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Moms on Call 6 Month Schedule: Beckham’s 6 Month Update

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This is Beckham’s 6 month moms on call schedule and an update for his 6 month of life from September 17th to October 17th. 6 months is SUCH a fun age! I think I say that every month though, haha! But seriously, watching your baby learn and do new things is so exciting and it seriously makes you feel like your child is a genius. Beckham is my fourth baby

6 month old baby on a milestone blanket

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What to Expect With a 6 Month Old Baby

6 months is such a fun age! Beckham has always been a super happy and smiley baby and was a delight at 6 months.

The biggest change at 6 months old is that you should start solids if you haven’t already done that! We started solids at this time as I prefer to wait to introduce solids right around the 6 month mark.

In this post, you will read about our experience introducing solids and following the 6 month schedule through Moms on Call.

If you’re unsure what moms on call is, it is a baby care book that helps you get your baby on a solid routine and teaches you how to help them establish good sleep habits.

I have followed both the Babywise and Moms on Call books with all 4 of my babies and cannot recommend the books enough! My babies were all taking solid naps by 2-months and sleeping through the night (12 hours) by 12-14 weeks.

6 Month Old Moms on Call Schedule Overview

Our schedule during the 6th month was nearly identical to the 5-month schedule. There was one big difference though and that is that we started solids!

  • Your baby will hopefully be sleeping 10-12 hours at night
  • Your baby should be on or close to a 4-hours schedule
  • Solids should be introduced this month if they haven’t been already
  • Your baby should still have 3 naps
  • The first 2 naps should be 1.5-2.5 hours (ours were 2 hours… full schedule below!)
  • The 3rd nap is a cat nap and should be 30-60 minutes
  • Baby may be ready to work on sitting unassisted
6 month old baby being held up in front of the ocean

Moms on Call 6 Month Schedule

6 Month Baby Schedule

  • 8:00: Nurse
  • 8:30: Solids (ripe avocado blended with water or breastmilk)
  • 10:00: Nap
  • 12:00: Nurse, awake time
  • 2:00: Nap
  • 1:00: Nurse, awake time
  • 2:00: Nap
  • 4:00: Nurse, awake time
  • 5:30: Catnap (usually lasted about an hour)
  • 6:30: Awake time, bath, or a quick wipe down
  • 7:00: Nurse and bottle supplement
  • 7:30: Bedtime!

6 Month Old Baby Sleep Tips

If your 6-month old baby is not sleeping well and you’re reading this post about my baby sleeping through the night and taking solid naps, it might be frustrating to you.

Please don’t let it frustrate you or make you feel like you did anything wrong or that there’s something wrong with your baby. Babies are all different!

But if your baby is not sleeping through the night at 6 months, now is the time to troubleshoot. As long as your baby is healthy and growing properly, they don’t need nutrition in the middle of the night.

The most important thing you can do is have a consistent wakeup time and a consistent bedtime!

Then, follow an eat, wake, sleep schedule throughout the day.

6 month old baby boy wearing blue overalls sitting on the couch

Should You Consider Sleep Training?

That is a personal question, and personally, I would absolutely consider sleep training. Not only do YOU need sleep, but your BABY needs sleep as well. Trust me. I have had babies who have slept and babies who haven’t slept and they are so. much. happier. when they sleep.

When you think about sleep training, you might associate it with the cry it out method. However… sleep training does not have to involve crying!

If you are ready to sleep train, I have outlined 5 different sleep training methods and which one is right for you, in this post –> 5 Popular Sleep Training Methods Explained.

6 Month Old Baby Eating

The AAP now recommends that babies start solids at 6-months, but really, any time between 4 and 6 months is fine. We have always pretty much stuck to the guidelines and started solids closer to 6 months.

There is also the debate of whether or not you should do baby-led weaning or purees. We ended up doing a myriad of the two!

With Beckham, we started offering a few spoonfuls of purees after he turned 5 months old and he definitely wasn’t ready for them.

We started again a few weeks later (just before he turned 6 months old) and it went much better. Don’t forget, food before one is just for fun… babies really need breastmilk or formula during their first year of life. If they aren’t interested in solids, definitely keep offering them but do NOT let it stress you out if they aren’t interested.

I started Beckhaon solids the same way I started with the older 3. I blended up some ripe avocado blended with water and some breastmilk.

As they get used to solids and the consistency, I gradually make it thicker and add some baby oatmeal cereal to it.

My goal is to get them to table foods as soon as they are ready for it. By 9 or 10 months my babies are mostly eating the same foods as we are just cut up very small. Obviously, if we are eating a salad or other foods that are too hard or crunchy, we don’t give that to them, but if it’s soft enough, they get it!

6 month old baby boy in highchair

Baby Led Weaning Vs. Purees

I know that baby-led weaning is all the rage right now and personally it just wasn’t for us. I had heard that it was so much easier than purees and that truly just wasn’t the case for me!

With purees, I can make a big batch and freeze it in little cubes and simply thaw one every morning. Super easy! With baby led weaning, since everything needs to be cooked (other than certain ripe fruits such banana and avocado), that means cooking for every meal unless I happen to be making something for the entire family that was also baby friendly.

So while we did SOME baby-led weaning foods (banana, eggs, sweet potato, avocado), I mostly stuck to purees for the first month. I was able to give a better variety of food this way as well.

As Beckham became used to solids, I was able to give him more and more options that were small pieces of finger foods.

There is really no best method for starting solids (although some people have very strong opinions on what is *best*). Just find what works for your family and go for it!

Our Feeding Schedule at 6 Month

I have always started my babies on solids by giving them breakfast right after their morning nursing session.

After a week or so has passed, I will add solids for lunch. I don’t add in dinner until the catnap has been dropped and we are on a solid 2-nap schedule.

It is very important to continue to offer formula or breastmilk BEFORE solids. Solids should be an addition to the meal, not a substitution. The liquid feeding should always come first until your baby is ready to be transitioned off of breastmilk or formula and have straight table foods. This doesn’t happen until at least one year.

The solids should be offered pretty soon after they are done nursing or taking a bottle. If you wait an hour it becomes a separate meal instead of an addition to the meal and then they could end up wanting to eat every hour.

6 Month Old Baby Milestones

6 months is such a fun age!

By now your baby could be doing the following things:

  • starting to sit unassisted or with support (you can start by propping them up on their hands)
  • they may be starting to scoot or crawl
  • lots of babble and baby talk
  • respond with smiles when you talk to them
  • rolling both ways
  • passing toys from one hand to the other
  • teething: your baby could have their first tooth at any time!

Beckham was working on his sitting skills and was sitting confidently by the time he was 6 months old. He was not starting to crawl or scoot at all and we were still doing plenty of tummy time!

Looking for some fun baby toys? Check out my favorite baby toys in this post!

Beckham continues to be loved and cherished by his brothers and sisters! We also took our first family trip as a family of 6 this month. We didn’t go that far… just to the Lake Placid area which was about a 5-hour drive. There were a few days where he skipped his 3rd nap or had a shortened morning or afternoon nap, but we did our best to get him to bed early and he was fine.

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Tuesday 11th of April 2023

Hello! The schedule's timing seems to be off that you posted. You have 12:00: Nurse, awake time 2:00: Nap 1:00: Nurse, awake time 2:00: Nap

Just thought I would let you know unless you were showing different options. This page is so helpful! Thank you!


Sunday 5th of December 2021

How did you change desired wake time?

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