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The Best Products to Get Your Baby Sleeping Well

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The Best Products to Get Your Baby Sleeping Well

When I was a first-time mom, I pretty much had no idea what I needed to get my baby to sleep well. Everything I read said something different, and I was one of the first of my friends to get pregnant, so I really had nobody to ask. Now, all babies and moms are different, so things that work really well for one baby might not work for another baby. However, the moms of the BFBN all brainstormed our FAVORITE, must have, can’t live without baby sleep products. We all agreed on this list and are doing a giveaway of the items over on Instagram!

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On Becoming Babywise

This book is definitely my number one resource that I can’t live without to help get baby to sleep. It helps with nighttime sleep as well as naps, so my babies were always well rested and happy.


Sleepers are obviously important, but THESE ONES ARE AMAZING. The zipper is inverted meaning it starts at the foot so you don’t have to unzip the entire thing for a diaper change in the middle of the night.


Woombie Convertible Swaddle Blanket

The Woombie swaddle is my absolute favorite swaddle, with the Halo Sleep Sacks coming in at a close second. I love the Woombie because it is literally the only swaddle my girls couldn’t break out of. It is also the easiest one I’ve ever used. There’s no wrapping, snapping, or velcroing. Simply zip up and you’re good to go!

Gas Drops

It’s very common for babies to have gas pains, which usually means they are fussy and not sleeping! Gas drops work wonders to help relieve gas pains and help get your baby to sleep.

Gripe Water

Gripe water is just as helpful as gas drops at relieving an upset tummy. Both of my girls had severe reflux and ended up on medicine, but gripe water definitely helped to ease the upset before we figured out what the problem was.

Car Seat Canopy

A car seat canopy is essential for naps on the go. It will block out light and some sound. The material on this is sooo soft, plus it doubles as a nursing cover. It also keeps out nasty germs during cold and flu season!

White Noise Machine

Not only is white noise extremely soothing for babies, but it helps to drown out other noises that might startle them awake during naptime. We’ve had these exact white noise machines for all 3 of our children and we have loved them! My now 4-year-old affectionately referred to it as his ‘fishies’ when he was a toddler, and now that’s what our entire family calls it.


Pacifiers are a great tool when your baby wakes up in the middle of the night and needs a little extra comfort to get them back to sleep.

Travel Sound Machine

I’m kind of mad that I never knew these existed because they are brilliant. They are perfect for naps on the go, especially combined with the car seat canopy!

Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Muslin swaddle blankets are soo soft and comfy. They are perfect for really young babies because older ones can probably break out of them. These are also great to use as a nursing cover or to cover your baby up on a walk in a stroller, while they’re in the swing, etc. Just make sure if you cover them with a blanket you are in the same room to make sure they don’t pull the blanket over their face.

There you have it, our favorite baby sleep products! Every one of these products truly was so helpful for our family when we were in the newborn phase. If you know a mama who would love to win these items, don’t forget to enter our giveaway on Instagram!

The best products to help your baby sleep through the night! #babies #babyregistry #newborns #babysleepproducts #sleeptraining #newbornessentials


Must have products to get your baby sleeping through the night. #babyregistry #babyregistryessentials #babysleepproducts #babysleeptips #newborntips #newmom #sleeptraining #sleepthroughthenight

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