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Temper Tantrums and the Happy Heart Rug (BFBN guest post)

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Temper tantrums… something that every parent in the world has experienced.  It would be nice if there was one method that worked for every child, however, there isn’t.  Not only do children handle things differently, but, in my experience, it can vary tantrum to tantrum what works for that child.How to handle temper tantrums

Today, Carrie is blogging about 1 way that she handles tantrums for all 3 of her children.

“One of the suggestions the author makes for how to handle tantrums is isolation and this is typically how we handle it with the big emotions in our home. With our kids, we have seen tantrums start to really appear around the 15-18 month mark. When they are that little up through probably age 3, we address this by using what we call the “happy heart rug”.

We use the term “happy heart” a lot in our house. Because we do want to teach our kids that they can CHOOSE to have a happy heart. Specifically in regards to obedience. We teach them to obey “Right away, all the way, with a happy heart”. Most tantrums happen in this obedience cycle. You ask your child to do something that they don’t want to do so they throw a fit.”

Read the full post over at Carrie’s blog, Wiley Adventures.

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