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Our Beach Day at Beavertail State Park

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Every time I write personal posts, several things hold me back. I know my life can sometimes resemble a circus, but it’s really not that interesting. I know that. Who will want to read about everything I do? Well… I will. My husband. Our children. We’re gonna want to read about everything when we’re old and wrinkled. My current favorite saying is, “These are the days I never want to forget.” No idea who it’s by, but I love it.

I don’t want to forget these days when my children are tiny and scrumptious and my husband is freaking handsome as heck. I’m sure he’ll just get more handsome with age though because men seem to age better than women. #notfair.

ANYWAYS. Let’s get to it then. Beavertail state park is one of my favorite places in Rhode Island. There’s a lighthouse with gorgeous views. We’ve never actually gone up in the lighthouse because we’re too busy exploring outside. There are rocky, wooded, grassy trails along the cliffs. There are a couple of steep, narrow paths that you can take down to the water, and if you can make it down safely, you have your own private oasis. It’s glorious. I always feel as if I’m on some tropical, deserted island.

We’ve taken our kids on the trails before but never down the hill *cough* cliff. It’s kind of slightly a little bit dangerous. But, if you can make it down the side of the cliff, you have your own private beach!  We had been talking about it all summer and finally decided to go for it. Ben and I are both fairly athletic and strong, and I have done things like this since I was a child, so I very confident that we could do it.

I would NOT suggest doing this if you’re not in shape or are unfamiliar with the terrain. My mom was going to join us and after I climbed down I called her and was like uhhmmm, you should probably stay home. We picked my sister up on the way and after we parked, Ben ran ahead with some of our stuff to drop it off while Bonnie and I put sunscreen on the kids (this is my favorite sunscreen and I absolutely love this sunscreen stick for their faces). Ben wanted to race ahead because there are only a few (I think 2) little beach areas and they’re so small that once someone is down there, nobody else will join.

Once he came back, we headed down. I went down the cliff first, and then Ben came after me with Margo in a baby Bjorn (we have the original ones). The girls are definitely above the weight limit for the baby Bjorn so we didn’t use them to fully support them, just as an added precaution.

This is the little cliff we climbed down to have our own beach. That rope is what we used to climb down. Pictures don’t do it justice!

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Once he dropped Margo off, he went back up and did the same thing with Josie. For Theo, he just had him wrap his arms and legs around his body and hold on tight. I stood at the bottom for every child just in case they fell. After all of the kids were down, Bonnie came down last. I’ll also add that we couldn’t do this without a 3rd adult because we needed one person in the beach, one person at the top, and one person transporting the children.

Ben climbing down the rope ‘ladder’ with Margo.

The only downside was that the tide was high so there was hardly any dry sand. It was mostly wet sand and full of rocks and shells. Luckily the kids love collecting beach treasures, and we had chairs and blankets to sit on.

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This is pretty much what relaxing at the beach with kids usually entails! Haha!

The kids absolutely LOVED exploring the rocks and little caves.


Theo climbed up here (with assistance) and he looked so tiny up on the huge rock. I climbed up with him and we a really sweet moment. He said “mommy, I like being up here because I can see lots of beautiful things. I want to stay here forever.”

Later in the day the clouds rolled in, but we still had a lot of fun. We had to leave shortly after lunch anyways to get home for the kids nap.


Words can’t describe how beautiful this place is and how much we love exploring together as a family!

We can’t wait to go back next summer and hopefully make this an anual tradition.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.