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Guest Posting

Looking to guest post on my site? I love to work with other bloggers and support each other.

I am currently accepting guest posts. Here are the requirements:

  • Post must contain a minimum of 800 words
  • Content must be new and previously unpublished
  • You may republish the post back to your own site after 90 days but MUST include that it originally appeared on Twin Mom and More and use the canonical tag:
    <link rel=”canonical” href=”” /> in the head section of your html. This is to ensure that google stays happy with both of us 🙂
  • Please include a short bio and photo of yourself
  • You may include up to 3 links to your social channels
  • I will link back to your blog. Please be sure to include your blog title and URL.
  • You may include backlinks to 3 relevant posts of yours.
  • You may provide images, but it is not required. I can take care of images if needed. If you provide images that gives me permission to do with them as I wish (create Pins, share on social media, etc.)
  • I have the right to edit any grammar or spelling errors I see or add headings if needed. I will NOT alter the message or your content in any other way.
  • I will include an introductory paragraph in the post.
  • If you would like to post but need help brainstorming ideas, I would love to help!

Please submit requests to I will respond as quickly as I can, but it may take up to 2 weeks.

I plan my content out in advance, so your post may not be published immediately. I will fully communicate to you when to expect your post to be published.

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