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Theo’s Birth Story

Theo is turning four this month, and I have never written about his birth story! Since I started blogging when he was 3 and my girls were 1, I feel as if there is a huge void in my blog from the first few years of parenting. I learned a TON in those years and …

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The first time I held my twin girls together, 5 days after their birth.

My Twin Birth Story, Part 3

By the time we reached the labor and delivery floor, I was at that point in contractions where they hurt so mother freaking badly, that there was no relief. I was still reeling from the pain of the previous contraction when the next one hit. The labor and delivery floor was slammed, and the nurse …

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Theo and Mommy watching a movie in the hospital the day before the birth of Josie and Margo

My Twin Birth Story, Part 2

The morning of the twins birth On February 9th I woke up, and I KNEW the babies were going to come that day. I felt an increase of pressure and slight discomfort in my pelvis.  It reminded me of the way I felt the morning I went into labor with Theo. Ben had a huge presentation to give …

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My Twin Birth Story, Part 1

When you find out you’re expecting twins, you do everything you can to prepare.  For me, this consisted of reading everything I could find on twin pregnancies and births.  The overwhelming majority of what I read made me incredibly anxious.  A twin pregnancy is considered high risk, and I read story after story of women being put …

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