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The Best Fall Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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One of the best ways for children to learn about autumn and the changing seasons is by reading children’s books about fall! I’ve rounded up our favorite fall books for toddlers and preschoolers so that you and your little ones can get excited about the season!

I have been moaning and groaning about summer coming to an end, but I love fall just as much as summer. I love everything about the autumn season; the crisp air and colors, the boots and scarves, the visits to the apple orchard and pumpkin farm.

To truly embrace the fall season with my children, each year I like to visit the library and check out every single book they have about fall. I always buy a few new ones each year as well to add to our collection.

I find that reading about the season with my children adds to their excitement and helps us choose which activities sound the most fun to us. Here are my suggestions for the best books about fall for toddlers (and preschoolers!).

The Best Fall Books for Children: Your children will love discovering the magic of autumn through these fall books. #fall #autumn #fallbooksforchildren #booksfortoddlers #booksforkids #activitiesforfall

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Here is a big list of all of my fall book recommendations. Be sure to scroll on down for details about the book, including the age that it is best suited for. Enjoy and happy fall!

List of Fall Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Autumn in the Forest

This book is all about exploring Autumn in the best place you possibly could… the forest! Follow along with a little chipmunk who is busy collecting things and preparing for winter. This is a lift-the-flap surprise board book, so it’s a wonderful way to introduce fall and celebrate the season with your toddler!

In the Middle of Fall


Each season has something special about it, and in these books we explore each one. What shall we wear, where shall we go and what will we see? New sensations, noises and tastes; so much that is new! Follow the children as they spend time discovering the joys of indoor and outdoor play. Creative and inventive, interesting and funny, you will find lots of things to inspire you.

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

Fletcher the Fox becomes very concerned when the leaves on the trees start changing colors and falling to the ground! This is a wonderful book for preschoolers to understand about the different seasons.

The Busy Little Squirrel

The Busy Little Squirrel is one of those absolutely adorable board books (also available as a paperback!) that captures the charm and nostalgia of fall. It’s a wonderful book for toddlers!

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves

Based on the book There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, the old lady is back and at it again! This time she is swallowing fall items. I don’t particularly care for these books, but my preschool-aged children sure do love the silliness! The illustrations might be a bit much for toddlers, but it’s one of those great fall books for 3 year olds!

Fall (Bright Baby Touch and Feel)

fall books for toddlers preschoolers

The simple text and imagery in this book make it a perfect book for a younger toddler. Reviews of this book are mixed because it is not very long. But it has bright, vivid colors, and the touch and feel aspect keeps my toddler entertained, so I still think that it is worth it.

Tractor Mac: Autumn is Here: Billy Steers

The Tractor Mac series is one of our favorite books… I say that about a lot of books, but we have lots of favorites! Autumn is Here is a tale of Fergus the Calf who is sad that Fall is coming because he doesn’t want things to change. By the end of the book, he realizes that there are plenty of fun things about fall! One of the best autumn books for toddlers who love tractors!

fall books for toddlers preschoolers

Leaf Jumpers: Carole Gerber

fall books for toddlers preschoolers

Jumping in leaves is a favorite thing of almost any child! This book features a beautiful poem and has facts about different leaf types to help you identify the leaves of your favorite tree during the season.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn: Kenard Pak

fall books for toddlers preschoolers

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn is such a great book. We also have Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer and it is just as lovely. The premise of this book is of a young girl taking a fall walk. As she begins her walk it is still summer, and at the end of her walk, she is noticing all of the changes that come with Autumn. I love that this book depicts the beauty of the changing of the season, not just fall itself!

Leaf Man: Lois Ehlert

fall books for toddlers preschoolers

This book is absolutely wonderful and I enjoy it as much as my children do. The illustrations in the book are made from actual fall leaves and are just gorgeous. The storyline is both simple and whimsical. It’s a perfect fall book!

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt: Steve Metzger

fall books for toddlers preschoolers

If your children are fans of the book “Going on a Bear Hunt” then this is one of the BEST fall books for them! It is the same poem/song as “Bear Hunt.” The story follows three friends who go on an autumn hike over a mountain and through a forest to collect leaves. At the end of the story, they make a giant leaf pile to play in! One of my favorite fall books for preschoolers!

I Love Fall: A Touch-and-Feel Board Book

fall books for toddlers preschoolers

This is a perfect fall book for toddlers and babies. The story is simple, making it easy to follow and a great introduction to autumn. The textures and colors of the book are so fun! Touch-and-feel books are always a favorite in our house.

Mouse’s First Fall: Lauren Thompson

fall books for toddlers preschoolers

This book is sure to delight young readers! The storyline of the book is simple: Mouse goes out to play and discovers the leaves have fallen. Mouse notices all of the different colors and shapes of the leaves and makes a big pile of leaves to jump in! Such a fun book to get in the spirit for a leaf pile and to enjoy the crunchy leaves!

Fall Friends: Mike Curato 

fall books for toddlers preschoolers

Little Elliot and Mouse take a trip to the country to enjoy the colorful leaves. I love the beautiful illustrations of the countryside during the autumn season in this book. This is such a great book and probably my favorite of our autumn books for children. The lovely illustrations just make me want to take a trip to the country!

Awesome Autumn: Bruce Goldstone

fall books for toddlers preschoolers

This autumn book is a fantastic, educational book about the changes that take place during autumn. It is full of facts as well as fun ideas for activities for young children to do during the fall.

Why Do Leaves Change Color?: Betsy Maestro

This is another educational book. It explains the process of leaves changing colors as well as activity ideas. This book is better for older Preschoolers or even Kindergarteners.

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf: Lois Elhert

The colors in this book are simply stunning. The story is about a child who plants a tree and watches it grow…. the best time of year to watch the tree is in the fall, of course!

The Berenstain Bears Harvest Festival: Mike Berenstain

No book list would be complete without a classic such as Berenstain Bears. In the Harvest Festival, the Bear Family gathers at Farmer Ben’s farm to enjoy all the season has to offer.

Fall Is Here

Discover the fall season with this cute little board book. This is another book that is great for babies and toddlers. It’s a very sweet and simple picture book. My toddler loves animals and he just adores the dog and cat in the book!

Daniel Loves Fall

If your children love Daniel Tiger, they will love this book! Daniel loves the decorations that Music Man Stan has put up. When a gust of wind knocks everything over, Daniel and Miss Elaina do their best to help put them back together. In true Daniel Tiger fashion, there are lessons in helpfulness and doing your best along with the fall theme.

Leaves: David Ezra Stein

This is such a sweet story. A young bear becomes is when the leaves start falling from the trees, and he tries to put them back on! Bear becomes tired from his work and curls up in the leaves inside a cave to take a nap. When he wakes up, it is spring! This is an excellent book to teach the changing of the seasons.

Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin: Tad Hills

We love the entire Duck and Goose series for toddlers. This is a fun, adorable board book that is perfect to read before going to the pumpkin farm.

What are your favorite fall books for toddlers and preschoolers? I’d love to add it to my list if it’s not already on here!

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The Best Fall Books for Children: Your children will love discovering the magic of autumn through these fall books. #fall #autumn #fallbooksforchildren #booksfortoddlers #booksforkids #activitiesforfall
The Best Fall Books for Toddlers: reading is a great way to learn about everything the autumn season has to offer! #fall #autumn #booksfortoddlers #fallbooks #toddleractivities #booklist

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