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A pink and gold 1st Birthday smashcake session

Josie and Margo are 1!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post that included a letter to Theo on his 3rd Birthday.  I said that I was going to write letters for all of my children on their Birthday’s, and so here we are, 13 days after my twin girls 1st Birthday. I’m rather proud of myself for only being …

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Theo is 3!

My little Theodore turned 3 on January 22nd.  I wasn’t upset on his 1st or 2nd birthdays in that ‘oh my gosh, my baby is growing up!’ sort of way.  But when he turned 3?  Lord have mercy, you’d think he was packing his bags for college!  His 3rd birthday tugged and pulled on my …

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The first time I held my twin girls together, 5 days after their birth.

My Twin Birth Story, Part 3

By the time we reached the labor and delivery floor, I was at that point in contractions where they hurt so mother freaking badly, that there was no relief. I was still reeling from the pain of the previous contraction when the next one hit. The labor and delivery floor was slammed, and the nurse …

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Theo and Mommy watching a movie in the hospital the day before the birth of Josie and Margo

My Twin Birth Story, Part 2

The morning of the twins birth On February 9th I woke up, and I KNEW the babies were going to come that day. I felt an increase of pressure and slight discomfort in my pelvis.  It reminded me of the way I felt the morning I went into labor with Theo. Ben had a huge presentation to give …

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My Twin Birth Story, Part 1

When you find out you’re expecting twins, you do everything you can to prepare.  For me, this consisted of reading everything I could find on twin pregnancies and births.  The overwhelming majority of what I read made me incredibly anxious.  A twin pregnancy is considered high risk, and I read story after story of women being put …

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