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The Best Books for Moms Expecting Twins: Books for Twin Pregnancy and Raising Twins

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Did you go into panic mode the minute you were told that you were expecting twins?

I know that I sure did!

It was my second pregnancy, and just when I thought I knew what I was in for, I discovered that I was expecting twins and in for double trouble.

The thoughts racing through my mind ranged from what on EARTH will happen to my body when it’s growing TWINS, to being fearful about a high-risk pregnancy and all of the complications it can entail.

With my first pregnancy, I found the book What to Expect When You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff to be a valuable resource for a new mom. With my twin pregnancy, I skimmed through the chapter on having twins and immediately knew that I needed a much more in-depth resource to learn everything I could about becoming a mother of twins, and more specifically, what to expect while growing them inside of my body.

I took it upon myself to round up the best books to help parents of twins understand more about the journey they’re about to embark on, from pregnancy through early childhood.

First things first, before we get into the best pregnancy books for twins, I want to reassure you that it’s going to be OK.

You’re going to rock being a mother of twins and it’s going to be FUN.

I know how rattled you must be if you just found out that you’re going to be having twins. While there are surely challenges, being a parent of twins will bring you so much joy. Your twins will share a special bond unlike anything you’ve ever seen and it will make up for all of the challenges of the newborn and toddler years!

Now that we’ve handled that, here is the ultimate list of twin books to help you manage your twin pregnancy!

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The Best Twin Pregnancy Books

These top twin pregnancy books are the ones that are going to walk you through twin pregnancy and some of them will include the first year of raising twins. They cover a variety of information, from preparing your house and finances for the arrival of twins to all of the health and medical complications that come with being pregnant with twins.

1. What To Do When You’re Having Two

The author of this book is Natalie Diaz, the creator of the popular blog Twinivirsity. It’s my second favorite blog for moms expecting twins… after my own blog, of course! 🙂 This book is full of practical advice for new parents of multiples, from pregnancy through the first year of having twins.

Raising twins can seem scary, but Natalie breaks it down for you in a fun way. After reading this book, you will feel prepared for your twins’ arrivals.

Find “What to Do When You’re Having Two” here!

2. When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads 4th Edition: Proven Guidelines for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy

This is a great book to walk you through exactly what is going on with your twin pregnancy. From a healthy twin pregnancy to one with complications, it has all of the essential information you need to make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy.

This is a lengthy book that has a lot of medical research and language, so it can be hard to digest in one sitting, but it is probably the best pregnancy book for twins. If you’re looking for the best twin pregnancy book with lots of detailed information about your twin pregnancy, you will want to read this book, hands down!

It guides you through exercises that are safe for twin pregnancies, and a nutrition guide to make sure you AND your babies are getting everything that you need.

Find “When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads” Here!

3. Twins! Pregnancy, Birth, and the First Year of Life

This book gives you all of the details you need to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. I especially liked the details about twin fetal development and learning in-depth about the differences between identical twins and fraternal twins.

If you are interested in the development of your twins in the womb and learning facts about twin pregnancy, this book is for you.

Find “Twins! Pregnancy, Birth, and the First Year” here!

4. Everything You Need to Know to Have a Healthy Twin Pregnancy: A Doctor’s Step-by-Step Guide for Parents of Twins, Triplets, Quads, and More!

This book was written by an OBGYN who became pregnant with twins herself and realized there was a need for more information out there for expectant twin mothers (preach!). It covers what to expect from trimester to trimester, the signs of pre-term labor, and all about the process of birthing twins.

It is one of the best pregnancy books about twins you could read if you’re looking to know everything possible about having a healthy pregnancy.

Find “Everything You Need to Know to Have a Healthy Twin Pregnancy” here!

5. Holy Sh*t…I’m Having Twins!: The Definitive Guide to Remaining Calm When You’re Twice as Freaked Out

I found the first edition of this book, “Ready or Not… Here We Come!” for $1 at a local consignment shop when I was pregnant with twins. I purchased it because #duh, it was $1 and it was the best $1 I’ve ever spent!

