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Top 20 Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

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It’s summertime, which means it’s time for fun in the sun! And when you have toddlers, you want the best outdoor toys for them to play with. Especially if you’ve got twins or siblings to entertain!

As a child, I lived for summer days and I love that as a mom I can continue the summer fun with my children. While many days are spent adventuring at the beach (here is my list of what to bring to the beach with toddlers) and park, we also enjoy good old backyard outdoor play.

My kids will happily play with some cups, shovels, and dirt in our garden bed. I love that they don’t need special garden toys for toddlers to be happy.

However, when I do bring out the outdoor toys for kids, it is just about the best summer day ever. They will stay outside for hours! Here I’ve rounded up the best outdoor toys for toddlers.

best outdoor toys twins

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Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers: Twins or Siblings

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for an Easter basket or summer birthday, or just looking to find some fun outdoor games, I’ve got you covered.

Since I have 3 children (twins plus one) having toys that they can play with TOGETHER is essential.


We have this Little Tikes digger sandbox and it has been hands down one of the best purchases we’ve made.

All 3 of my kids adore playing with it! Another great choice is the Step2 Play Sandbox. I am a big fan of sandboxes with lids so when it rains the sand stays dry. Some sand tables don’t have covers, so watch out for that!

It’s also nice if you want a break from the sand (let’s say you have twin toddlers who won’t stop eating it), you can put the cover on and be done with sand play.

Trucks for the Sand

Since the digger sandbox comes with a built in digger, I suggest buying extra trucks to use as sand toys so that everyone can have one. If they still need help (younger toddlers most likely will) then you can set the timer and have them take turns with the big digger.

best outdoor toys toddlers

Water Table

Water tables are hands down one of the best outside toys for toddlers. My twins have endless amounts of fun filling toys with water and dumping them out.

We have owned both the Step2 Spill & Splash (pictured below) water table and the Step2 Rain Shower water table. We had the first one before we moved and ended up leaving it behind and I hated the thought of buying the same thing, so we tried a new one.

The Step2 Rain Shower water table has a plug to let the water out, while the other one doesn’t. It’s not the end of the world to dump the water out, but it is a nice perk to not have to!

I don’t have any pictures of my kids playing with the Step2 Rain Shower water table yet, but it is a ton of fun and has a few more things to do.

best outdoor toys for toddlers

P.S. Can you even handle how CUTE they are???

Kiddie Pool

I have a love-hate relationship with inflatable pools. On the one hand, my kids love them. On the other hand, I hate having them sit around my garage. I purchased this pool for my kids to use this summer.

It is a pretty basic and inexpensive pool. Since we live close to the beach, I plan on spending lots of days at the beach so I didn’t want to invest in a fancy pool. I can always buy one later on this summer if I feel like we want to have more pool days at home.

Another super fun outdoor toy is an inflatable water slide! You can click here to read more about the best inflatable water slides.

Best Outdoor Garden Toys for Toddlers

Garden tools for toddlers are so much fun. They love to play in the dirt and ‘help.’

This Green Toys Watering Can is safe for toddlers and is a fantastic price! Perfect for an Easter basket.

How much fun does this Garden Wagon and Tool Set look?

These Garden Wagon and Tool Set come with a tote bag, gloves, and a really cute little book about gardening.


If you don’t feel like filling up the pool or the water table, a sprinkler can provide endless amounts of fun. This Melissa and Doug sprinkler is the perfect toy if you don’t have a garage or place to store outdoor toys.

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best outdoor toys toddlers

We got Theo a radio flyer trike for his 2nd birthday and now our two-year-old twins, Josie and Margo have them. We love that they have handles so we can take family walks in the summer and the little ones feel like they’re “big kids” on a bicycle. Balance bikes are also very popular, but we have never tried them.

Best Outdoor Toy Play Sets for Toddlers

Picnic Table

Eating outside is one of our favorite summertime activities. Our kids are too small for our patio table, so I purchased this picnic table for them.

I really wanted to get a pretty wooden one, but wanted one that I could fold up and store in the garage in the winter. It is durable, easy to clean, and folds up flat so we can store it during the winter months. Winning all around!

Cozy Coupe

My kids go crazy for any kind of ride in a car! They love to drive them and also push each other around in them. They are a huge hit! I will say that we only have one of these types of cars, so they do fight over them.


We have a swingset at our new house, so we left our Little Tikes Slide behind. It is a great toy for toddlers and my kids all loved it! It also can be used indoors which is a great perk.

Jungle Gym

Climbing is fun for toddlers plus it works their gross motor skills.

The Step 2 Panda Climber has a really fun slide and the platform is large enough for toddlers to play on together. This Step2 Sports Climber and Slide has a climber, side, and basketball hoop. It’s perfect for kiddos who enjoy an outdoor game of basketball.

Play House

My kids looooooove our playhouse. We have an old one that was given to us by a neighbor, but it has been perfect. They come up with endless things to do out there.

One of their favorites is to throw balls through the windows, run out and get them, and repeat it over and over.

This Kidkraft Modern Playhouse is the perfect outdoor toy for twins because it has a little picnic table that’s just the right size for two children. If you have more than 2 though, it won’t work!

This plastic playhouse by Step 2 is a better price and is very sturdy. It’s also big enough for several children to play in together.

The Playtime Patio has a sand table, water area, toy grill, sink, and lots of other fun features.

Other Awesome Outdoor Toys for Toddlers


These Daball Toddler Soccer Balls are perfect for kicking and toss games. They are excellent for developing hand-eye coordination and are soft enough that your little ones won’t get hurt if they get bonked in the head with it. Bonus, they come in a huge selection of animal patterns.

Sidewalk Chalk

I love this jumbo sidewalk chalk because it is a fantastic price and comes with a container to store it in!Some parents love ball pits and play tents for outdoors, but I personally don’t like them to play outdoors. The balls end up blowing away and making a huge mess and the tents aren’t very sturdy.

So there you have it, my top 20 best outdoor toys for toddlers! What are your favorite toys for outside play? Drop them in the comments! We love trying new things!

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best outdoor toys toddlers
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best outdoor toys toddlers
best outdoor toys toddlers
best outdoor toys toddlers
best outdoor toys toddlers

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