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50 Easter Basket Toys for Toddlers: Unique and Playful Finds

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Finding the perfect Easter Basket toys for toddlers is so exciting for parents but it can also be a lot of work to find the perfect items to go in your Easter Baskets. You want to be intentional and not wasteful, but also want to choose toys that will delight your kids, and you also don’t want to simply give them a ton of candy!

In this post, I have the best non-candy easter gift ideas for toddlers (and older kids as well!) that are perfect ideas to help you stuff baskets this holiday. Read on for all of the inspiration you need to create a magical Easter morning for your kids.

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Best Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

With all of the research on how important daily reading is to help your child, there is never a better excuse to fill their basket with more books! These books will delight your toddler with the cute characters, bright pictures, and repetitive nature and are some of the best easter gifts.

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Easter Basket Toys for Toddlers: Outdoor Toys

I always fill our Easter Baskets with items that we will use during the spring and summer. From outdoor toys to bathing suits and sunglasses, it’s the perfect opportunity to start prepping for the season of playing outside! If you’re trying to reach your thousand hours outside for the year, these non-candy easter basket stuffer ideas for toddlers are sure to get you ready for some out of the house fun!

Easter Basket toys for toddlers that are outdoor toys

1. Babiators Sunglasses | 2. Bubble Machine | 3. Easter Bunny Bubble Wand | 4. Refillable Bubbles | 5. Green Toys Watering Can | 6. Small Sports Balls |

Babiators Sunglasses: While these aren’t exactly a toy, they sure are perfect for Easter baskets! Batiators are fantastic sunglasses for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. While they are a bit pricey, they are extremely durable. The best part is that there is a guaranteed replacement if you lose or break a pair.

Bubble Machine: Bubbles are an absolute must for outdoor fun and this bubble machine is no exception. We got this bubble machine for our kids one year and set it up so it was blowing bubbles outside on our porch right next to their Easter baskets. The kids absolutely loved it!

Easter Bunny Bubble Wand: They are always a huge hit and such a fun and easy activity to get outside with your little one. These Easter themed bubble wands are perfect for your basket.

Refillable Bubbles: I am getting these bubbles for my kids this year. The aluminum bottles are more sustainable than a plastic bottle. They are refillable and the wand is drip free. I am excited for the kids to get them!

Green Toys Watering Can: There is nothing that toddlers love more than playing with water! Get ready to garden with your toddler with this adorable watering can. Adding some garden gloves, a rake, and a small shovel are all you need to have fun in the backyard together. 

Small Sports Balls: A new set of balls are what many little boys and even older kids would love this Easter. This pack has all of the main sports that your child may decide they are interested in one day.    

1. Bug Catching Kit | 2. John Deere Dump Truck and Loader for Sandbox | 3. Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Binoculars | 4. Gardening Tools | 5. Velcro Paddle Ball 6. Reusable Water Balloons

Bug Catching Kit: Spend hours outside looking for creepy crawlies with your toddler and this bug catching  kit. They will love finding little creatures to collect and observe with the magnifying glass.   

John Deere Dump Truck and Loader for Sandbox: Upgrade your child’s sandbox this Easter with these new vehicles. They will love pushing the tractors through the dunes and making roads outside.   

Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Binoculars: A tiny pair of binoculars are all your little one needs to play explorer and observe birds, squirrels, and maybe even you outside doing some yard work.  

Gardening Tools: This set of shovels, rakes, and gardening tools will pair perfectly with a new bucket or garden gloves for some quality time spent outdoors together.   

Velcro Paddle Ball: These velcro ball catcher games are perfect for kids who are still learning how to throw and catch. Take these out in the yard or to the beach for some fun time outdoors.    

Reusable Water Balloons: These reusable water balloons were all the rage last year, and I had to get a set for my kids to see what all of the fuss was about. I have to admit: they are AMAZING! They are so much fun for all of us to play with. Some of the cheaper sets have exposed magnets, so make sure if you purchase these to invest in a good quality set (such as the one I listed) for safety reasons. They are truly loved by our whole family.

Easter Basket Toys for Toddlers: Easter Books

Books are a great addition to your Easter gifts and I almost always include them in my kiddos Easter Baskets. I like to choose books about Easter or Spring! Here are some great Easter books you can include, but I have even more books about spring in this post: The Best Spring Books for Toddlers.

easter books

1. Happy Easter, Little Bunny | 2. Sophie’s First Easter Egg Hunt | 3. Llama Llama Easter Egg | 4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Easter Egg Hunt | 5. Bluey: Easter | 6. Somebunny Loves You | 7. Little Blue Truck’s Springtime | 8.Happy Easter, Mouse | 9. You’re My Little Honey Bunny

Happy Easter, Little Bunny: Board books are always a huge kick with toddlers and this adorable bunny lift-a-flap book is no exception. Your little one will stay engaged throughout the story with the flaps and pop ups they can manipulate. 

Sophie’s First Easter Egg Hunt: Personalize your toddler’s Easter basket with this cute first Easter egg hunt book. This will surely be a story they ask to read again and will be treasured for years to come.

