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Spring Bucket List: Spring Break Activities for Toddlers

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Ahhhhh, Spring is in the air! Can you feel it? Yeah, neither can I. We got our biggest snowstorm of the winter last night… and were supposed to be getting more snow tomorrow. We actually haven’t gotten very much snow here in Rhode Island where we live, which obviously means that the heavens will open up and drop pounds of snow on us in March.

After February is over, we start to get stir crazy. I just want to be OUTSIDE and so do my kids! While we get outside as much as possible during the winter, as soon as the weather is warm enough, we are outside every single day.

Spring Break Bucket List for Toddlers: Printable bucket list of spring activities for the whole family! #spring #springactivities #toddlers #toddleractivities

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This year, I thought it would be fun to make a Spring Bucket List and check things off as we do them! It will give us things to look forward to on the last cold days, and I can make sure to find books to read about the spring activities we’re going to do. (Stay tuned for a roundup of our favorite Spring books!!)

We won’t be traveling during school vacation this year, so we will need lots of things to do on spring break.

Spring Bucket List

Create a DIY Bird Feeder

I am going to make something similar to this cookie cutter bird feeder. Toddlers love animals and I just know my kiddos will be so excited to watch the birds!

Visit a Farm

This one will probably have to wait until mid-April, but it is going on our list! Spring is the perfect time of year to visit a farm and see the baby farm animals.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Go on a nature scavenger hunt! This can be done at home in your backyard or at a nature park. You can either just search for them, or bring a basket or bag and collect things to check them off your list. The ideas are endless.

15 Spring Activities to do with Toddler Twins: A roundup of fun spring activities to do with toddler twins! Printable incuded! #twins #spring #springactivities #toddlers #toddleractivities

Paint Rocks

My kids love painting rocks. I’m not entirely sure why it’s so much more fun than painting on paper, but they love it! You can paint rocks that you collect on your nature scavenger hunt! Woot woot!

Garden Work

Your whole family can help prepare a garden bed. If you don’t have a garden, perhaps buy some inexpensive planters and plant some flowers or herbs. I know my kids have a blast playing with dirt.

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Splash in Puddles

This will inevitably happen. It doesn’t have to be on a list for kids to splash in puddles, right? But there is something really special about telling your kids to get on their rain boots and going for a walk to splash in puddles. If you’ve never done it, you have to do it this spring! Pure. Joy.

Feed Ducks

Find a duck pond and feed the ducks! This was one of my favorite things to do as a child.

Have a Picnic

Eating outdoors is one of the best things about summer, so why not start early! Pack up a picnic lunch and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

Spring Break Activities for the Whole Family: Spring break bucket list that the whole family will love! #spring #springbreak #springactivities #familyactivities

Blow Bubbles

I usually put bubbles in my kids Easter baskets, so this is a perfect spring activity us!

Draw With Chalk

If chalk drawings bother you, don’t worry! There will be plenty of rain to wash it away!

Dye Easter Eggs

I’ll definitely keep this activity ready for a rainy day. Make that a rainy WEEKEND day, so that my husband can be home to help out with the chaos. This is a good family spring break idea.

Spring Cleaning

This may not be the typical idea for a spring activity for toddlers, but start them young, right? My children love to help clean and I like to get them involved as early as possible.

Visit the Zoo

After a long winter, going to the zoo for the first time is so much fun!

Pick Up Trash

You can find a park or road in your neighborhood that has trash and pick it up. It’s a great opportunity to teach children about the importance of taking care of our earth and doing our part to help the community.

Wash a Car

It’s finally warm enough to wash the cars! Grab a bucket and some sponges, and scrub away

Spring Bucket List Printable

I even made a pretty printable bucket list for you guys! You can Pin it for later, screenshot it, or print it out! Your kiddos will love checking things off the list as the weather gets warmer.

Printable Spring Bucket List for the Whole Family! :#springbreak #springbucketlist #bucketlist #printable #springactivities

There are so many things to do in Spring! What are you most looking forward to?

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