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Kids Christmas Party Activities: 35+ Festive and Fun Ideas

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I simply love everything about Christmas and I always have. Now that I’m a mom, making the Christmas magic come alive for my kids is EVERYTHING. Ugh. It’s just the best. If you also love making magical Christmas moments with your kiddos and are planning a kids Christmas party, you’ve come to the right place to find all of the fun and festive kids Christmas party activities!

Whether you’re a room mom helping your child’s teacher plan a Christmas party, or you’re hosting one in your own home, I have over 35 fabulous kids Christmas party activities to make your party a festive hit!

pinnable image for kids christmas party ideas. image includes children drinking hot chocolate in christmas pajamas in front of the fireplace.

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Kids Christmas Party Activities: Games

Entertainment for a kids Christmas party is a must. Here are some fun Christmas games that will get everyone in the holiday spirit!

Pin the Nose on the Snowman

This classic game never fails to entertain. Blindfold your tiny guests, spin them around, and see if they can pin the carrot nose on the snowman’s face! This game of Pin the Nose on the Snowman is super affordable and has great reviews.

Christmas Carol Charades

This is a great festive game for older kids. Write down Christmas Carol titles on slips of paper and throw them into a Santa hat. Party guests take turns picking out a slip and then acting out that song for a fun charade game. This is a fun team activity and a great way to inspire some camaraderie (as well as a little bit of competition!).

twin girls in christma outfits in front of the christmas tree

Ring Toss Around the Christmas Tree

Ring Around the Christmas Tree: You can buy the holiday ring toss games or set this up using some household items. Make it more exciting by setting up obstacles that the kids have to avoid when tossing the ring toward the tree or by moving the tree closer and farther away for different difficulty levels. Kids of all ages love the game of ring toss.

You can find the holiday ring toss here. Great reviews and affordable!

Santa’s Sleigh Musical Chairs

A fun spin on musical chairs involves placing the chairs facing one way in sets of two like Santa’s reindeer. Play “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “Run Run Rudolph” as kids move around the chairs until…Freeze! Who no longer has a seat? This is a great game for the classroom or large groups, as long as you have enough space and chairs.

Pom Pom Cup Toss

This easy game only requires cups and pom poms. Set ten cups up in the shape of a Christmas tree on each side of a table. Kids can take turns throwing pom poms from one side of the table into their opponent’s cups to see who can be the first person to get all of their pom poms in.

Snowman Bowling

Set up regular bowling pins and use white “snowballs” for a fun game, or splurge for a fun winter bowling set you can use every year. This is the perfect age for small groups as it may get a little rowdy so make sure there is some space around for when the pins go flying!

Christmas Cookie Relay Race

This fun activity from OT Toolbox involves a cookie tray of cookies, a spatula, and plates for the Christmas cookies. Kids on two teams will take turns running from a cookie tray on one side of the room while carrying a cookie on a spatula to the plate on the other side. The team who can carry all of their cookies to the plate first wins!

Don’t Ring the Jingle Bell Obstacle Course

 Childhood 101 Attach jingle bells to obstacles such as a hula hoop to crawl through, or a limbo bar easily made by putting a pool noodle across two chairs. Then challenge kids to make their way through the obstacles without ringing the jingle bells! The kid who can complete the course the quietest is the winner. This is a great gross motor activity for younger children.

Image credit: Childhood 101

You can get jingle bells here if you don’t have any already.

Christmas BINGO

One of my favorite kids Christmas party activities is an easy Christmas bingo game! Print off the bingo boards, pass out tokens or candy as markers, or get some bingo daubers! Call out the different symbols on the boards and watch the children get so excited as they get super close and then BINGO!

Grab your Christmas Bingo here!

Christmas Carols Freeze Dance

Crank up the Christmas carols and watch the kids have so much fun dancing to the music. Stop the music at random and see who can freeze the fastest! This is such a fun Christmas party game for the whole family.

Santa Says

A variation of Simon Says, this is the perfect game to help transition to another activity. Play for a few minutes and then say “Santa says move over to the craft table” or wherever you want them to go next.

Wrapping Paper Clothing Competition

kids christmas party activities: wrapping paper clothing activity

One Christmas season, my twin girls decided to make clothing out of discarded wrapping paper and tissue paper, and I thought it would be such a fun kids Christmas party activity, so I bookmarked the idea for later! This could be a fun competition and could be either a solo or a team game. You could make the winning team the one with the most beautiful outfit, or the first team (or first kid) to make a complete outfit.

