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The Best Easter Outfits for Twins: 25+ Egg-cellent Matching Sets

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Ah, Easter. Chocolate bunnies, egg hunts, pastel colors… and most of the time, a special event of some kind. Whether it’s for a church picnic or a family gathering, most parents expect to dress their kids in something special for Easter. And when it comes to Easter outfits for twins, well, your pickings definitely aren’t slim!

Whether you prefer to dress your twins up the same or choose coordinating outfits (such as contrasting colors in a similar style) there’s a cute Easter outfit out there for you. And if you have boy/girl twins, no problem! There are plenty of matching sets geared toward a brother and sister!

If you’re on the hunt (no pun intended) for Easter outfit ideas for twins, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve rounded up some great ideas for boy, girl, and boy/girl twin babies and toddlers that are cuter than baby bunnies and chicks combined!

Disclaimer: post contains affiliate links.

My Favorite Easter Outfits for Twins, Siblings, and Families

Janie and Jack

My absolute favorite place to buy Easter outfits is from Janie and Jack! They are on the expensive side but the quality is great and they are gorgeous. This year, they have an amazing Easter collection as well as a fantastic seersucker collection! If I could, I’d buy everything from there, that’s how much I love their clothes!

Here’s an example of how trendy and adorable their kids’ clothing lines are:

Photo courtesy of Janie and Jack

The photo above is from their Destination Easter collection which has outfits for newborns all the way up to tweens! There really is something trendy and stylish for everyone, perfect for a formal Easter gathering, Easter brunch, or Easter Sunday at Church.

Here are my favorites from Janie and Jack this season!

Old Navy

Photo courtesy of Old Navy

If Janie and Jack is a little out of your price range (understandable, especially when you are shopping for twins!), my favorite, more practical place to get Easter outfits is from Old Navy. Old Navy is the perfect place to get mommy and me dresses or matching outfits for the entire family.

Here are my favorite Easter Outfits for Old Navy this year!

Pinks: I love that all of Old Navy’s colors look good together so you can mix and match the pink gingham with the floral and the bright pink.

Here’s an example of the different styles of pink together.

Green and yellow: The greens and yellows that Old Navy has this year are so cute and perfect if you want something a little bit less feminine than the pink option. The only downside is that they don’t have any options in the collection for men/boys but anything white or navy would look great with the greens/yellows.

Hope and Henry Via Amazon

I have loved the Hope and Henry brand from Amazon for a long time now and it appears that they are gaining popularity and are now being sold at Target as well!

Here are my pics from Hope and Henry for Easter:

Photo credit: @anniemescall via The Children’s Place

Lastly, for trendy styles that can carry you through the summer, be sure to check out the Easter Collection at The Children’s Place. The colors are brighter and there are tons of styles to choose from.

Easter Outfits for Boy and Girl Twins

Boy/girl twins can sometimes be the most difficult to shop for in stores because boy and girl styles don’t always match up. However, that is not a problem when looking for ideas online! There are tons of super cute boy/girl twin Easter outfits, or outfits listed as “brother/sister” that would be perfect for twins!

easter outfits for twins boy and girl
Photo courtesy of

These personalized boy/girl twin outfits are sunny and fun! I like that they contrast but are obviously a matching set, just like your twins! These are also made with 100% cotton, ensuring that they’re breathable and comfortable for sensitive baby skin.

easter outfits for twins boy and girl
Photo courtesy of

I love how simple yet adorable these matching baby Easter onesies for twins are. There’s also a bunny tail on the back that can be easily removed so the outfit can be worn with pants. Still, how cute!

easter outfits for twins boy and girl
Photo credit: Urban Cub

If you’re looking for unique Easter outfit ideas for twins, these boho-style outfits are stylish yet simple, making use of light, spring colors while still keeping the palette neutral! Just because they’re twins doesn’t mean they have to be dressed exactly the same; but there’s no denying that these outfits are made to compliment each other!

Photo courtesy of

For a classic, springtime look, these matching seersucker Easter outfits for boy girl twins are perfect! Plus, you can personalize them! And aren’t those bunnies adorable?

Photo courtesy of

If you’re looking for something more casual, these twin Easter baseball shirts for a boy and a girl are the way to go! Simple yet festive, and perfect for a backyard barbecue or low-key picnic!

Photo courtesy of

For another classic look, these cute matching Easter outfits for boy and girl twins make the perfect pair! They’re available in different festive patterns, and the dress also comes in a romper style ideal for a baby girl.

Photo courtesy of

If you’re a fan of Americana style, these brother sister Easter outfits would make a great choice for an Easter picnic (and maybe even a Fourth of July picnic later on down the road!)

Photo courtesy of

These gingham boy/girl twin spring outfits are versatile enough to be worn throughout the spring and summer months, but there’s no denying how much they’d fit an Easter theme!

