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How I Lost the Baby Weight: Faster Way to Fat Loss Completely Honest Review and Results

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After having Beckham, my 4th baby, I really struggled with losing the baby weight.

I know that it shouldn’t matter and I should love my body that grew 4 beautiful babies inside of it.

But I didn’t love my body. I was uncomfortable in it. I still looked about 5 months pregnant and didn’t fit into any of my clothing.

Even the clothes that I wore postpartum after having Theo and Josie and Margo (twins) didn’t fit.

I’m sure it’s a combination of the fact that I’m a biiit older than my first 2 pregnancies, and just the fact that I’m so busy taking care of FOUR KIDS that I don’t take the time to properly care for myself.

I never planned to share this picture publicly, otherwise, I would have made my bed and cleaned up the clothes that are strewn everywhere, but, oh well. Here it is.

This picture was taken on July 1st, and I was 2.5 months postpartum but still was holding on to the baby weight like I never had before. I was really struggling with not being able to fit into any of my clothes and just overall feeling bad about my body.

The other thing I was struggling with, other than my body, was my mental state.

I was constantly feeling like I was in a fog and perpetually exhausted. I mean, yes, I had a four-month-old, but he was sleeping through the night and I was getting plenty of sleep as well.

I was exhausted from the lack of care I was giving myself.

I knew that I needed a reset and to focus on better nutrition and actually exercising, so I decided to give the Faster Way to Fat Loss a try.

Does Faster Way to Fat Loss Work?

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I mean…..

Plain and simple, yes, it works.

I am honestly completely and totally shocked that these pictures were taken only SEVEN WEEKS APART.

I won’t lie and tell you that I was 100% dedicated while I was doing it because let’s be real, I have 4 children. I didn’t even COME CLOSE to doing every single workout.

I think I exercised most weeks about 3 times per week… some weeks zero, and maybe one week I did 5 days.

I was much better about the nutrition than exercising. They say (and by “they” I mean the experts!) that your body is 20% exercise and 80% diet.

I would say I probably ate correctly 90% of the time during the 6-week program.

So, I managed to get fantastic results without even following it fully. I can only imagine the results I would get if I had the time to fully commit!

Should You Try Faster Way to Fat Loss?

First and foremost, I want to be upfront and transparent as I always strive to be, and because I’ve seen way too many blog posts about the faster way, that aren’t upfront about this.

If you sign up for the Faster Way, I will receive a pretty significant commission. Boom. There, I said it. I’m not sure why more bloggers aren’t upfront about that.

I mean, I assume that if you follow my blog, you’d be happy to support me if you think this program is a good fit for you! Right? So if you think it’s a good fit (which I will talk more about, and please feel free to message me with ANY QUESTIONS at all!!), and you want to sign up, I’d really appreciate you signing up through my link.

I’m so appreciative to all of my readers who give me the opportunity to be a full-time blogger and bring in income for my family. Well, that was a tangent that I didn’t expect to go on haha. Anyways.

I paid full price for this program and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

I’m going to cut to the chase here (is it really cutting to the chase after I’ve rambled on for five minutes?). If you’re reading this, you probably want to know if you should do the faster way to fat loss.

I had the same questions before I signed up, and to be completely honest, I was a little bit apprehensive about spending two hundred dollars on a weight loss program. It’s a lot of money, and that’s why I want to be very clear about how the program works and if it might not be a good fit for you.

And while I can tell you that it 100% WORKS, I also know that it isn’t for everyone, mainly because of the work that you have to put into it.

I was already used to cooking from scratch and eating a fairly healthy diet and it was still hard for me. I definitely got used to it and figured out ways to make it easier.

It’s time consuming and can be confusing to track your food (and your macros) in the my fitness pal app.

You pretty much have to cook every meal from scratch. No eating leftover peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or chicken nuggets from your kids. No (or limited) takeout or macaroni and cheese or cereal for dinner.

This is a good thing though. And if you can get through it for 6-weeks, you will notice such a big difference, not only in your body, but in your mental state!

There are also shortcuts and it gets easier as you get used to it. You can save meals in the app, so that the next time you have them it’s easier to enter them.

They also have a prep week that helps you slowly ease into the program. The concepts are gradually introduced throughout the first week, so that when it officially starts you are ready to GO.

So, if you think that you can commit mostly to the plan, then I think for sure you should give it a go.

2Sign Up For the Faster Way to Fat Loss Here

If you’re ready to take the plunge and make a huge difference in your physical and mental state, click below to sign up today!

Faster Way to Fat Loss Overview

So, what exactly is the Faster Way to Fat Loss?