Indoor Snowball Fight

If you want to win the award for best kids Christmas party activity, have an indoor snowball fight. You can grab this pack of indoor snowballs that are super soft and don’t make a mess. To make it EXTRA fun, turn off the lights and have the kids wear glow necklaces and put on a disco ball. You could even combine the games of freeze dance with the snowball fight and have the kids freeze when the music stops.

Catch the Gingerbread Scavenger Hunt

Hide a simple printout or plush gingerbread man before the party starts. Give out hints and clues as the party goes on or just wait until there is a natural lull and let everyone search at the same time. If you get a stuffed gingerbread man or a cookie then that could easily become the prize for the winner.

Kids Christmas Party Food

A great Christmas party with children should involve not only Christmas activities but also festive, Christmas party foods! I personally prefer to have easy Christmas snacks instead of a full-fledged Christmas dinner at my parties.

It’s a great idea to have an assortment of healthy snacks, finger foods, and, of course, holiday treats!

Cookie Decorating

kids christmas party food: christmas cookies

There’s nothing more perfect for your holiday gathering than decorating cookies! You can make this super simple by using a premade Christmas cookie decorating kit from Amazon or Target. An even better idea is to check with a local bakery because often they will do cookie decorating kits.

Another easy way to do this is to get premade sugar cookies and tubes of frosting, jars of sprinkles, etc. Whatever way you do it, the kids will love being able to have their own cookies to eat or take home!

Gingerbread House Building

Building gingerbread houses is a great way to bring about holiday cheer! This can get more intense than cookie decorating and might need a little more adult assistance or be better for older children. Getting a couple of gingerbread house kits can make this a bit easier. This could easily turn into a competition and would make for a great activity for groups to do together to build the best gingerbread house. The best part, of course, is sampling the candy during the process!

Hot Chocolate Station

kids christmas party food: hot chocolate station. kids drinking hot chocolate

Hot chocolate stations pair wonderfully with cookies! Your kids’ Christmas party will quickly be remembered with this DIY idea. Gather different types of hot cocoa and toppings such as candy cane or chocolate stirrers, whipped cream, marshmallows, shaved chocolate, mini marshmallows, and more to make this a decadent party experience.

Popcorn Chains for Christmas Trees

Popcorn chains are a great fine motor activity as well as a pretty Christmas tree decoration that kids can take home as a party favor. Set up bowls of popcorn along with thread and kid-friendly needles to make this an easy Christmas party activity combined with a yummy snack.

Make Your Own Reindeer Chow

snacks for kids christmas party: reindeer chow
Image credit: Dinner at the Zoo

Reindeer chow is a fun snack for the holiday season. Kids can make some to eat during the party and then bring some home to set out for Santa Claus to give to his reindeer! To make the reindeer chow station, set out a box of zip bags, bowls of each ingredient, a scoop in each bowl, and simple placards in front of each material. Here is a recipe for reindeer chow that I like to follow.

Veggie or Fruit Christmas Tree

snacks for kids christmas party: christmas tree fruit tray

An easy way to make some fresh fruit and vegetables more festive is to make a Christmas tree fruit or vegetable tray. There are so many ways you can do this! In this picture, I used green grapes and apples for the tree, oranges for the tree trunk, and berries as ornaments. To make a vegetable Christmas tree, simply use your favorite green vegetables such as green peppers, cucumbers, and broccoli.

It’s great to have some healthy food options and my kids love fruit and veggie trays!

Snowman Pudding Cups

kids christmas party food: snowman pudding cups
Image credit: Glued to My Crafts Blog

Snowman pudding cups are a cute and festive Christmas party snack that kids will love! Draw snowman faces on individual vanilla pudding cups with black and orange Sharpies. You can also make a big batch of vanilla pudding and scoop it into individual clear plastic cups.

Reindeer Rice Krispy Treats

kids christmas party food: reindeer rice krispy treats
Image credit: Five Heart Home

Turning everyday snacks into fun-themed treats is one of my favorite kids Christmas party activities! Reindeer Rice Krispy Treats are such cute Christmas treats and a delicious and festive addition to your kids Christmas party.

String Cheese Snowmen

snacks for kids christmas party: snowmen string cheese
Image credit: No Biggie

With all of the Christmas cookies and candy your kids are sure to consume, it’s nice to get some protein into them! These snowman cheese sticks are so cute and festive and a bonus is that even picky eaters love string cheese!

These also make perfect classroom Christmas treats for all of the holiday classroom parties!

Watermelon Christmas Trees

snacks for kids christmas party: watermelon christmas trees
Image credit: One Handed Cooks

Healthy Christmas snacks are a must for a kids Christmas party and you can’t go wrong with watermelon. These healthy holiday treats are perfect for your Christmas parties but are also super fun for an after-school snack at Christmas time.

