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The Best Beach Toys for Toddlers: 25+ Epic Finds

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Nothing says summertime quite like beach days, full of sun, sand, and salt air! An unhappy, bored toddler can ruin a perfectly good beach day in just a few seconds, but having the best beach toys for toddlers will prevent that from happening!

Well, toys to keep them entertained, and lots of snacks. Don’t forget the snacks.

As a mom of four, raising beach babies in a seaside community in Rhode Island, I have been through lots of beach toys. Some have been great and some have been not so great!

So I thought I’d round up a list of the best beach toys for toddlers, but I’ve also thrown in a few of my personal favorites that my older kiddos love as well.

One thing to keep in mind is that simple is often better. I really dislike the big toddler sand toy sets that come with a million pieces that are going to break or get lost.

I much prefer a few simple, colorful beach toys that are good quality and will last a long time.

Pinnable image of the best beach toy for toddlers and kids.

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The Best Beach Toys for Toddlers: Trucks and Cars for Sand

I have had four toddlers (two girls and two boys!) and while they have had their differences in personalities and preferences, they have all had one thing in common: they love trucks, cars, construction vehicles, and anything that moves!

When it comes to the beach, they are definitely some of my favorite beach toys for toddlers. They keep them entertained and having fun!

Green Toys Dump Truck

Green Toys makes fabulous toys for toddlers that are sturdy and heavy-duty. This dump truck comes in the pink/purple color that I have shown, and also in a classic red and yellow version.

It is on the pricier side for a toy truck but if you’re looking for something that’s high-quality and will last through multiple children, this is it.

Construction Toys, Digger, and Loader

I absolutely love these little construction toys! I originally got them for our toddler, Beckham, to play with in our sandbox at home.

They are one of his favorite toys to bring to the beach! They are easy to clean sand off of and have held up well.

Hape Beach Sand Monster Digger

This little digger has heavy-duty wheels and a scoop that’s the perfect size for scooping up sand and making sand castles!

Cat Toys Official Dump Truck

A dump truck is THE quintessential sand truck to bring on your beach trip. This one is a bit bigger than the green toys dump truck, but still small enough to justify bringing it to the beach.

It has heavy-duty dump truck tires (anyone else read this to the tune of little blue truck?) and resembles a real Cat Construction dump truck.

John Deer Toddler Sandbox Vehicle Set

We have such a good time with this John Deere set that we actually have two of them! One we keep inside and one is reserved for sand toys.

They are a perfect set for younger children to enjoy scooping and dumping sand.

B. Toys Wavy Wagon with Sand Toys

I am going to be honest… I LOVE this wagon, and my toddler loved pulling it through the sand last year. However, I am not the biggest fan of the toys that come inside of it. They are just simply OK.

However, I included it on the list as I do love the wagon, and if you’re just looking for one set of beach toys without piecing together individual buckets and shovels, this one will do.

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The Best Beach Toys for Toddlers: Beach Buckets and Shovels

If you could only bring one beach toy set on your beach trip, it would HAVE to be buckets and shovels. They are so much fun for toddlers but kids of all ages love to dig holes and fill buckets with water.

They are so much fun for the whole family!

Collapsable Sand Bucket

We have used many, many, mannnyyy beach buckets over the years and I will never again purchase a bucket other than these. Every beach bucket we’ve had in the past has only lasted a season, at most.

Sometimes they don’t even last that long, and crack halfway through summer.

But these buckets are made out of silicone, so they are sturdy and durable and will last a long time. We have now had these for over a year and they are still in wonderful condition.

PLUS, they collapse for easy storage.

Sand Scoops

Forget those cheap little plastic shovels that break and can hardly scoop any sand. These sand scoops are made of durable plastic and are strong enough to dig a hefty hole or quickly fill up a sand mold!

While they aren’t as strong as the big shovels I’ve listed below, they are perfect for little hands, or if you don’t have space to bring giant shovels on your beach trip.

Heavy Duty “Big Kid” Shovel

These shovels are so much fun! Since they are too large to fit in a beach bag, I tell my big kids that if they want to bring them, they are responsible for carrying them!

Their favorite thing to do with the is to dig a trench that fills with water and creates a little shallow pool close to the ocean’s edge for their toddler brother to play in.

As the waves come closer, the trench will fill with water and they all squeal in excitement as their “pool” fills up. It’s precious.

Hape Power Paw

My kids met a friend on the beach one day who had this toy. They loved it so much that I got it for their Easter Baskets the following year.

It is a fun toy to dig with or to make patterns in the sand. It has been a lot of fun and it’s an affordable find!

