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Essential Potty Training Gear for Twins and Multiples

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Is it time to stock up on potty training gear? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Potty training is fun, right? What could be more fun?! Potty training twins and multiples! Yup, potty training more than one child… at the same time! Every parents dream come true…

Take lots of deep breaths. Stock up on wine and ice cream (for you!) and lots of treats and stickers as rewards (for the kids!)

In all honesty, I put off potty training for a long time. I had some big life events happen that added to my reasons to delay and my twin girls are both incredibly stubborn and strong-willed.

Once I finally started potty training twins (I do have lots of tips!), it was even harder than I anticipated.

Ha. You thought I was going to say the opposite, didn’t you! To be fair, I think it has more to do with the personality of my girls than with the fact that there are two of them. But be warned: it is a lot of work.

Before you get started, it is essential to have the right supplies. I’ve got you covered! Here is all the essential gear for potty training twins and multiples.

potty training gear

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Potty Chairs: At Least Two

The best potty chair for potty training multiples: a potty chair that looks like a real toilet!

Yes, you 100% want one potty chair per child. It is a benefit if they are the same potty chair, but it isn’t necessary. We have two different potties because one is from potty training our older son and I couldn’t find it again.

I thought having different potties would be a problem, especially since both girls use the same one, and I almost bought a third seat so we could have two of the same kind.

However, they quickly realized that when we told them it was time to use the potty, whoever got there fastest got the preferred potty, and that ended up working in our favor!

The Summer Infant My Size Potty is hands down everyone’s favorite. I love that it isn’t an eyesore and actually looks cute in our bathroom.

It has a handy splash guard in the front for potty training boys and nice storage area in the back you can use to store flushable wipes.

I think my girls love the potty chair because it looks like a real toilet. The size is perfect and they are very comfortable on it! Definitely an essential piece of potty training gear!

Potty Training Books for Kids

Books about potty training are essential. The earlier you start reading them to introduce the concept, the better!

I suggest getting multiple books out from the library to see which ones your children like the best. You can also take them to the store and let them pick out their very own potty book!

Here are my favorite children’s books about potty training:

Potty Seat

Even though you have two potty chairs, it is a good idea to have a potty seat as well. Eventually, you want to get rid of the potty chair and just use a potty seat on the toilet.

This potty seat is awesome because it actually stays on the toilet, making it easy to clean and you don’t have a potty seat hanging out on your bathroom floor when it’s not in use!

Step Stool

We have two step-stools, one on each floor. The kids share and it’s worked fine for us! They take turns washing their hands if they use the potty at the same time.

It’s not a bad idea to have two steps stools if you have the space in your bathroom though! We don’t 🙂

Step stool for potty training multiples or singletons


You obviously will need some big kid undies! A question I have been asked frequently is do twins share underwear, or do they each get their own special set? Do they get unique patterns or colors?

We did what we do with all of their clothing: shared underwear. If you have boy/girl twins, you might do something different, as they have different fits.

My concern with them having their own individual underwear was that one would end up having more accidents and run out and not want to share with her sister.

So far they have shared all of the same clothing, socks, jackets, and seem to enjoy doing so, so we’re doing the same thing with undies.

I got them each one set of Paw Patrol undies that are pretty thin and cheap, and I have no problem throwing in the trash if we have a bad poop accident!

I also got them each a set of better quality underwear and was lucky to find a set that included both of their favorite animals!

Flushable Wipes

Flushable wipes for potty training multiples

While the goal is to eventually use toilet paper, it’s nice to be able to use actual wipes in the beginning. These wipes are flushable and get the job done!


For you AND the toddlers! It’s hard work and you both deserve a reward! I suggest having the reward be something small, such as a sticker or a single chocolate chip.

We use Annie’s bunny cookies or raisins. Sometimes organic m&m type candies, but they are expensive! For poop in the potty, we give a Lollipop.

Potty Chart: No

WE DID NOT USE A POTTY CHART. I literally just put it on here so that I could tell you not to do one. I mean, I guess it depends on your the personality of your twins, but mine tend to get competitive.

I didn’t want any visible proof of one doing better than the other.

Whew! There you have it! Gather up this essential potty training gear and you will be 100% ready to potty train your twins or multiples. You got this, mama. Just imagine how awesome it will be to stop buying diapers!

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