Llama Llama Easter Egg: Llama Llama has become a beloved children’s character. Reading stories with familiar characters encourages engagement and the love of literacy for little ones and is a great easter basket idea.   

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Easter Egg Hunt: One of my favorite children’s stories is the Very Hungry Caterpillar, so I was thrilled to see an Easter edition! This is another lift-a-flap board book that your toddler will love moving and seeing what is underneath.

Bluey: Easter: Bluey is loved by toddlers and big kids (and parents!!) alike, and this Easter story does not disappoint. See what Bluey, Bingo, and the rest of the heelers are up to this holiday.  

Somebunny Loves You: This sweet story with a pun on “somebody” loves you is a comforting tale for little ones. You will enjoy bonding with your child over this adorable story.  

Little Blue Truck’s Springtime: Little Blue Truck is a classic and favorite in our house! In this story, Little Blue is back for a springtime story. Girls and boys alike will love this vehicle character and seeing what he is up to.

Happy Easter, Mouse: The classic Mouse from “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” is back! See what happens this Easter when the mouse comes back for another adventure.

You’re My Little Honey Bunny: This rhyming bunny book talks about the love between a parent and their child. This would make a great bedtime story for Easter time.

Easter Basket Toys for Toddlers: Fine Motor Toys

Encourage your little one to strengthen those little hands with these Easter basket toys for toddlers that focus on fine motor skills. These screen free activities will engage them while practicing their concentration and coordination. These educational toys are perfect for toddlers, or your baby’s first easter basket.

fine motor Easter Basket toys for toddlers

1. Egg Shape Sorter | 2. Count and Stack Flower Pot | 3. Montessori Harvest Toy | 4. Chicken Stacking Toy | 5. Nutty Toys Sensory Tubes: | 6. Lacing Toys

Egg Shape Sorter:  This adorable egg shape sorter will be played with again and again long after Easter. The matching parts help toddlers practice fine motor skills, color matching, and shape matching at the same time.

Count and Stack Flower Pot: Count and stack Poppy’s flowers with this cute learning toy. Young toddlers will love manipulating the flowers and older toddlers will be able to start practicing their numbers and counting.

Montessori Harvest Toy: This little Easter box is full of toys to manipulate in and out. Tiny worms and chunky carrots will use different muscles as your little one learns about sizes and hand-eye coordination through pretend play. Definitely supervise this one if your toddler still likes to mouth things.   

Chicken and Egg Stacking + Nesting Toy: This toy is great because it can be played with by both stacking and nesting! The egg shapes make it the perfect addition to your little one’s Easter Basket.

Nutty Toys Sensory Tubes: These sensory tubes are a bundle of fun and perfect for open ended play! My kiddos loved these and spent hours with them connecting to each other and doing all kinds of things. They love the sounds that they make when you open and close them. Since they were fairly loud, we usually designated these as an outdoor toy.

Lacing Toys: Threading is an important skill that works on fine motor skills and concentration. There are so many shapes to choose from and this activity can be practiced for years to come.

fine motor Easter Basket toys for toddlers

1. Wooden Name Puzzle | 2. Sorting Barn | 3. Toddler Scissors Learn to Cut Book | 4. Easter Themed Pop-It | 5. Mini Wooden Construction Trucks | 6. HABA Musical Egg Shakers:

Wooden Name Puzzle: Personalized gifts are always one of my favorites. These personalized name puzzles help your toddler work on their reasoning skills as well as learning the letters in their name.

Sorting Barn: Sorting toys are wonderful for teaching sizes, shapes, and colors. This take along barn is a great travel toy with an Easter theme that will be fun even after the holiday.

Toddler Scissors Learn to Cut Book: My toddlers have all loved learning to cut! Toddler friendly scissors are a great sensory and fine motor addition to their Easter baskets.

Easter Themed Pop-It: Popits are a sensory hit for kids of all ages. Even the youngest toddler can enjoy pushing the buttons back and forth. Older toddlers will start to enjoy popping rows or whole sides at a time. These are another great travel toy.

Mini Wooden Construction Trucks: Vehicles are probably one of my toddler’s favorite things. These mini wooden construction trucks were a gift in my youngest son’s Easter Basket and they have been a huge hit.

HABA Musical Egg Shakers: As a former music teacher, I love musical gifts! Egg shakers are a classic. They are durable, and also not so loud that they’re going to drive you crazy. These egg shakers are perfect for Easter because they’re shaped like Easter eggs. They come in a pack of 5 so you can easily divide them up among Easter baskets if you have more than one child.

Kinetic Sand Eggs: Your kids will love getting a plastic egg filed with blue, yellow, and red Kinetic sand. This set comes with 20 eggs filled with blue, yellow, and red Kinetic sand, so it’s another great option to divide up among Easter baskets.