Photo courtesy of

These simple monogramed outfits for twins are cute and casual, a great choice for a warm Easter weekend or even a visit to the beach!

Photo courtesy of

For a classic, vintage look, check out these matching plaid twin outfits for a boy and girl featuring those soft Easter pastels!

Photo courtesy of

If you have little, little babies, formal outfits may be out of the question. Fortunately, these cute “My First Easter” onesies for boy and girl twins are festive and sweet!

easter outfits for twins boy and girl
Photo courtesy of

Light and spring-y, these monogrammed Easter outfits for twins are perfect for a family picnic! I love the embroidered rabbits that tie it all together.

Photo credit: OshKosh B’Gosh

For some more Easter outfit inspiration, check out these stylish toddler sets from OshKosh B’Gosh! You can find these outfits and more on the OshKosh website. Mix and match pieces to create the perfect Easter styles!

Photo courtesy of

Last but not least, if you want to get the whole family in on the fun, why not try some matching family Easter outfits? These would be awesome for some Easter morning photos!

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Easter Outfits for Girl Twins

Dressing up your twin girls in matching dresses is traditional and fun, but if you want something unique, there are lots of other fun styles to choose that are perfect for twin sisters! Here are just a few great ideas!

These are the Hope and Henry dresses my twin girls wore for one of our last photo shoots and that I might dress them up in again for Easter with these cardigans from Lilax! The dresses and the cardigans both come in different colors so you can mix and match or get two of the same!

Photo credit: Debbie’s Kids Boutique

For a classic look, these matching Easter outfits for twin sisters are sweet and old fashioned but still look unique from each other!

easter outfits for twins twin girls
Photo courtesy of

And these pink and yellow outfits for twin girls are an ideal way to dress your twins differently while still making sure they match!

Photo credit: The Frilly Frog

A cute and pretty Easter clothing idea for toddlers, mixing and matching these pink cherry dresses and skirts would make excellent twin girl outfits! I love that they have a matching pattern but are still different.

easter outfits for twins twin girls
Photo courtesy of

For a more formal gathering, these classy pastel pink Easter dresses for toddler twin girls are simple and gorgeous!

Photo credit: Debbie’s Kids Boutique

Another classic option, this matching Easter outfit romper and dress set for twin girls is frilly, sweet, and lovely!

easter outfits for twins twin girls
Photo courtesy of

I love the contrasting colors on these monogramed gingham dresses for twin girls! Very sweet and the perfect color scheme for an Easter picnic in the park (or any Easter event, really)!

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Easter Outfits for Twin Boys

It’s very common to dress up little boys in miniature suits for Easter (which is adorable, of course!) but I’ve included a range of options for twin boys, especially when they’re little babies!

For Theo’s first Easter, I dressed him in a simple white polo, khakis, and a clip-on tie from my favorite Etsy shop, Little Gentleman. I seriously love this shop so much! The quality is fantastic and they are so gorgeous. They have so many colors and options for both bowties and neckties. If I had twin boys I would 100% put them in coordinating little bowties.

All of these colors and patterns are available in both neckties and bowties so be sure to check them all out here: Little Gentleman Etsy Shop.

easter outfits for twins twin boys
Photo credit: Best Dressed Tot

If you’re looking for great formal outfits for Easter, these adorable seersucker suspender sets would be perfect for twin boys! Love the dapper, old-fashioned look!

Photo courtesy of

For another fun, casual option, these matching Easter t-shirts would be great for toddler boy twins!

Photo courtesy of

And if you’re a fan of puns, then you’ll love these funny Easter t-shirts for twin boys!

Photo courtesy of

These striped seersucker outfits for twin boys are light and cheerful, especially with the embroidered rabbits and cute personalization!

Photo courtesy of

Neutral and cozy, these cute bunny ear rompers for twin boys are ideal for little babies or if you’re expecting a colder Easter!

Photo courtesy of

Last but not least, these matching twin outfits for boys are in a similar style but have enough differences to feel unique. Available for 3 month olds all the way up to 3T!

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that the weather in the spring is often unpredictable. There might be rain or a chill in the air depending on where you live, so be sure to plan accordingly with a cardigan or light jacket… and if you’re going to be outside and care about shoes, avoid light colored ones!

Easter is a fun time for families and especially for kids. Whether you have a formal event to attend or a casual family picnic, enjoying the springtime weather and celebrating with friends and loved ones is the hallmark of the season.

And of course, any excuse to buy cute outfits for the little ones is a plus, especially a major holiday! Hopefully, these Easter outfits for twins gave you some great ideas to start with, or you were able to find the right Easter outfit for your next event!

Do you have a favorite twin Easter outfit or matching outfits for siblings? Feel free to share them in the comments! Happy Easter, everyone!

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