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Intentional Parenting: How our beliefs and goals shape our parenting decisions (BFBN guest post)

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Sometimes, as a parent, it’s hard to keep the big picture in mind.  We get so focused on survival: feed the kids, get them to where they need to be, make sure they’re sleeping, do some laundry, clean a bathroom, and on and on and on.  However, it is SO IMPORTANT to think about the big picture.  What are our goals and beliefs as parents, and how can we focus on them more instead of just focusing on survival?

How our beliefs and goals shape our parenting decisions.

I LOVE how Kim addresses these issues and provides insight into how we can focus more on how to achieve our parenting goals from understanding our beliefs.

“Both goals and beliefs are important in raising our children.  Beliefs are our intrinsic values.  These are things like what we view as right or wrong.  What do we place importance on and give respect to?  Things like honesty, compassion, kindness- these are beliefs.  Goals are what we want to achieve.  These are results that come from action.  Do you want your child to go to a certain college or enter a certain profession?  Do you hope your child is a vegetarian?  These two ideas- beliefs and goals- do overlap a lot, especially in the big things we want for our kids.  I think it is safe to say most parents want to raise happy, successful adults.  These fall into both belief and goal categories, so we need to be looking at both as we parent.”

Read the full post at Kim’s blog, Team Cartwright.

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