While it wasn’t packed with as much helpful advice as some of the other books on this list, it was genuinely such a fun read. It was really nice to read about twin pregnancy complications and raising twins in the first from someone who had actually been through the process. After reading the book, I felt as if Elizabeth was my best friend and I felt encouraged that if she could get through it with her humor intact, then so could I!

Find “Holy Sh*t… I’m Having Twins” here!

6. Mothering Multiples: Breastfeeding and Caring for Twins or More! (La Leche League International Book)

Mothering Multiples has been promoted by the international breastfeeding resource La Leche League. This book is very pro-breastfeeding and aims to give every twin mom the skills and tools to successfully breastfeed twins.

Breastfeeding can be challenging for ONE baby, so when you add another baby into the mix, there are double the challenges.

If you have questions about whether or not your body can produce enough milk for twins, the best tandem breastfeeding positions, and how to handle breastfeeding if your twins are in the neonatal intensive care unit, this book will answer all of those questions.

If you are planning to breastfeed as a mother of multiples, this book is a MUST-READ.

Find “Mothering Multiples: Breastfeeding and Caring for Twins” here!

7. Double Duty: The Parents’ Guide to Raising Twins, from Pregnancy through the School Years

This book covers what to expect during a twin pregnancy but also goes into detail about every challenge of raising twins through the first few years.

While it covers a broad variety of topics pertaining to twin pregnancy and raising twins, it doesn’t get very in-depth. It is an excellent broad overview of the challenges that may arise and strategies to handle them throughout your journey with raising twins.

Find “Double Duty: The Parents’ Guide to Raising Twins” here!

9. The Holistic Guide to Twin Pregnancy

Twin pregnancies are high-risk pregnancies. This book walks you through the possible complications and health risks that come with a twin pregnancy, while empowering you with the knowledge to make the best decisions possible for yourself and your babies.

The book offers an encouraging look at twin pregnancy, with, of course, a focus on holistic care.

Find “The Holistic Guide to Twin Pregnancy” here!

10. The Mommy MD Guide to Twins, Triplets and More

This book has over 200 tips from 12 doctors about twin pregnancy and beyond! From pregnancy and birth to feeding and diapering, this book offers valuable advice on challenges you will face as a twin mom.

Find The Mommy MD Guide to Twins, Triplets and More” here!

11. You Can Two!: The Essential Twins Preparation Guide

“You Can Two!” is all about giving expectant twin parents the tools to thrive. If you are looking for a twins survival guide with practical strategies to make having twins easier, this book is for you.

Find “You Can Two!” here!

Books on Raising Twins

These are twin-specific books that aren’t about pregnancy, but about raising healthy twins! Some of them are about newborn twins while others talk about twin rivalry in the teenage years and beyond.

12. Twin Sanity: a how-to guide for new and expectant mothers of twins

This book is a humorous take on the first year of mothering twins! A how-to guide that answers all of your questions about raising twins in the first year without going… “twinsane!”

Find “Twin Sanity: a how-to guide for new and expectant mothers of twins” here!

13. The Same but Different: How Twins Can Live, Love, and Learn to Be Individuals

This book is written to help twins have real, authentic relationships that are healthy and not reliant on each other.

This book will help you parent your twins as individuals and walk you through any problems you might encounter with your twins as children, teenagers, and young adults.

It is a great way to set your twins up for success in having a strong bond!

Find “The Same but Different” here!

14. One and the Same: My Life as an Identical Twin and What I’ve Learned About Everyone’s Struggle to Be Singular

This is a wonderful book written by an identical twin. It goes into detail about the challenges that twins may face. It’s very interesting to hear the point of view of an identical twin and learn how to parent your twins so that they have a close bond but have healthy individuality.

While the book does get a bit negative about how hard it is to parent twins, it is important information to consider. I just took that with a grain of salt.

If you’re ready to help your twins learn how to be individuals, deal with twin rivalry, and help your twins feel loved for themselves and more than just a twin, this book is a good read.

Find “One and the Same” here!

15. Twinsight: A Guide to Raising Emotionally Healthy Twins with Advice from the Experts (Academics) and the REAL Experts (Twins)

The name says it all… a guide to raising emotionally healthy twins! Sign me up. As a twin mom, there is nothing that I want more than for my twin girls to be emotionally healthy and happy.

