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50+ Adorable Big Sister Gift Ideas From a New Baby

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When you’re preparing for your second baby and you already have one little girl, she’ll have to adjust to the big change of having a little brother or little sister. Coming up with big sister gift ideas from a new baby can be a fun way to introduce her to her new role!

When you’re a new mom, your entire world revolves around your first child. You probably can’t imagine your attention being elsewhere! But when that new baby comes along, of course most of your quality time goes into taking care of the infant, which can be a huge shock to your firstborn!

But not to worry, because it’s a great opportunity to teach your older daughter how to be a big girl, how to be more independent, and how to process that newest family member.

And I’m not saying to bribe them with presents, but… a little gift for the new big sister never hurt anybody! It also helps form a positive association with being a big sister, that it’s something to be proud of and to celebrate!

And to warm them up to their younger sibling, why not say it’s “from” the new baby? 

Okay, so this only really works if your daughter is in the toddler to preschool age range, but you still want to present it specifically as a new sibling gift. That makes it special and significant to the (let’s face it) life-altering occasion!

I’ve put together a list of the best big sister gift ideas to get you started. These are all so cute and precious, it’s hard to pick just one!

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. 

Big Sister Gift Ideas From a New Baby: Gift Sets

I Hereby Crown You Big Sister

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

This big sister gift set makes becoming an older sibling a royal affair with a crown, a book, and a princess doll. Definitely a positive association!

Super Big Sister Set

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

This adorable super big sister gift set will help your little girl adjust to her new role by showing her just how important big siblings are!

Teddy Bear and Book Set

This “I Am a Big Sister” book is also down below, but this gift set also comes with an adorable teddy bear wearing a t-shirt that “bears” the same phrase. (Ha ha, get it?)

Big Sister Unicorn Box

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

What’s more fun than getting a whole box of big sister-themed gifts? Especially for the little girl who loves unicrons!

I’ve Been Promoted! Activity Box

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

This “I’ve Been Promoted” gift box is the perfect way to celebrate your daughter’s new “position” as big sister!

Big Sister Crayon Set

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

This is so unique! These are actually crayons molded into letter shapes that spell out “Big Sister.” Perfect for the artistic kid!

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Big Sister Gifts From New Baby: Toys

Babydoll Set

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

One great way to prepare a new big sister is to teach her what to expect with a new baby. This babydoll set is a toy that doubles as a teaching tool!

Toy Garden Set

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

Not all big siblings gifts have to be new baby-oriented: a new, special toy like this garden set “from” the new sibling can help your little girl get excited about their arrival, too!

First Doll Stroller

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

This baby doll stroller is another great training tool to help teach your young daughter what to expect with a new baby while providing them with a fun new toy!

Play Makeup Kit

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

Help your firstborn girl feel more like a big kid with this (totally not Frozen-themed) play makeup set!

Personalized Stuffed Animal Set

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

Here’s a super cute stuffed animal option that would make a great big sibling gift: this one can be personalized and comes in different styles!

Promoted to Big Sister Mermaid Doll

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

For the little girl who loves mermaids, these big sister mermaid dolls are the perfect gift to give her from the new baby! You can also personalize it, making it extra special!

Castle Playhouse With Lights

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

Make your soon-to-be big sister feel like a princess with this beautiful castle playhouse, complete with string lights! It’s the sort of toy that will provide a great opportunity to teach her how to share as her new sibling gets older!

Pretend Play Purse

For the little girl who’s ready to become a big kid, having their own play purse gives them a chance to feel “grown up” and “just like mommy.” This attitude can come in handy with a new baby!

Barbie Nursery Play Set

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

Let your little girl engage in some imaginative play with this Barbie Babysitter set, which includes Skipper, 2 little babies (twins? Now there’s a thought!) and a whole baby nursery.

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Care for Me Dog Carrier Set

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

With its bright colors and interactive buttons, this toy dog carrier is a great choice for toddler big sisters!

Magnetic Doodle Board

Here’s another option for a younger child about to become a big sister! I love the idea of a doodle board because it’s the kind of toy she could learn to share with her new sibling!

Wooden Puzzles

These simple, fun wooden puzzles are great for developing brains and are another toy that can be shared with younger siblings!

Barbie Tricycle

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

This Barbie tricycle may seem like a big gift, but it can be a great tool for transitioning your toddler into the “big sister” mindset by showing her that she’s a big kid now!

Magnetic Blocks

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

Introduce educational STEM skills AND teach your child colors and shapes with these magnetic tile blocks!

Laugh-And-Learn Light-Up Vacuum

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

Help your firstborn get excited about helping mommy around the house with this light-up vacuum toy, perfect for toddlers!

Big Sister Sock Monkey

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

A unique, personalized gift for the soon-to-be big sister who loves stuffed animals: this adorable sock monkey!

