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How to Find the Best Baby Carrier for Twins

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With double the baby, you also have to find double the stuff, which includes finding the best baby carrier for twins. Either a double carrier that’s made to hold both twin babies comfortably or a single carrier that can be easily doubled up (without killing your back)!

Twin moms know that we only have enough hands for two babies (and maybe even not enough if you have other little ones) which means that having a reliable baby carrier is a must.

And more likely than not, you’re going to want something that Dad can use, too. Because as parents of twins, it’s all hands on deck… literally! 

There are plenty of baby carriers on the market, from wraps to ring slings to structured carriers, but which ones make the best twin carriers? Let’s find out!

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The Best Twin Baby Carriers

TwinGo Carrier Air Model

best baby carrier for twins

The main baby carrier that twin parents swear by is the TwinGo, which can work as either a double carrier or a single carrier. Funnily enough, I didn’t even know about the TwinGo when I had the girls! 

But if I had known about it, I probably would’ve bought one. It was made by a twin mom, for twin moms and has great ratings on Amazon. A tandem carrier like this one is a great option and would be a total lifesaver! And you can split it into two separate carriers for when you’ve got an extra pair of hands!

The TwinGo Air Model is specially designed for outdoor use with breathable mesh fabric for warmer weather and a zip-up cover for colder weather. If you live in a warmer climate, this is sure to come in super handy!

Plus, it’s machine washable! (Most if not all these options are, but it’s still nice to know!)

Check it out here!

TwinGo Original Baby Carrier

best baby carrier for twins

The original TwinGo is very similar to the TwinGo Air Model, just without the breathable mesh fabric. It’s also got the added bonus of two storage packs to make on-the-go even easier and eliminate the need for a giant diaper bag!

Check it out here!

Ergobaby 360

best baby carrier for twins

When our twin girls were little, we used Ergobaby 360 carriers, one each, to tote them around. We bought ours second hand (Ergobaby will buy back and “refurbish” your gently-used baby carriers, which is pretty cool!) and we loved the ergonomic design and versatility.

These are made to be used in a variety of different carry positions, from front, back, to hip carry, and to support babies who are 4 months old all the way to toddlerhood. 

Check it out here!

Moby Wrap

The type of carrier you choose is a personal preference and mostly based on what is most comfortable for you, and some people swear by stretchy wraps like the Moby wrap as the best way to tote newborn twins around.

Obviously, this means you’ll have to buy two: one for front carry, the other for back carry. But the good news is, these are considerably more affordable than some of the other structured carriers so buying two isn’t likely to break your bank.

The other really nice thing about a soft carrier is that you don’t have to mess around with straps and buckles. It’s also one-size fits all deal that’s designed to grow with your baby.

We used the Moby wrap when the twins were teeny tiny, and in fact, the weight limit is 33 pounds so I wouldn’t recommend it for older babies.

Check it out here!

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Ring Sling

Some moms swear by the ring sling: a soft carrier with a ring clasp that lets you adjust the sling to your comfort level. They’re known for being soft and lightweight with great ease of use. For twins, you’d obviously want two of them to carry two infants, one in front and one in back. 

There are basically two major complaints with ring slings: too lightweight, so baby doesn’t feel secure, or too thick, so mom feels too overheated in the warm months. It’s like a “would you rather” situation! 

Most of the reviews I’ve seen recommend these for newborn twins. Just keep in mind that if you buy a heavier one for durability, you might want something else lighter for the summer months… especially if you live in a warm climate and plan on being outside a lot!

There are lots of brands to choose from, but this 4-in-1 is a top contender because you can adjust it for different positions and is more likely to be usable with older babies.

Check it out here!

Baby K’Tan

If tying or rings aren’t your thing (understandable as new parents, especially with twins!) the Baby K’Tan is another highly rated soft structured carrier that can work well for twins!

With single carrier options like this where you’ll be doubling up, it might be a good idea to buy the lightweight version so you don’t overheat. But I’m featuring the original here so you can see what the standard version looks like!

Check it out here!

Weego Twin Carrier

best baby carrier for twins
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Another option that I’m not sure many twin parents are aware of (it’s not on Amazon from what I can see, after all!) is the Weego Twin baby carrier.

This is a double-pouched front carrier designed especially for twins and also with premature babies in mind, which you don’t always see! It’s got more buckles and straps than a sling or wrap but you will be sure that your twins aren’t going anywhere. 

And it has an adjustable waistband and straps for mom to ensure proper fit. It’s a great option for newborns and one I wish more people knew about!

Check it out here!

The Best Baby Carrier for Twins: Final Thoughts

Since every twin mom’s needs are so different, it’s difficult to pick out one baby carrier and say “this is objectively the best baby carrier for twins!” because even the most highly rated brands will have reviews where the mom absolutely hated it. Don’t let one negative review throw you off! Not everything is going to work for everybody!

So how do you know if a baby carrier is right for you without tons of trial and error? Make a list of the important features you want in a carrier and compare models to find the one that feels right for you. More likely than not, you’re going to end up getting more than one, but you don’t definitely don’t need a dozen!

I’ve endeavored to lay out all the most popular options for twin baby carriers in addition to the ones I’ve had personal experience with and have positive impressions of, but if there are any that aren’t on this list that you swear by, feel free to leave a comment!

Also, if you’ve used any of the baby carriers mentioned above, I’d be curious to know what your thoughts were on them and how you determined which was the right one for you!

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