This book is based on interviews with adult twins AND their non-twin older siblings to provide insight into how to raise twins that don’t constantly compare themselves to each other and much more.

Find “Twinsight: A Guide to Raising Emotionally Healthy Twins” here!

16. Double Time: How I Survived—and Mostly Thrived—Through the First Three Years of Mothering Twins

“Double Time” by Jane Roper is a warm and honest look at raising twins through the first 3 years. It offers great insight and a glimpse into what it’s like to be a mother of twins. While this book is vulnerable and a wonderful read, it is important to note that it is NOT a how-to guide to raising twins.

Find “Double Time” here!

17. Raising Twins: From Pregnancy to Preschool

Pediatrician and twin-mom, Dr. Shelly Vaziri Flais, offers expert advice for raising healthy, well-adjusted twins and triplets in this fully revised and updated second edition. This book combines Shelly’s real-life experience with her medical knowledge, to give a well-rounded and helpful book.

While this book only gives a brief overview of what to expect during the actual pregnancy, it has a lot of information on raising twins during the first few years.

From sleep schedules to potty training to all of the unique issues and challenges of raising twins, this book will give you what you need to raise twins without losing your sanity.

Find “Raising Twins: From Pregnancy to Preschool” here!

Books for Twin Dads

These books are guides to dads! Everything dad needs to know from supporting mom through pregnancy to raising twins!

18. Dad’s Guide to Twins: How to Survive the Twin Pregnancy and Prepare for Your Twins

An expectant twin dad may not be growing the babies themselves, but it’s crucial that they understand what is going on during twin pregnancy.

Twin Dad Joe Rawlinson offers logical advice to help the expectant twin add learn how to best support his partner throughout pregnancy and beyond. His guide will help prepare you for what to expect as twin parents.

The book has a focus on the financial strain that the surprise of twins may cause and how to best set yourself up for success financially, with money-saving tips. If you have any anxiety at all about becoming a dad to twins, this book will give you practical tips that will ease your anxiety and prepare you to confidently bring twins into the world!

It is down-to-earth, helpful, and an overall very pleasant book that every father of twins should have the opportunity to read!

Find “Dad’s Guide to Twins” here!

19. A Dad’s Guide to Newborn Twins: Unleash Your Inner Super Dad

Congrats dad, you’re having twins! Now what? How on earth do you survive the newborn stage with TWO BABIES?!

This book walks you through the logistics of caring for two newborn babies, with an emphasis on supporting mom. Learn how to be the most amazing partner and daddy to twins!

Find “A Dad’s Guide to Newborn Twins” here!

Books for Learning How to Manage Your Twins Sleep

While these books aren’t all necessarily twin-specific, they are about meeting the sleep needs of your baby! And as a twin parent, let me tell you… sleep is so important.

20. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins: A Step-by-Step Program for Sleep-Training Your Multiples

It is crucial to learn all about healthy sleep habits for babies BEFORE you’re in a state of pure sleep deprivation. This book is one of my favorite twin parenting books and has lots of helpful tips on how to get your twins to sleep well, even if you aren’t a fan of sleep training.

Learning about how to set my newborn twins up for success with good sleep habits is one of the best things I could have ever done. My twins were sleeping soundly through the night and taking solid naps from very early on and it saved my sanity. I highly recommend this book!

Find “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins” here!

21. On Becoming Babywise

While this is not a book geared toward twins, it does have a chapter on twins AND it was one of the most influential books in my own twin parenting journey. This book gave me the skills to confidently have my twins on a solid routine, which in turn, created a solid sleep schedule.

If you are looking for a book to help get your twins on a solid routine during the night and day, you want to read this book!

Find “On Becoming Babywise” here!

22. Moms on Call

Similar to “Babywise”, “Moms on Call” is not a book that is specific to twins. It is a book that teaches you about basic baby care with detailed hourly schedules. I used it with my 4th baby, and if I had to choose between “Babywise” or “Moms in Call,” I don’t think I could choose one! They were both excellent and gave me the skills to teach my babies to sleep through the night and take solid naps.

Find “Moms on Call” here!

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