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Baby Number 4

You may have noticed things have been a little quiet over here, and for good reason! Maybe you’ve noticed that the pictures I share on Instagram, I’m mostly hiding behind the kids. For good reason… I’m super busy growing a baby, which of course, means a growing bump and lots of naps! It’s true, it’s …

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Theo’s 5-Year Update

YOU GUYS! I typed the title of this post as “Theo’s 4-year update.” Except I had to fix it because he’s 5! The most mind-boggling part of motherhood is how time can simultaneously stand still and fly by. Like when you’re pregnant and uncomfortable, time drags. When you’re sleep training and your baby has been …

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Our 4th of July

4th of July is probably one of my favorite Holidays. I mean, I love Christmas and Thanksgiving, don’t get me wrong. But there is just SOMETHING about the summer weather that puts me in my happy place. The beginning of July in Rhode Island is usually perfect weather. Plenty of sunshine, but not too hot …

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The Last Day of Summer

It’s here. The last day of summer. I mean, technically it’s still summer, but school starts tomorrow so it’s the end of summer for us, aside from maybe one or two last weekend beach days if we’re lucky. I suppose I’m being dramatic because my son, Theo, is only entering pre-k. He’ll be in school …

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Theo’s Birth Story

Theo is turning four this month, and I have never written about his birth story! Since I started blogging when he was 3 and my girls were 1, I feel as if there is a huge void in my blog from the first few years of parenting. I learned a TON in those years and …

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