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7 Things All Babywise Moms Know to be True

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There are many different parenting styles out there, and I happen to follow the Babywise method pretty strictly. There’s always room for flexibility, but it works so well for our family, so I’m pretty passionate about following it! In my 4 years of being a Babywise mom, I have spoken to many other Babywise moms. I find it so amazing to have a common bond with these moms, despite all of our differences. Today, I thought it would be fun to share my observations over the past few years, of 7 Things All Babywise Moms Know to be True.

There are many different methods of parenting out there. Babywise mamas are all so different, but also have a lot in common with each other! Read on for things all Babywise moms know to be true.#babywise #momlife #parenting

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1.  Bedtime is Early

By 7:30 PM, my kids are in bed. I receive a lot of flack for putting them to bed so early, especially in the summer. If it’s a holiday or there’s a special event going on, sure, they can stay up a (tiny) bit late. Other than that, bedtime means bedtime!

2. We Don’t Mess With Nap Time

Naptime is sacred in our household. My oldest, Theo, is 4, and occasionally won’t be tired enough to take a nap. He still goes into his bed for rest time… ever. single. day. If a non Babywise parent asks us to do something during naptime, I know they may not understand how important naptime is to us.

3. The Schedule is Everything

When my twin girls were in the NICU, they were on a 3-hour-schedule and it gave me so much peace. They came home from the hospital already on a schedule and it made my life so much easier. (You can read more about our schedule for newborn twins –> here.) Once our babies are on a good, solid schedule, everything else falls into place!

4. Our Children can Play Independently

Thanks to Independent Playtime, our children learn how to entertain themselves. They have fantastic play skills which results in happier children and a happier mom!

5. Eat Wake Sleep

Eat, wake, sleep is something we could recite in our sleep. It is one of the main principles of Babywise.

6. We Are Accustom to Judgment

We know that Babywise is a controversial subject. Yet it works beautifully for our family, and we do our best not to mention the “B” word around other moms unless we know that they are Babywise moms!

7.  We Are Accepting

I am in several general Facebook groups for moms. Whenever a controversial subject is broached, it gets heated! Many moms are passionate about what they believe and seem to think that their way is the only way.

Out of all the Babywise groups I’m in and all of the Babywise moms I’ve had the pleasure of talking to, they have all been so accepting. Whatever controversial subject comes up, it is generally accepted that each mom will choose the best path for their family.

Do you follow Babywise? If not, what is your parenting style? Let me know in the comments!

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