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Hi, there! I'm Caitlin, a stay at home mom to identical twin girls and a preschool-aged little boy. I learned a lot about managing a household with 3 under 3 and I strive to share that knowledge with my readers. I'm passionate about sharing our tips for sleep, discipline, and schedules to help other moms make the most of their busy days!

A Valentine’s Day Craft for the Not So Crafty Mom

Like most moms these days, I spend a lot of time on Pinterest.   However, with three small children, I don’t often have the time, energy, or patience to execute perfect little crafts. My 3-year-old, Theo, doesn’t have much interest in art, and I really should spend more time with him doing fun activities such as painting, …

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My Twin Birth Story, Part 1

When you find out you’re expecting twins, you do everything you can to prepare.  For me, this consisted of reading everything I could find on twin pregnancies and births.  The overwhelming majority of what I read made me incredibly anxious.  A twin pregnancy is considered high risk, and I read story after story of women being put …

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