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How to Give Instructions to Your Toddler & Achieve Desired Results (BFBN guest post)

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Toddlers.  Need I say more??  They are so incredibly cute, but can be so difficult as they learn to assert their independence.  One of the most difficult aspects of parenting a toddler is to give them instructions and have them actually listen.  I have learned that this is a work in progress!

Struggling to get your toddler to listen? Here are several ways you can give instructions to your toddler and get desired results.

“Principle One: Expect a Response

This is our incorporation of “Yes, Mama/Daddy”, and it works so well!

Ezzo also keeps it real, by stating that yes we should have high expectations, but we also need to be realistic that we are working towards a goal of 100% compliance with our children. If we aren’t honest with ourselves on goals versus reality, frustration levels can rise. I always find this helpful to hear again. Our children are very capable, but that capability changes with age and experience.”

Read the full post, with four principles of instruction for toddlers, over at Katrina’s Blog, Mama’s Organized Chaos.

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