Strawberry Santas

kids christmas party food: strawberry santas
Image credit: Pink Fortitude

These Strawberry Santa Hats make fun Christmas snacks that are perfect for your holiday party! They contain healthy ingredients but are also such festive treats, your kiddos will love them!

Snowman Christmas Cheeseball

kids christmas party food: snowman cheeseball
Image credit: Eating Richly

This traditional cream cheese cheeseball is turned into a fun Christmas food idea by making it in the shape of a snowman.

Banana Santas

snacks for kids christmas party: banana santas
Image credit: Bright Star Labels

The perfect healthy snack for your kids Christmas party: a banana slice with strawberry hat for the santa hat. This is also such cute food for a class party or an after-school snack! The only downside is that you can’t make them too far in advance or the banana slices will turn brown.

Food Collection Box

The Christmas season is all about the joy of giving. Focus on giving back at your Christmas party by having a collection box. As guests enter they can place in their donations to fill it up! You can reach out to a local church or food bank to see what their needs are.

The book Saturday at the Food Pantry is a great book to read to go along with that activity.

Kids Christmas Party Activities: Crafts

The best part about doing crafts as an activity during your kids Christmas party is that they double as party favors! Your guests will be delighted to take home their festive Christmas crafts.

Countdown to Christmas Paper Chains

kids christmas party activities: christmas countdown paper chain
Image credit: Pieces From My Heart Blog

Get out your scissors, tape or stapler, and red and green construction paper. It’s time to make paper chains! You can precut the construction paper to make it an easier activity or have the kids cut the strips if they’re old enough. Count down the days until Christmas from your party date and each kid can take home their countdown!

Ornament Making Station

Set out a few examples of ornaments, and a bunch of supplies, and let the kids make whatever ornaments their hearts desire! I have several Christmas ornaments listed below, so use them all for an ornament-making station.

Pipe Cleaner Beaded Wreath Ornaments

kids christmas party activities: beaded ornament

A fun and easy Christmas craft is pipe cleaner beaded ornaments shaped like wreaths. All you need is Christmas-colored pony beads and pipe cleaners. This is super easy for kids of all ages!

Popsicle Stick Reindeer Ornaments

kids christmas party activities: reindeer ornament
Image credit: The Kindergarten Connection

Hot glue popsicle sticks ahead of time to make this ornament a super simple activity. Glue the popsicle sticks into a triangle with the edges slightly crisscrossing so the top two corners look like antlers. Then kids can attach googly eyes, a red or brown pom pom nose, and they have a reindeer for their tree!

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornament

kids christmas party activities: christmas tree ornaments
Image credit: Bubbles and Belly Laughs

My kids LOVE making these Christmas Tree ornaments because they can be as creative as they like. You can make them pretty and festive with pipe cleaners, pom poms, sparkle paint, and so much more.

Snowflake Beaded Ornament

kids christmas party activities: beaded pipe cleaner ornament
Image credit: The DIY Mommy

Twist a few pipe cleaners together to form a snowflake and kids will love threading beads on them to finish the snowflakes. You can twist the ends over the last beads to keep the beads from slipping off.

These winter-colored pony beads are perfect for this ornament!

Christmas Card Station

This is the easiest of all the kids Christmas party activities. Just get out paper and a bunch of coloring supplies and your party guests will love making their own Christmas cards! Christmas stickers, markers, crayons, glitter, and more can be added to make this as festive as you wish. I like to add a board with some sayings they might not know how to spell such as “Merry Christmas.”

Paper Plate Elf Hats

kids christmas party activities: paper plate elf hat
Image credit: Red Ted Art

These easy paper plate elf hats will be a hit if you include them as one of your kids Christmas party activities.

Stocking Decorating

I always like to grab the little felt stockings that are left over during the after-Christmas clearance sales or grab some from the dollar store. Kids can decorate these with markers, foam stickers, glue glitter, and more. The mini stockings are fun to hang on their trees once decorated.

You can also grab this 20-pack of mini stockings on Amazon.

Candy Cane Reindeer

kids christmas party activities: candy cane reindeer
Image credit: One Little Project

These candy cane reindeer are so cute! They are an easy and fun craft and candy canes also make excellent party favors.

Easy Kids Christmas Party Activities

Everyone wants to have “that house” that all the kids want to hang out at because they have the best snacks or the most fun. Include these kids Christmas party activities at your next holiday event and you’ll be well on your way!

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