Crayola Art Set

Trusting your young child with a full art set like this one is a great way to teach them responsibility and make them feel like a big kid!

Junior Chef Dress-Up Set

For the little girl who loves to cook, this junior chef set will definitely make them feel like a grown-up!

Unicorn Carrier Backpack

This cute backpack comes with a unicorn stuffed animal that kids can carry on their backs. A fun way to mirror carrying a baby!

Baby Doll Car Seat

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

Here’s another baby doll option that gives little girls a chance to practice taking care of a baby, except this one comes with a car seat!

Big Sister Gift Ideas From a New Baby: Books & Journals

I Am a Big Sister Book by Caroline Jayne Church

Help your toddler or preschooler adjust to the arrival of a younger sibling with this cute picture book designed to prepare her for the big change!

The New Baby by Mercer Mayer

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

If you’re looking for other big sister books, Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter book is a classic and is great for all new siblings (since the main character is actually a big brother), teaching them how to help take care of a new baby!

Super Incredible Big Sister Book

I love that you can personalize this big sister book with your daughter’s name so that it feels like an extra special gift! It also comes with a “super incredible big sister” medal for her to wear!

Welcome to the Family Journal

For an older child who is about to become a big sister, this “Welcome to the Family” journal is a great gift idea! It has plenty of activities, as well as blank pages for them to fill out, in preparation for the new arrival!

Big Sister Gift Ideas: Clothing & Jewelry

Elsa Big Sister Shirt

If your little girl loves Frozen, getting her to associate becoming a big sister with her favorite Disney princess is sure to have a positive impact!

Big Sis/Little Sis Outfits

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

If you know for sure that your second child is a baby girl, then presenting a matching big sister/little sister outfit to your firstborn is a great way to make them feel connected to their sibling-to-be!

Big Sis/Little Bro Outfits

The same idea applies if you know you’re having a baby boy: it just comes in different colors!

Big Sister Hair Bows

These big sister hair bows are the perfect gift for the little girl who loves her hair accessories!

Big Sister Saurus T-Shirt

If your little girl loves dinosaurs, then she will love this big sister t-shirt that names her as the “big sister saurus.” Super cute!

Promoted to Big Sister Outfit

This outfit is just TOO CUTE! Not only do you get a big sister shirt, it also comes with matching pants and a hair bow.

Did We Just Become Best Friends? T-Shirt Set

This funny quote (originally from the movie Stepbrothers, which is totally not for younger children, haha) makes for a perfect big sibling/little sibling outfit set! The earlier you can encourage new sibling friendship, the better!

Big Sis Little Sis and Mama Set

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

This matching clothing set includes Mama, too! How cute!

Sissy Sweater

Simple and sweet, your little girl can wear her new big sister status proudly with this “sissy” sweater!

Personalized Beaded Bracelets

These beaded bracelets are personalized and made of big, chunky beads, making them the perfect accessory for a sister and her new sibling!

Big Sister Bracelets

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

Another beaded bracelet option for the new big sister!

Big Sister Charm Bracelet

Here’s another good idea for slightly older kids who can enjoy and treasure a piece of jewelry!

Big Sister Necklace

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

A cute, simple charm necklace to commemorate her new status as a big sister!

Rhinestone Necklace

For a versatile gift that most ages can enjoy, you can’t go wrong with a big sister necklace! This one is a rhinestone heart and comes in 3 colors!

Big Sister Gift Ideas From a New Baby: Other Great Ideas

Big Sis Tumbler

big sister gift ideas

Big sibling gifts don’t have to be toys or even clothes: practical, more “grown up” items can make great gift ideas, too! Example: this stylish big sister tumbler!

Stainless Steel Tumbler

Here is another tumbler option that will get them excited about become a big kid AND a big sister!

Big Sister Activity Coins

big sister gift ideas from a new baby

What a genius idea! These big sister coins will get your daughter excited for the arrival of her new siblings with activities she can to do help prepare!

Frozen Watch

This Frozen watch is another great gift for a new big sister. Not only does it teach her how to tell time, it also has the two sisters from Frozen on the watch face!

Big Sister Photo Album

big sister gift ideas

Get the new big sister excited for all the memories she and her new sibling are going to make with this adorable photo album!

Digital Camera

big sister gift ideas

This would be a great gift to pair with the photo album, especially for the child who loves to take pictures! This digital camera is designed for kids, making it a great choice for your budding photographer!

Big Sister on Duty Apron

What a sweet idea to get your first daughter excited about helping with the new baby! I love the pockets that can hold baby items like diapers and pacifiers!

Big Sister Gift Ideas: Have Fun!

As you can see, there are so many great ideas to choose from when it comes to big sister gifts! It truly is an exciting time when you get to share the big news with your firstborn. Becoming a big sibling is a huge milestone worth celebrating, and generating excitement and positivity around the arrival of the new baby will help make the transition easier for your toddler or young child!

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