It is a 6-week program that is comprised of 3 concepts: intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and tracking macros with a focus on whole food nutrition.

Week 1 is prep week and you will have a coach and live trainings to get all of the information that you need.

You will be put into a large Facebook group with everyone who’s participating in that round (I never participated once in that group) as well as a smaller Facebook group led by your coach.

Your coaches will help you set your Macros and adjust if you need to throughout the program. In my Facebook group, we posted a screenshot of our My Fitness Pal daily and our coach would give us suggestions on how to improve the next day.

Progress over perfection: a big motto in the faster way community is “progress over perfection.” There is definitely not an all or nothing mentality and we celebrate even small victories.

Intermittent Fasting

One part of the faster way to fat loss is intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting the FWTFL way is eating all of your food within an 8-hour window.

When you enter the fasting stage, your body reaches into your fat stores. By intermittent fasting, you’re allowing your body to go into fat burner mode… daily!

There are also claims that it helps to regulate your hormones and detox the body. My husband is a fan of intermittent fasting as it’s helped him with IBS issues in the past.

Do You Get Hungry When With Intermittent Fasting?

This was a concern of mine, and I sort of eased myself into it. Honestly, it wasn’t hard for me, at. all. I typically don’t like to eat breakfast and have always forced myself to eat in the morning because I always heard that breakfast was the most important meal of the day.

Intermittent fasting is not hard and you do not get hungry… if you are eating enough nutrients! I cannot stress this enough.

Tracking Macros and Properly Fueling Your Body

This is my FAVORITE part of the program.

I never once felt like I was on a diet or depriving myself of food.

In fact, I constantly felt like I was eating sooo much food.

There is no list of food you can’t eat or a certain number of calories to stay under.

The focus is on fueling your body with food high in nutrients so that your body can perform at its best.

You track macronutrients (aka macros) which fall into 3 groups: fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. It’s really eye opening to track this stuff and see what you’re diet consists of. I pretty regularly hit my fat goals perfectly and struggled to get enough protein and carbs.

Most days after dinner I had to find a way to get an extra serving of carbs or protein and would find myself having a protein smoothie or some fruit or rice cakes.

This can be avoided if you enter your meals into the faster way to fat loss app in the beginning of the day, but I always did it as I ate.

Carb Cycling

Carb cycling is when you alternate between low carb days and regular carb days.

When you have low carb days, you deplete your glycogen stores and your body dips into its fat stores. Therefore, you’re once again a fat-burning machine!

Low carb diets are very popular as they can put your body into a fat-burning mode. However, our bodies… women’s bodies, especially, need carbs. We need them for energy and long term carb restriction can cause all sorts of thyroid issues, negatively affect your hormone levels, and lower your metabolic rate.

This is typically the cause of weightloss plateaus that so many of us experience.

Exercising and Fitness

I didn’t expect this to happen, but I seriously LOVED the exercises in this program. I went into it thinking that I would just like the meal plan, but the exercises were amazing.

There are 3 variations to the exercises: a gym version, an at-home version, and a low-impact version. I exclusively did the at-home versions.

I thought that I would get bored or be unmotivated, because I’m not the best at working out at home, but it didn’t happen! The only reason I struggled with completing the exercises is the fact that I have 4 kids, including a baby!

I only have a few resistance bands and a few sets of dumbbells, and not only was I able to complete all of the exercises, but they was plenty of variation that I didn’t get bored.

The workouts are specifically to each day: for example, low carb days are your high intensity, cardio days. Saturday is leg day and coincides with treat day!

If you have your own workouts that you prefer to do, there are guidelines on what type of workouts you should do each day.

I never took official before and after pictures in the same outfit and location until October (keep scrolling for those) and I definitely lost some definition in my stomach because we went on vacation and I indulged in a few sweets lol plus I wasn’t exercising.

Faster Way to Fat Loss Meal Guide

When you join The Faster Way to Fat Loss you get a meal guide sent to you every week that includes daily recipes and a shopping list.

I didn’t follow all of the meals because I don’t like to cook 3 meals daily. I’d usually choose my favorites for dinner and then have leftovers for lunch.

I’d make some hardboiled eggs and shredded chicken at the beginning of the week to have over salad for days that we didn’t have enough for leftovers.

For breakfast, my go-to meals were oatmeal (regular macro days) and eggs with bacon and guacamole (low carb days). I also had a lot of protein smoothies that were loaded with healthy fruits.

These are products that I used a TON during the faster way:

This food scale was especially helpful! I didn’t use a scale for the first few weeks and was just guessing at how much I was eating. I’m sure guesstimating is fine, but I wanted to know that I was doing things exactly right.

