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The Best Toys for Toddler Twins

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Teaching your twins to play together and learn how to share is important during the toddler years. Twins are prone to fighting over everything. Buying two of everything isn’t always an option (and honestly, doesn’t even prevent them from fighting, anyway). The best toys for toddler twins are the ones that they can actually play with together. 

Whether you’re looking for gifts for twin toddlers, the best toys for siblings or just want to set your kids up for success learning how to share, I’ve rounded up the best toys for you.

best toys for toddler twins

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The Best Toys for Toddler Twins

Train Table

Toddlers love trains! We haven’t had a single child come to our house who hasn’t played with our train table, both boys and girls. It is the number one most played with toy from all 3 of our children!!

And I love that all 3 of my kids can play with it together. It’s the perfect toy for siblings. Sometimes they need help deciding who gets which train (read: need help means they are fighting and I threaten to take them away if they can’t figure it out).

Play Kitchen

If our train table is our number one most played with toy, our play kitchen is a very close second. Play kitchens are a fantastic toy for child development. It promotes creative and imaginative play, and they are big enough for several children to play together at once.

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Tea Set

If you don’t have the space for a play kitchen, play food is just as fun! This is a great gift idea. My children love having pretend picnics and pretending to feed their animals.

My twin girls got this tea set as a Christmas gift when they were two and they absolutely love it. It is a perfect joint gift because it comes with four cups. They have never once fought over the teapot, and actually, love taking turns to pour tea. Shocking, I know!

Mega Blocks

Mega blocks are great for building fine motor skills. Tip: when playing with any sort of blocks, give them each a basket or box (old amazon boxes for the win!) and divide them up between your twins. That way there is no fighting over

The Best Toys to Promote Sibling Sharing: toys that siblings can actually play with together instead of fighting over, or buying two of everything. You will love this list! #siblings #toys #toysforsiblings #playbasedlearning

Magnetic Blocks

These are the generic version of magnatiles. They are half the price and the quality is amazing. We have a 100 piece set and when all 3 kids play with them, there is some scrambling over who gets what pieces. This is mainly because Theo is 5 and likes to build more extravagant things, requiring more pieces. I think a 100 piece set is absolutely perfect for twin toddlers.

Easel for Two

How absolutely perfect is this?? We have a single easel, and honestly don’t have space in our playroom for another one, which is such a bummer.

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Gigantic Step and Play Piano

 This was a birthday gift for my girls on their third birthday, and it is a huge hit. They love to dance on it, and it’s great for getting out some energy when we’re stuck home on rainy or cold days. It’s big enough for all 3 of my children to play with it together.

Think Fun Roll and Play Game

Games are the perfect way to teach sharing and taking turns, which is essential for twins to play well together. Most games are too difficult for toddlers, but this one is perfect. I love this game so much, I can’t say enough good things about it!

There’s a big plush cube that the children take turns rolling. They then select the color card that they have rolled. The cards have different things for them to do: bark like a dog, make a happy face, spin around, do a silly dance, etc. My kids have an absolute blast with this game.

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Animal Sets

We love love love the Boley animal sets. This one I’ve linked to is a set of mommy and baby animals, but they also have regular animals and dinosaurs. We have all of them! There aren’t two of each animal, but there is such a variety, that we haven’t had any issues.

Tip: If your twins are fighting over the same ones, have them take turns choosing an animal. We have to do this with paw patrol pups.

Double Swing

Note: you can only use this swing if you already have a swingset with a space to put it. Our swingset came with it, and it is the perfect swing for twins, so I included it!

Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower

This lookout tower is big enough for children to play with together, but I won’t lie, my girls do NOT like sharing this. For this reason, we usually reserve it for independent playtime. My girls are both incredibly strong-willed and they can play with this together when I sit with them and remind them of our sharing rules.

Doll House

This exact dollhouse was one of Josie and Margo’s Christmas gifts last year (they were 2 and 10 months). It has been a huge hit! They love working on their home decor skills, as it comes with a great variety of furniture. It is huge. Seriously. They can’t even reach the top floor, which is fine, because there is still plenty of space for them (and Theo!) to play together.

Water Table

I have an entire post dedicated to the best outdoor toys for children, but I had to include this here because water tables are the perfect sharing toy. Seriously, you can’t fight over water!

Fisher Price Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark is perfect because it comes with two of each animal! Just whatever you do, make sure you don’t lose any.

Activity Table

These activity tables are another great option for older babies and younger toddlers. We actually took the legs off of ours when our girls were toddlers because they would try to climb on top of it. It was much safer on the floor!


This is another great rainy day movement activity! Your kids will love taking turns crawling through this tunnel. I love that it folds up flat and can be easily stored away in a closet.

I hope this has helped you out if you’re looking for the best toys for twins! All of these items are perfect, unique gifts for twins first birthday.

Let me know if you have any questions, and if you find a toy that is great for twins, please share so that I can add it to my list!

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The Best Toys For Twins to Play Together: A round up of a twin mom's favorite toys to keep her twins entertained without fighting. It's tricky to find toys that you don't have to buy two of, that twins can actually play with together. #toddlers #toddleractivities #toys #twins

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