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35 Easy Fall Art Activities for Elementary Students

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Fall is such an exciting season for elementary students! They have met new teachers and classmates, started a new grade or even school for the first time, and are eager to learn.

It can also be an exhausting time and working on fall art projects, either at home or at school is a fun way to recharge and explore nature! These easy fall art activities for elementary students are sure to bring some fun into the classroom or for a fun after-school activity.

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Fall Art Activities for Elementary Students: Fall Leaf Crafts

Fall leaf art projects are the best autumn crafts to celebrate and learn about autumn! The changing fall leaves are so beautiful and make such a fun way to create fall art. These fall art activities for elementary students are sure to be a hit!

1. Autumn Leaves Lace Up Cards: These fall leaf lace-up cards from Kids Activities are sure to excite your elementary students as they practice fine motor skills. Grab your art supplies: some cardstock, a paper punch, wool, and a kid-safe needle and they can learn how to embroider! This can easily become a fun fall craft that want to repeat every year.

fall art activities for elementary students
Photo credit: Kids Activities Blog

2. Leaf Art Study: Practice symmetry and start a science investigation while learning all about different leaf types with this leaf project from Adventure in a Box. Go on a leaf hunt and collect lots of real leaves. Flatten the leaves under heavy books overnight and the next day they will be ready to be cut in half. Simply glue the halves down on blank paper and challenge your kids to draw the other half of the leaf shape. It’s an added challenge to make them symmetrical!

fall art activities for elementary students
Image credit: Adventure in a Box
fall art activities for elementary students

3. Fall Leaf Suncatchers: Download a free leaf template from The Best Ideas for Kids and gather some autumn-colored tissue paper to make these fun leaf suncatchers. It’s so fun to stick them up on the windows and they can see the light playing through the colors.

fall art activities for elementary students
Image Credit: The Best Ideas for Kids

4. Chalk Pastel Art: This is one of my favorite fall art activities for elementary students! Cut some leaf shapes out of cardstock (free printables are included from Projects with Kids) and tape them down onto black construction paper with some painter’s tape. Then let your kids color over the leaf template with bright oranges, reds, and fall colors. When you remove the tape they will have beautiful leaf silhouettes!

fall art activities for elementary students
Image credit: Projects with Kids

5. Paper Plate Leaf Face: The paper plate leaf face from Easy Peasy and Fun is as adorable as it sounds. Gather up the whole family to go on a leaf hunt, cut the stems off the leaves, and glue them down on the top third of the plate to make a crazy hairstyle. You can make eyes and lips out of cut paper, but you could easily use googly eyes or simply draw them on with markers. Your kiddos will have so much fun making these leaf people!

fall art activities for elementary students
Image credit: Easy Peasy and Fun

Fall Art Activities for Elementary Students: Pumpkin Crafts

6. Zengangle Pumpkin Drawing: from Kitchen Table Classroom is the perfect challenge for your older students. All you have to do is draw a pumpkin with a sharpie and then segment the pumpkin into small sections, or squares. Then your children can put different designs in each little segment. The finished product is gorgeous and they will have so much fun concentrating on each design. This art lesson is intricate enough to appeal to older children without being so hard that it causes frustration.

fall art activities for elementary students
Image credit: Kitchen Table Classroom

7. Pumpkin Dots Fall Art Project: Using model magic or another type of clay/dough that you have on hand, and tiny objects such as buttons, beads, or gems, your kids will have a blast making these dotted pumpkins from Fantastic Fun and Learning! I love that this is a multimedia art project and the possibilities are endless. This is actually modeled after a Japanese artist who is almost one hundred years old! What a great way to show students that there is no age limit on creating art.

fall art activities for elementary students
Image credit: Fantastic Fun and Learning

8. Yarn Pumpkins with Balloons: Balloons are always a hit at my house, and these yarn pumpkins from One Little Project are sure to be a home run! Using a balloon, yarn, glue, and some pipe cleaners, students make the cutest little 3D pumpkins. There are a few tricky steps so younger kids may need some assistance, but it’s a fun fall art project that works for kids of all ages. 

fall art activities for elementary students
Image credit: One Little Projec

9. Pumpkin Pointillism: There are so many art techniques that can be taught with pumpkins! Pumpkin pointillism from Hip Homeschool Moms teaches both the pointillism technique (the technique in which dots are used to create an image) and is a fabulous lesson in primary colors. Using Q-tips to paint creates a unique pumpkin that students will be excited to show off. Using only red, yellow, and blue paint, one can still make orange pumpkins and green stems through mixing colors!

fall art activities for elementary students
Image credit: Hip Homeschool Moms

10. Burlap Pumpkin Pie Craft: Students will be excited to paint these tiny pieces of pumpkin pie from Glued to My Crafts Blog. Using burlap cut into triangles, kids use paint with the warm colors of orange and brown to mimic pumpkin pie. Older students can hot glue cotton balls for some whipped cream. After they dry, you can attach a string to hang them or use them as gift tags.

fall art activities for elementary students
Image credit: Glued to My Crafts Blog

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Easy Fall Crafts for Kids: Fall Tree Crafts

Nothing will get kids into the fall season like creating a gorgeous fall tree, and there are so many easy fall crafts that you can do!

