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Our Summer Beach Pictures- Family

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We met our photographer, Melissa, during a mini Christmas photo shoot we did last year. I love mini shoots because 1. they’re affordable, and 2. they’re short. By the time my kids start melting down, it’s time to go. If they act a total fool or end up gashing their head open and dripping blood down their face during the photo shoot (true story), I won’t feel like we’ve wasted a ton of money or time.

You can find Melissa’s information here: Melissa Lacouture Photography

During our Christmas mini, my children pretty much ran circles around the studio. But you know what? She still managed to get some really great pictures of my sweet little cherubs. A photographer who can get pictures of 3 kids, 3 and under, where nobody is closing their eyes, picking their nose, or running away? You know that’s a winner.

Ever since we moved back to Rhode Island, I’ve been wanting to do a family portrait session on the beach. I finally convinced (*cough* forced *cough*) my husband that we had to do summer family photos on the beach, and I started planning our family photo outfits. Our first attempt was in June, and it got rained out. Our second date was in July, and it was super cloudy. Ugh. You know when you’re so excited about something but it keeps not happening and you start to become less excited about it? Yeah. That was me.

We found a date in August and that day was mostly cloudy, approximately 99 degrees, and 8,000% humidity. Margo also had a fever but was acting totally fine. Melissa asked if I wanted to reschedule and I debated, but summer was nearing an end, and I really wanted pictures. Not to mention all of the time I’d sent planning our coordinating outfits.

We got to the beach and it was hot, humid, and incredibly windy. The curls instantly fell out of my hair and I started sweating. Whatever, man.  I had pounds of candy to bribe my kids with because not only do they hate having their pictures taken, but they love playing on the beach. I knew it would be hard to contain them because they’d want to run around and explore.

We have so many great pictures that I divided them up into our family pictures and then photos of just the kids.  Be sure to let me know in the comments which ones we should print out and frame, and check back tomorrow for the photos of just the kids!

When you have as many small children as I do, it really helps to embrace the candid photos. Our pictures are far from perfect. Some of them you can see my kids eating their candy. Many of them they’re not looking or making a weird face. That’s where the candid photos are amazing… when they’re running and laughing/playing, you get really great, natural smiles and very few weird faces. Haha!

We did our session at Second Beach in Middletown. There are so many great beaches in Rhode Island that it can be hard to choose! We could do a different beach every summer!

I love how these turned out! The kids are being goofy and Ben and I are just rolling with it.

I mean, how perfect are these pictures! Pure joy on their faces.

And then they started running actual circles around us. We could have tried to force them to come back and pose with us, but instead we embraced their innocence and joy.


Not the best photo ever taken of me, but I love the way Ben is looking at me. A whole lot of love and a little bit of “I’m still halfway mad you’re making me do this.”

Be sure to check back later for the rest of our photos of just the kids. There were way too many pictures for one blog post! And I need help narrowing down the best ones to frame.  Help me out!

P.S. You can follow our adventures over on Instagram <3


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.