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How to Conceive Twins Naturally

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Most of the time, upon learning that I have twins, I’m met with unpleasant commentary. “Better you than me!” “You’ve got your hands full!” or “Double trouble!”

If I were to generalize, I’d definitely say that the general consensus (at least at the Target checkout line) is that twins are NOT something to try for.

However, I am told by the rare “Oh, I always wanted twins!” or “were you trying for twins?”

Trying for twins? What the what?

How on earth do you try for twins?

The question seems to have increased lately, so I thought I’d do a bit of research and write a super informative article on how to conceive twins naturally.

how to conceive twins naturally

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‘Natural’ Conception Vs. Fertility Treatments

First of all, let’s get one thing straight. Nothing I’m about to tell you is backed by science! Not one single drop of it.

There have been a few studies that ‘suggest’ certain things may increase your odds of having twins, and you know what? If you reeaallllyyyy want twins, it doesn’t hurt to try these methods!

The second thing we need to get straight is that it’s rude to talk about whether or not babies are conceived naturally. All babies are natural. This phrase will tick off a lot of the twin mom community.

So, why did I make it the title of my post “how to conceive twins naturally?”

Because I know it’s a common phrase that everyone will understand. When you read it, you will know I’m talking about how to conceive twins without fertility drugs or other fertility treatments.

So, what are you supposed to say?

Spontaneous. The PC way to say it is spontaneously.

Twins conceived without fertility treatments are considered to be conceived spontaneously.

The most common way to conceive twins is with fertility treatments.

I won’t get into too much detail about that, because the focus of this post is ways to increase your chances of having twins naturally (aka without reproductive medicine).

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How Twins Are Conceived

Before we get into ways you can boost your chances of having twins, let’s talk about how twins are conceived. The odds of a positive pregnancy test resulting in twins relies entirely on the mother.

It doesn’t matter how strong a man’s sperm is, it can’t force two eggs to drop. It just doesn’t work that way.

The process of conceiving twins is about the mother’s body either dropping two eggs at once or one egg that splits into two.

how to conceive twins naturally

Identical Twins

Identical twins are conceived when a single egg that has been fertilized by a single sperm splits into two.

It is completely random and there is no way to increase your odds of having identical twins that anyone can prove.

There aren’t even any old wives tales that I can throw at you!

No, if you want to actually try to have twins, you have to try for fraternal twins.

Fraternal Twins

Fraternal twins are conceived when two separate eggs are fertilized by two separate sperm at the same time.

Fraternal twins share the same amount of DNA as regular siblings… of course with the bond of sharing a womb and life together!

Interested in more information about identical vs. fraternal twins? Click to read!

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What Are the Chances of Having Twins

Twins account for about 3.35% of live births. The chance of having identical twins is even lower, at .45%.

The chance of having triplets or more is even less, at .1%!

So, what can you do to increase your chances?

How to Conceive Twins Naturally: Increase Fertility for Twins

how to conceive twins naturally

Here are all of the natural ways that you can increase your chances of having twins!

Taking Folic Acid Before Trying to Conceive

Folic acid supplements are essential to a healthy pregnancy, whether it’s a singleton or twin pregnancy.

Taking folic acid a month or so before you try to conceive can increase your chance of getting pregnant with twins.

Age: Advanced Maternal Age

The older you are, the higher of a chance you have for having twins. As my OB put it, the body gets sloppy, therefore it drops two eggs instead of one.

That was quite rude of him, but perceptive nonetheless.

A woman over the age of 35 has increased estrogen, increasing the odds of hyperovulation, or releasing multiple eggs at once.

Basically, our bodies get sloppy. Thanks, Dr. Teteris… eye roll.

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Consuming Dairy

There are studies that show that consuming a lot of dairy can be a fertility booster for twins.

Possibly due to all of the hormones fed to cows? I’m not sure.

how to get pregnant with twins naturally

Birth Control

Try to get pregnant right after you get off of birth control.

Your body will be going through a phase as it adjusts to hormones, and can you can likely hyperovulate and drop two eggs at once!

Body Mass Index

Some studies claim that heavier women with a higher BMI have a higher chance of having twins.

I mean, you’re going to be gaining weight with a twin pregnancy anyways, why not start early if you really want twins? (kidding…)

Taller women also have been shown to conceive more twins… but there’s nothing you can do in that situation.

Yams, Sweet Potatoes and Nigeria Cassava

Women who live in areas where yams, sweet potatoes, and Nigeria cassava are a staple in their diet conceive more twins. These are all considered to be food to increase fertility for twins.

Sweet potatoes are delicious, so it’s totally worth a shot!


For some reason, women of African-American ethnicity have a higher likelihood of having twins than any other ethnicity.

Family History

If you have a family history of twin births, then you have a higher chance of having twins. Obviously, this isn’t something you can control though!

But if the maternal mother or grandmother had twins, then it is likely that they pass down the gene of hyperovulating, therefore conceiving fraternal twins.

Twin mom with identical twin girls.

Sex Positions for Conceiving Twins

Are you wondering about the best position to get pregnant with twins? No, guys. Just no. This doesn’t work…. like AT ALL.

There is no sex position out there that can increase your odds of having twins. I have to draw the line here!

Key Take Away

  • The main foods to eat to try to increase your chances of having twins are dairy, sweet potatoes, cassava, and yams
  • No sex positions can help you get pregnant with twins!
  • Trying to conceive after you’ve just gotten off the pill can increase your odds
  • The older you are, the higher your chances are
  • Having twins on the maternal side can improve your chances
  • Higher BMI can be helpful for twin conception
  • Taking folic acid can help

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Sunday 10th of October 2021

What can I use to have twins


Wednesday 7th of July 2021

Want to conceive twins? Come to igbo-ora, oyo state of Nigeria. Igbo-ora have the highest rate of twins all over the world. A research show that the type of food they eat boost the fertility rate of conceiving twin at 90% rate. Still doubting? Search google for : igbo-ora, oyo state Nigeria.

Sandra Nkechi

Monday 8th of February 2021

I want a twins


Friday 7th of February 2020

This is not related to your post at all, but...your picture with you and your daughters in white dresses on the coast is breathtaking! They look just like their mother!


Sunday 9th of February 2020

Thank you so much!!! That is so sweet of you!

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