11. Autumn Splatter Tree: The splat tree from Arty Crafty Kids looks like too much fun to let the kids do by themselves! Using a firm bristled paintbrush, students literally get to splat the paint to create an awesome picture! This one gets a little messy but is completely worth it. Tip: be sure to use washable paint for easy cleanup!

fall art activities for elementary students
Image credit: Arty Crafty Kids

12. Tissue Paper Fall Tree: Younger students will love this tearing tissue paper tree from Katie Morris Art. This is a great way for children to engage in fine motor practice as they tear strips and pieces of paper and glue them to a tree trunk made with brown paint.

fall activities for elementary students
Image credit: Katie Morris Art

13. Autumn Handprint Tree: This handprint tree is definitely the cutest fall tree project from Arty Crafty Kids. For this fall craft, the handprint is painted brown to represent the tree trunk and branches. Then students use a Q-tip to make yellow, red, and orange dots around the top to form the tree. This would be a great display piece during the fall season.

fall art activities for elementary students
Image credit: Arty Crafty Kids

14. Pinecone Apple Tree Craft: Children of all ages will love making these cute apple trees from Buggy and Buddy, using pinecones, yarn, pompoms, glue, and scissors. If you can’t find any pine cones on a quick little outdoor adventure, you can definitely get some at your local craft store, or Amazon. Students will simply wrap the yarn around the pine cone to represent the foliage and then glue the red pom poms on for the apples. 

fall art activities for elementary students
Image credit: Buggy and Buddy

15. Pumpkin Seed Tree Art:  This pumpkin seed tree art from Fun-a-Day is so colorful and fun! After drawing a brown tree trunk and branches, students will glue dyed pumpkin seeds to create a colorful rainbow tree. Depending on the age of your students they can either help you dye them ahead of time with watercolor paint or you may need to do this for your prep work.

fall art activities for elementary students
Image credit: Fun-a-Day

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Fall Art Activities for Elementary Students: Scarecrow Crafts

16. Scarecrow Dot Art: This simple scarecrow art activity features a free template from Simple Everyday Mom. Add some paint, Q-tips, or an unused pencil eraser, and students are ready to practice their pointillism to make a unique-looking scarecrow.

Fall art activities for elementary students
Image credit: Simple Everyday Mom

17. 3D Scarecrow Craft: This 3D scarecrow craft from Somewhat Simple leaves room for artistic freedom. Glue four or five popsicle sticks together. Then, the young artists can design a scarecrow face with googly eyes and small pieces of foam for foam noses and different-shaped hats.

fall art projects for kids
Image credit: Somewhat Simple

18. Mixed Media Scarecrow Art:  This multimedia fall art activity has lots of steps, making it the perfect craft for older kids. In addition to the scarecrows, students make a background and crows. Even leaving out the other parts and focusing solely on the scarecrow would be a great craft for fall. The lesson from Faber Castell is based on “Scarecrow” by Cynthia Rylant. Definitely read this wonderful book first to inspire your young artists.

Fall art projects for kids
Image credit: Faber Castell 

19. Paper Plate Scarecrow: Paper plate crafts are simple yet adorable. This paper plate scarecrow from The Keeper of the Cheerios has the adult cutting the hat, hair, nose, and cheeks ahead of time so students simply have to glue them together. You can easily make this more challenging by allowing kids to design and cut out their own pieces. This definitely requires a little bit of prep time in advance.

fall crafts for kids
Image credit: The Keeper of the Cheerios

20. Popsicle Stick Scarecrow: This popsicle stick scarecrow from Red Ted Art uses popsicle sticks to create the body and the arms instead. Using only paper, markers, buttons, and googly eyes, you are going to have some skinny yet adorable scarecrows. These would make great puppets to act out the Cynthia Rylant book from the previous craft!

fall art activities for kids
Image credit: Red Ted Art 

Fall Art Projects for Elementary Students: Acorn Crafts

Fall is the best time of year to go on a nature walk and collect inspiration for fall art ideas! We love to collect pinecones, leaves, and acorns! Here are some simple ideas for acorn crafts.

21. Acorn Marble Necklaces: Your students will love this acorn marble necklace from Rhythms of Play! It’s a good idea to drill the holes in the acorn caps ahead of time, but students can help thread the jewelry cord through the holes and glue the marble inside the cap. This is a more difficult craft, but the perfect activity for older kiddos and even middle and high school students.

fall art activities for kids
Image credit: Rhythms of Play

22. Fall Painting With Acorns:  This messy process-focused art from Fun-A-Day is a super easy fall craft for kids of all ages to do independently. All you need are acorns, tempera paint, and canvases or paper. Kids can dip acorns in the paint and roll them across the canvas, stamp them on the canvas, or even use them to mark like brushes.