Easter Basket Toys for Toddlers: Arts and Crafts

It’s so fun to get creative with these Easter basket toys for toddlers. Some of the best non-candy ideas for your child’s Easter Basket are art supplies. Not only will they inspire you to dive into a simple craft or enjoy a fun game time with your little one, but they can be used up and won’t just end up in a pile in your playroom.

art supplies for easter baskets

1. Crayola Color Wonder | 2. Easter Dot Marker Activity Book | 3. LCD Writing Tablet | 4. Easter Themed Stickers | 5. Easter Egg Play-Doh | 6. Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk | 7. My First Coloring Book | 8. Melissa & Doug Water Wow | 9. Easter Bath Bombs

Crayola Color Wonder: These markers are a lifesaver if you have a toddler who loves to color but you want to save your furniture from tiny hands. The markers only color on the special paper and these make for great activities for traveling or those busy moments when you need to get something done without total supervision of your little one.

Easter Dot Marker Activity Book: My kids have all loved these dot marker activity books and I am adding this Easter themed one to my 3-year-old’s Easter Basket this year. They are perfect for kids who love crafts and also those that are apprehensive to them. My youngest, Beckham, isn’t really into coloring or art, but he loves these marker books. 

LCD Writing Tablet: LCD writing tablets are another fun, mess-less way for toddlers to draw and color. This is another activity that would be great to throw in your purse for when you get stuck in line at the grocery store and need a distraction. These are one of our favorite ways to entertain the kids when we are on a long road trip.

Easter Themed Stickers: What toddler doesn’t love stickers? Get some Easter themed packs, a few pieces of construction paper, and your toddler can have a blast making their own sticker book. This is another perfect non candy item to add to your Easter baskets.

Easter Egg Play-Doh: These plastic eggs are filled with play-doh and are adorable. They’re perfect for Easter Baskets but also to hide for epic Easter egg hunts!

My First Coloring Book: These coloring books are made especially for young toddlers. Simple shapes, high contrast, and black backgrounds help even the youngest artists make beautiful pictures for the fridge. We have purchased this coloring book for all 4 of our kids when they were toddlers.

Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk: Sidewalk chalk is a fun way to be creative and get outside at the same time. Grab a pack and get some sunshine with your little artist with these easter gifts. I put some sidewalk chalk in my kids Easter baskets every single year!

Melissa & Doug Water Wow: Water Wow is a fun way from Melissa & Doug to paint without the mess. With so many different themes you are sure to find one that your child will love.

Easter Bath Bombs: These Easter bath bombs are so cute and will make bath time extra fun! Pair with some new bath toys for a bath themed Easter Basket that will get rave reviews.

Easter Basket Toys for Toddlers: Beach and Sand Toys

We are a beach family and these are some of our favorite beach toys that are the such fun Easter Basket ideas for toddlers and older kids alike. If you do a beach theme, beach buckets make the perfect Easter Basket!

These are just a few of my favorite beach toys. To see a full list of our recommended beach toys, check out this post: The Best Beach Toys: 25 Epic Finds.

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beach toys for easter baskets

1. Collapsable Sand Bucket | 2. Melissa & Doug Sand Cupcake Play Set | 3. Construction Toys for Sand | 4. Hape Rain Shovel | 5. Hape Ice Cream Shop Sand Toy | 6. Claw Digger | 7. Wave Powered Surfer Dude | 8. Sand Scoops | 9. Goggles

Collapsable Sand Bucket (also makes a perfect Easter Basket!): These are the best beach buckets! The are collapsable so they are easy to store and transport. They’re also super durable; we’ve had the same set for a few years with no cracks and they’re still going strong.

Melissa & Doug Sand Cupcake Play Set: These cupcake molds for sand are the perfect non-candy Easter Basket toys for toddlers that result in hours of creative play. Last summer, my 3 and 7 year olds spent so much time playing pretend on the beach making cupcakes for each other.

Construction Toys for Sand: These sand trucks are the perfect addition to your beach toy collection. They’re small but mighty and my kids spend hours making roads in the sand to drive their trucks through.

Hape Rain Shovel: This little toy is brilliant and so affordable. It’s the combination of a shovel and rain maker, so it’s super fun for the beach and the pool!

Hape Ice Cream Shop Sand Toy: What kid hasn’t made pretend sand ice cream at the beach? With this ice cream set, they can use the scoop to make actual “sand” ice cream in little plastic cones. My kiddos love this!

Claw Digger: This power paw is perfect for digging holes in the sand. It’s like a shovel, but yes shaped like a paw/claw.

Wave Powered Surfer Dude: These surfer dudes and dudettes come in 7 different colors and my kids each have one. They are suggested for ages 6+, but I think it is fine for younger kids, ages 2+, as long as there is supervision (as there should always be at the beach!). You toss this little surfer out into the ocean and it surfs back to you. It provides endless hours of fun!

Sand Scoops: These sand scoops are far superior to regular shovels. They are heavy duty and sturdy but the shape, size, and colors are perfect for toddlers!

Goggles: While these aren’t a toy, they are a fantastic addition to a toddler Easter Basket! My kids use goggles for both the ocean and the pool, as they like to see underwater and the salt and chlorine stings their eyes. These goggles are AMAZING. They are fog free and the toggle makes it so easy to adjust; no caught hair!

I hope this post has given you some ideas instead of simply using tons of candy to fill up your basket. If you take the time to start new holiday traditions, you won’t regret it and I promise that your toddler will love these easter basket stuffers!

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