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How to Create a Good Sleep Environment for Baby

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Creating the best sleep environment for baby is easier than you think, as long as you keep a few important keys in mind!

Chances are, when you found out you were pregnant you perused Pinterest and the Target aisles in search of the perfect nursery decor.

I know I sure did. I envisioned myself rocking my baby in an absolutely adorable nursery.

But guess what? Adorable nurseries don’t help your baby sleep.

Just saying.

But don’t worry, you can easily set up a good sleep environment for your baby to help get them sleeping well in their adorable nursery.

It requires a little bit of thought but it’s very easy to do.

Creating the best sleep environment for baby is largely dependent on the senses.

Think about how you sleep best? Not when it’s too hot or cold in your room or when you can hear a dog barking or cars beeping outside. Nope. The same is true for babies.

sleep environment for baby

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Make sure your baby’s room isn’t too hot or cold. Most sleep experts say to keep the room between 64-72 degrees. It can be tricky to figure out the temperature that’s comfortable for baby since they typically wear warm pajamas, are swaddled, and don’t have blankets on.

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Dark. A good sleep environment for baby is nice and dark. There are a few ways you can do this. If you can’t install blinds or curtains (or seriously need a cheap, quick fix) you can tape dark garbage bags or kraft paper over the window.

Depending on the decor of your room, you can install blackout curtains or blinds. We used these blackout curtains at our old house because the colors matched the kids’ rooms. We currently use cellular blackout blinds similar to these, but I’m pretty sure we got them from Home Depot. Or possibly Lowes. I honestly don’t remember.

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I highly recommend a white noise machine for your baby’s room. White noise is incredibly soothing for babies and it can help drown out the sound of your older children playing or the floors creaking in your 130-year-old house. *ahem*

Even if your house is going to be completely quiet when your baby is sleeping, I still suggest getting a white noise machine. Your baby is used to hearing muffled sounds in the womb, so the sounds will be comforting to them. Also, once you start using it, they will associate sleep with their sound machine.

With my first, I thought this was a bad thing. I didn’t want him to rely on anything to help him sleep. When our twins came along, I threw that concept out the window. They can have anything they want as long as they sleep. A pony will help you sleep? It’s yours. Sound machine? Not a problem.


The Dohm sound machine is pricey but is supposed to be the best of the best.

We have used the HoMedics sound machine for the past 2.5 years and they have worked great, except… one of them JUST stopped working this week. I just ordered another one though because the price is so low.

This travel sound machine is perfect for car rides or overnight trips.

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Distraction Free

If you’re going to hang a mobile above the crib, make sure it’s not too distracting. Flashing lights and bright colors aren’t a good choice and definitely don’t have it moving when it’s time for your baby to sleep. Keep toys out of the crib and don’t get one of those little toys that projects colors onto the wall.

You want as little stimulation as possible to help get your baby to fall asleep.

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Lastly, mamas, you must remain consistent. Don’t have a dark room one day and keep the blinds open the next. Use the sound machine at a consistent volume AND the same sound. You got this! Your baby WILL eventually sleep.

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