fall art for kids
Image credit: Fun-A-Day

23. Painted Acorns: If you have acrylic paint and want to try something really unique, Home Stories A to Z has a wonderful fall activity painting acorns! The acorns are baked before they are painted so that they dry out and don’t get moldy. This would be another great project for older kids and would be gorgeous as home decor and would even make great gifts.

fall art activities for kids
Image credit: Home Stories A to Z

24. Mosaic Paper Acorn: Grab this free pattern from Crafts by Amanda and your kids can create their own mosaic acorn. This multi-step project involves fingerpainting, tracing, cutting, and gluing to create the acorn craft. If you want to skip the fingerpainting you could also just use scraps of paper or tear paper instead.

fall art activities for kids
Image credit: Crafts by Amanda

25. Acorn Owls: There are so many acorn projects, but the owls from Curly Birds are my absolute favorite. They are SO CUTE! Simply cut out tiny felt wings and eyes and your kids can glue them onto upside-down acorns and make them into little brown owls. Your students will easily love making these and coming up with stories about their new pretend pets.

fall art activities for elementary students
Image credit:  Curly Birds

Fall Art Projects for Elementary Students: Apple Crafts

My kids think apple picking is the best part of fall! We all enjoy going to the apple orchard and picking apples. Here are some autumn-themed art projects that use apples as inspiration!

26. Construction Paper Apple Activity: If you have contact paper, construction paper, and hole punches, you can make these dotted apples from the Twitchetts. This is a great fine motor activity and creates a more non-traditional-looking apple. These can be hung up in the window after completion to make sun catchers! This looks like such a fun and easy fall craft!

fall art activities for kids
Image credit: Twitchetts

27. Pom Pom Apple Core Craft: Using a paper plate and pompoms, students will create a fuzzy apple following directions from Non Toy Gifts. They can use green for the stem, red for the peel, and white and black for the core and seeds, this craft is a great addition to a lesson plan on the apple life cycle or parts of a plant.

fall art activities for elementary students
Image credit: Non Toy Gifts

28. Cardboard Apple Weaving Craft: After cutting out a cardboard apple and making grooves in it, children can practice weaving with this project by Hello Wonderful. Wrap yarn across the apple in the grooves and then weave ribbon up and under to make a unique apple that can be practiced with again and again.

fall art activities for elementary students
Image credit: Hello Wonderful

29. Apple Tree Craft With Marble Painting: This craft from The Educator’s Spin on It goes splendidly with the book “The Apple Tree”. Simply put white paper and some green paint in a shoebox lid. Children can then roll marbles around in the lid to make a design. Then they can cut the paper into the shape of a tree and glue down some red pom poms to make the apples.

Image credit: The Educator’s Spin on It

30. Felt Apple Craft: Using the free template from Fireflies and Mudpies, students can trace felt apples, cut them out, and attach clothespins as stems. This simple craft can easily be taken a step further by having students cut out pieces of the apple so it looks like it has been bitten, cutting out worms, and more. 

Image credit: Fireflies and Mudpies

Easy Fall Crafts for Kids: Animal Crafts

Fall is a busy season for many animals as they gather food for the winter and prepare to hibernate! Here are some easy fall art projects that are the perfect way to add some fun to a lesson plan on the fall activities of animals.

31. Hedgehog Made From Fall Leaves: This is another project utilizing real fall leaves, but this time you are making a hedgehog! This idea from Crafty Morning uses only markers, brown paper (a brown paper bag would work as well), leaves, and glue. It’s such a simple process and the end result is SO CUTE!

fall art activities for elementary students
Image credit: Crafty Morning

32. Saber-Toothed Pinecone Squirrel: Crayon Box Chronicles uses pinecones to create squirrels. This is another fall craft that has a longer supply list and requires baking the pinecone first, so it is more complicated and time-consuming than some other crafts. However, the end result looks like the squirrel from the movie Ice Age so it is sure to be beloved!

Image credit: Crayon Box Chronicles

33. Paper Bag Owl: The paper bag owl craft from D.Sharp Journal would be a great project for older students. Instead of using exacto knives, they could easily fold the paper bag to cut the feathers with scissors. This would be a realistic and easy-to-make puppet that students would enjoy showing off.

Image credit: D.Sharp Journal

34. Craft Stick Leaf-Holding Fox Puppet: Gluing together several popsicle sticks creates a super cute fox from Glued to My Crafts Blog that students will adore. After painting and designing the fox, adding two small clothespins to the front allows the fox to hold something such as a leaf. My kids adore foxes and I know they would be so excited to have their fox holding different items that are special to them.

Fall art activities for kids
Image credit: Glued to My Crafts Blog

35. Dixie Cup Squirrel Craft: This cup squirrel craft from the Pinterested Parent is sweet and simple. Paint an upside-down cup, attach some paper feet, tail, ears, googly eyes, and a pom pom nose to make the perfect little squirrel puppet. 

fall art activities for kids
Image credit: Pinterested Parent

There you have it! 35 different fun art projects for fall that your elementary-aged kiddos will love! I hope you love these fun ideas as much as I do. Happy fall, y’all!

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