’T want this… that’s totally fine.  Maybe you work 80 hours a week and feel like you never get enough time with your kids and that’s all you want. 

Maybe you don’t desire time to yourself.  And maybe you really do want a new purse or some gardening tools.  There are plenty of gift guides out there.  Find one and send it to your hubby/children!

What do you TRULY want for Mother’s Day?  I love hearing from you!

PS: If you are looking for other self-care activities check out more ideas here.


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Liz Farris

Friday 12th of May 2017

I love the title! These are all great but I for one DO want a gift I can unwrap. I would never say no to jewelry and I would especially love a DIY gift from hubby and kids (with hubby really doing it). Call me greedy but I want the jewelry the flowers AND the sleeping in, the relaxing. I think I deserve ALL of it. But that's just me. ??

Working Mum

Thursday 11th of May 2017

Love this post! Mother's day was in March here in the UK and the husband did a good job this year actually - I got a morning lie-in while he got up with the 3 kids, breakfast in bed (the 3 year old wanted to make it so it was cereal) and they made a fuss of me. Ironically he was apologising for not getting a "real" present because we are being really careful with money this year, but that was the best present ever! Knowing that when you smell poo, you can mention that someone needs changing, put your feet up, and wait while your husband does it! I tried that trick ALL DAY and he didn't dare to object given that it was mother's day lol. No spa trips on the budget but someone else did the laundry and the cooking all day - bliss :-)


Thursday 11th of May 2017

These all sound amazing but girl.... #5!!!!! Yes, please!!! Going to share this on my page later today!!

The Crocheting Mom

Thursday 11th of May 2017

Oh man. To have my husbands and kids clean the house and make dinner would be AH-MAH-ZING! Although, knowing myself, I'd feel to lazy just relaxing so I'd end up getting up and cleaning or something as well.

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