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The Physical Effects of Grief

The Physical Effects of Grief

Before I experienced my father’s sudden death I had never really thought too much about the physical effects of grief and loss. I mean, I knew that losing a loved one would be awful, but I didn’t ever realize the toll it takes on the body. How would I know? It’s not something you can …

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The Worst Day of My Life

I have many days tied for the best day of my life; the day I met my husband, the day we married, the day each of our children was born. But there is really only one day that I can say was a truly terrible day. The worst day of my life. The most terrible …

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My Father’s Eulogy

The services for my father are over. Well, mostly over. His wishes were always to be cremated and to have his ashes spread at the beach at Napatree Point in Watch Hill where he grew up. It’s the beach that he kept his boats at when he was younger. We still need to scatter his …

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