Kids on beach with the best beach toys for toddlers.

The Best Beach Toys for Toddlers: Sand Castles And Sand Molds

Collapsable Silicone Beach Bucket with Sand Molds

If you want beach toys for your toddler that are functional, fun, and will also fit in with your Instagram aesthetic… these are for you.

The bucket and molds are both made from silicone so they won’t crack or break and they will fold up nicely. The sea animal molds are adorable and lightweight, perfect for little hands!

Sandcastle Beach Buckets

Sand castle molds are a perfect gift for a summer birthday or the first day of summer!

They are fun for older kids and younger kids alike. We have had these sand castle molds for over a year and they have held up really nicely!

Hape Castle Walls Sand Shaper

We have so many sand toys, but we don’t have these sandcastle wall molds and I am strongly considering getting them for this summer!

We go to the beach so often, can we really ever have enough fun toys for the beach?

imaginative play

open-ended play

Hape Master Brick Layer Brickbuilder Sand Toy

Hape Ice Cream Shop Sand Set

Most small children LOVE imaginative play. We have an indoor ice cream shop toy from Melissa & Doug that has always been one of my kids’ favorite toys and I know they would LOVE this ice cream shop sand mold.

It is also only $8 (at least while I am writing this blog post!) so it is definitely worth purchasing!

Melissa and Doug Sand Cupcake Playset

This cupcake playset is another wonderful toy to inspire creativity and open-ended play for your toddlers! It has cupcake molds that you can fill with sand to bake in the sun and serve to your friends!

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Toddler on beach with the best beach toys for toddlers.

The Best Beach Toys for Toddlers: Water Toys

Water toys are beach essentials and make your beach day extra fun! Many of these will also double as pool toys.

Toddler Goggles

These are fantastic goggles for children! They have an antifog coating, and they are easy to adjust without getting caught in hair.

You will no longer have to dread when your child asks you to adjust their goggles because these are a breeze to adjust!

Kids Fishing Nets

One of our favorite beach activities is catching crabs! We catch them and place them in a bucket of cool water for a little bit, before releasing them back into the ocean.

It turns any beach day into a science class and my kids love it!

Watering Can

Watering cans are perfect for outdoor play at home, but they are an especially fun beach toy!

My kids have always loved filling their watering cans up at the beach and “watering” the sand.

Foam Water Blaster

A beach day isn’t complete without an epic water battle, especially on hot summer days!

These lightweight water squirters are easy enough to refill that your toddler can do it on their own! Let the battle begin!

Be warned, since these are made out of foam, they are NOT durable and break pretty easily.

Reusable Water Balloons

Another way to conduct a water battle is with these reusable water balloons. Regular water balloons are obviously a terrible idea to use on the beach, as the little pieces get everywhere and could contaminate the ocean.

These, however, are pure genius. We have used them at our house and I love that they don’t make a mess, and we can reuse them over and over. They were easy enough for my toddler to use, and the whole family had fun using them!

Hape Rain Shovel

This toy is new to us this year and so far, we have only used it once, but it was a huge hit.

It is the PERFECT beach toy, as it can be used for both sand and water. My kids used it as a shovel, to dig holes, and loved the rain feature.

It’s truly a great, versatile toy, and at only $5, you can’t go wrong!!

Toddler Boogie Boards

These little kickboards are the PERFECT size for toddlers! My kids love floating on the water with them and learning how to boogie board… with LOTS of adult supervision, of course!

Kids on beach talking about the best beach toys for toddlers.

The Best Beach Toys for Toddlers: Beach Balls and Throwing Toys

Tossing a ball is one of the best ways to improve hand-eye coordination for toddlers and it is such a fun activity for older and younger children alike.

Waverunner Water Proof Football

My oldest is now 9 and tossing a football on the beach is one of his favorite things to do.

I think it makes him feel set apart from the younger kids, but I love that it’s keeping him active and burning energy. This waverunner football is truly awesome and exceeded my expectations!

It is waterproof and has a grip-it texture, making it easy to catch even when it’s wet.

Melissa and Doug Crab Toss Game

This ball toss is a classic and I have fond memories of playing this game on the beach as a child!

It is the perfect starting game for toddlers who haven’t quite mastered the art of catching. Just stand close enough and toss the ball directly onto their crab mitt!

Active Flyers

These flyers are truly super easy to throw and catch!

Just be warned, they do fly super high, so make sure you have enough space around you to play!

My kids absolutely love these, but we lost two of them at the beach when my daughter tossed them too high and they flew up into the beach dunes and we couldn’t find them.

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