Faster Way to Fat Loss and Breastfeeding

FWTFL has modifications for breastfeeding and my coach also checked in with me. At one point, I noticed a dip in my milk supply and we adjusted my macros.

While I did notice a dip in my supply, I don’t think that it was a result of FWTFL, at allll. I just want to be completely transparant about everything!

In fact, when tracking what I was eating, I learned that I tend to chronically under eat. I have a pretty low appetite and get busy during the day and don’t make time to make proper meals for myself.

The Faster Way has probably boosted my supply, if anything.

Since I’ve stopped following the faster way, I am still having the same supply issues despite taking several supplements… but that story is for another day.

If you are breastfeeding, please don’t have any hesitations about doing FWTFL. If you’re really nervous, maybe do it with a shorter intermittent fasting window.

These are the supplements I use to increase my milk supply:

My Faster Way to Fat Loss Results

We all love a good before and after, right?

  • Energy: I’m gonna get cheesy for a minute… the BEST THING I gained from this program is that I got my energy back.
  • Belly Fat: The biggest difference I noticed in my body was in my stomach. I no longer looked 5 months pregnant.
  • Clothes Fitting: I am now fitting into *most* of my prepregnancy clothing!
  • Cravings: I struggle with sugar cravings when I’m breastfeeding and I finally felt like I had control over them and was craving healthier choices, such as fruit.

I mean, it’s amazing to lose weight and fit back into some of my clothes, but not having an afternoon slump is seriously amazing. I feel more energized than I have in a loonnnnggg time.

Weight: While I don’t normally track my weight, and the program encourages you not to track your weight, I recorded my stats anyways.

My Faster Way to Fat Loss Before and After

Pre FWTFL Weight: 147 pounds


Biceps: 12 inches

Thigh: 22 inches

Waist/Hips: 36 inches

Belly Button: 37 inches

2 inches above belly button: 35 inches

Post FWTFL Weight: 133 pounds.


Biceps: 9.75 inches

Thigh: 20 inches

Waist/Hips: 33.5 inches

Belly Button: 32 inches

2 inches above belly button: 30 inches

I lost FIVE inches in my stomach!!!!!!! I seriously cannot believe it and I hadn’t realized just how well the program was working until I compared my measurements and before and after pictures.

My before pictures were taken July 8th, and I didn’t take my after pictures until October 14th, and I definitely slacked off. Even so: the results are incredible.

I honestly think it’s such a testament to the program that the weight didn’t come right back when I stopped or indulged in some treats or missed workouts. Did I lose definition in my stomach? Yes, but my goal isn’t to be a fitness model!

My goal is to be HEALTHY and HAPPY and fit into my clothing!

Faster Way to Fat Loss Continuing On

So, am I still doing the faster way?

Once you complete the 6 weeks of FWTFL you will be automatically enrolled in the VIP membership, which is $80 per month. So if you don’t want to enroll in that, make sure that you CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP!

You will get plenty of notice. I got several texts and e-mails reminding me that I was going to be enrolled in VIP, so it didn’t seem sneaky at all.

I did 2 rounds of VIP, and now you could say I’m doing a waaayyyy modified version.

I am still mostly intermittent fasting and carb cycling (having 2 low carb days, Monday and Tuesday).

I am not tracking my Macros as I got completely burnt out on doing it every day. However, after following the plan for so long, I have a pretty good idea of what and how much I should be eating.

I will likely do another hardcore round of 6-weeks either after the holidays (if I feel like I need it!) or when I’m done breastfeeding.

Please please please, feel free to reach out to me with any questions! Sending me a DM on Instagram is probably the fastest way to get in touch with me.

I value my readers and community so much and would never pressure you guys into doing something that you didn’t have the budget for or that didn’t work, just to make a little bit of money myself.

If you are on the fence about this, I promise you… IT WORKS. If you have the money and can commit to 6 weeks, you will. not. regret. it.

2Sign Up For the Faster Way to Fat Loss Here

If you’re ready to take the plunge and make a huge difference in your physical and mental state, click below to sign up today!

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Saturday 5th of February 2022

When doing the faster way, do you do intermittent fasting every day? If so, did you continue I.F. every day after the six weeks? Thanks!


Saturday 30th of April 2022

Hello! I did do IF every day with FWTFL and continued it. I have recently simply been counting my macros and have read a few articles stating that IF doesn't really help you lose weight. Supposedly, if you eat the same amount of calories as someone who is not IF, the weight loss will be the same. The reason IF seems to work is because you have a shorter amount of time to eat, you will naturally consume fewer calories, which is truly the only way to lose weight. I'm not sure what to believe but I am leaning towards IF not really mattering too much.

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