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Getting Our House Ready to be Put on the Market

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YOU GUYS.  If you’ve never gotten a house ready to be put on the market, let me tell you… it is a LOT of work.  It pretty much meant that we did all of the minor repairs that we’ve been putting off since we became pregnant with twins (hint: that was over 2 years ago!).

Here are a few of the things that we did:

  • Had our kitchen ceiling repaired: it had some really bad patchwork from the previous owners.  This was the one thing we did that wasn’t minor, and was actually a big (and expensive!) project.
  • Resealed our driveway: we tried to find someone to do it for us, but couldn’t find anyone in our short time period, so Ben did it himself.
  • Painted our garage, porch swing, and the trim on the front of our house.
  • Landscaping: we had areas that we had been neglecting because we just have no time and it took an entire day for us to get our yard ready.
  • Paint touchup: kids bathroom, kitchen cupboards, and a few random spots around the house.
  • Molding:we had areas in our house that we still hadn’t put molding down. At least it will be ready for the new people haha!!.
  • Cleaning: while we do our best to keep our house clean, we have 3 small children who do their best to keep toys and crumbs everywhere.  We sent the kids to their grandparents for a few days and put all of the toys in the basement to get our house ready for photos.

Our house hit the market on Friday at 5:00 PM.  We put the kids down for their naps at 1:00 and RECLEANED everything and packed for our RI trip.  When they woke up at 4:00, I took them for a walk while Ben loaded our suitcases into the van.  We hit the road at 5:15 and received a call asking if they could show the house at 5:30!

Over the weekend we had 5 showings.  On Monday morning, less than 72 hours after it was on the market, we received and accepted an offer. Talk about incredible timing!  We knew it was a hot market in our neighborhood, but were still very surprised and relieved that it sold so fast.

Back in Ohio

We are now back in Ohio and are supposed to close on Friday, October 6th. Then the buyers will take posession on Sunday, October 8th.  We have under 3 weeks to pack up our house, have a massive YARD SALE (Ohio folks,  if you want any baby stuff, get in touch with me!), and say our goodbyes here.

The buyers requested that we have a few things repaired so we have had contractors in and out of our house and it’s been truly insane.

Thanks for following along on our journey.  Keep your eyes out for an update on update on our adventures in finding a new house!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.