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The Best Spring Books for Toddlers

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Spring is such an exciting time for toddlers and preschoolers.

It’s getting warm enough to play outside; bugs and insects are emerging, things are growing and sprouting, and animals are having babies.

Do you remember the excitement of spotting a birds nest as a child?

Not only is Spring full of FUN, but there’s so much to learn as well.

I have a roundup of the best spring books for toddlers that you can read on all of the rainy days…. because since it IS Spring, there will be a lot of them.

This is really two book lists in one, since I have Easter and Spring books.

I put a book in my children’s Easter baskets every year, and I usually do a combination of Easter and Spring books.

I try to stick mainly to Spring books because it encompasses a longer time period… but Easter books are so fun!

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The Best Spring Books for Toddlers

Little Blue Truck’s Springtime: Alice Schertle

The Little Blue Truck books are some of the best board books for toddlers.

My kids do enjoy this book, but it is definitely not as good as the other Little Blue Truck books, unfortunately.

It is best for young toddlers or even babies. It is a lift the flap book, and although the illustrations are great, it has no storyline, unlike the other Little Blue books.

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Springtime Babies: Little Golden Book

The illustrations in the book are absolutely

It’s Springtime on the farm, and it’s so much fun to see which animals have had their babies!

This is one of the sweetest little books about spring you will find.

Welcome Spring: Little Scholastic

This is a perfect springtime book for younger toddlers.

It’s not too wordy and the pictures are bright and fun.

It is a touch and feel book, so your toddler will love interacting with it.

It also covers the different senses you experience through spring: sight, touch, hearing, smell. It’s a wonderful book!

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Baby Loves Spring: Karen Katz

Karen Katz lift the flap books are true classics. This one is just as delightful as the rest!

Mouse’s First Spring: Lauren Thompson

We love the Mouse series!

This is a cute little story about Mouse heading outside with his Momma.

Mouse notices that things are different- there are flowers and a warm breeze and leaves are turning green.

Mouse is so happy that Spring is finally here! It will definitely make your little one excited about all of the outdoor activities they can do in Spring.

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Let It Rain: Maryann Cocca-Leffler

This book is a great overview of Spring for toddlers!

It goes through everything exciting that comes with all the rain that Spring brings.

From planting gardens to sprouting flowers, birds chirping and leaves budding, your little one will begin to look for and notice Spring all around them!

Planting a Rainbow: Lois Ehlert

While this is a board book, it is also great for older toddlers and preschoolers.

The story is about a child planting a garden with their mother.

The bright colors and simple sentences will keep younger ones entertained, while preschoolers will enjoy learning how a garden grows. It’s a great one to read with children of different ages!

Maisy Grows a Garden: Lucy Cousins

My children have been hooked on Maisy books since reading Maisy’s Digger.

Any book series that has a book dedicated to diggers and my children are in love.

This book is an interactive lift-the-flap book that has the readers help Maisy with all of the tasks involved in planting a garden.

This is a wonderful book to teach little ones how plants grow.

The Little Gardener: Jen Gerardi

This is another adorable lift-the-flap book that helps toddlers understand how gardens grow.

The pages are a bit thin, so if you have a younger or rough toddler, I would recommend supervising the lifting of the flap.

Lola Plants a Garden: Anna McQuinn

This book will inspire your toddler to want to make a garden!

In this book, Lola checks out books from the library about gardening and then helps her mother plant a garden.

They choose their plants and put the seeds in the ground and then wait and wait. Lola has a hard time waiting, which is a great lesson because the seeds finally bloom!

When Spring Comes: Kevin Henkes

This is one of our FAVORITE books about Spring.

We checked it out of the library last year, and I will probably get it for an Easter basket this year. It is a very charming and simple explanation of winter transitioning into spring.

An example is an illustration of the trees looking like black sticks against the sky in winter. When the snow melts and it warms up, flowers and leaves appear!

The pictures are wonderful and the text is simple and easy to follow.

Spring is Here

This book is made up of simple pictures and text with bright, colorful images that’s perfect for the 2 and under crowd.

It’s comprised of mostly 3 and 4-word sentences, so it’s easy to follow along even for those with a short attention span.

The Best Easter Books for Toddlers

We’re Going on an Egg Hunt: Laura Hughes

This book is based on the classic “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.”


A group of bunnies sets out on an egg hunt, but there are many things in their way. It’s a great way to build excitement for Easter Egg hunts.

This book is one of our favorites!

Happy Easter, Mouse: Laura Numeroff

The “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” series is a favorite in our house!

This board book is a great little Easter story that teaches colors as well.

Mouse goes on an Easter egg hunt, with a surprise at the end when he discovers WHO is hiding the eggs! This is an excellent book for a toddler Easter basket.

The Great Easter Race: Sesame Street

You can’t go wrong with the gang from Sesame Street!

This book is so stinking cute. It’s full of Surprises as they see who will win the Easter Race.

The typical Sesame Street fashion, the storyline is all about friends working together and showing kindness.

Llama Llama Easter Egg: Anna Dewdney

This book is very short and simple, so perfect for babies and younger toddlers. My children LOVE all of the Llama Llama books.

This is a book about Llama llama and his friends going on an easter egg hunt, with a special surprise at the end!

Count On the Easter Pups

If your toddlers like Paw Patrol (and I haven’t met a toddler who doesn’t!) then they will love this book.

This is a cute little board book that also teaches counting.

While I don’t particularly like it, one of my children got it in their Easter basket last year and they all fight over it, so it’s definitely a hit!

Duck & Goose: Here Come’s the Easter Bunny: Tad Hills

Duck & Goose is one of my favorite series for toddlers! They are so sweet. T

his book is one of the shorter ones in the series and the storyline is a bit lacking. But my children loved it as toddlers, so it’s on the list!

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