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“Your Hands Are Full!” and Other Things Twin Moms Hear

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things twin moms hear that we get a little tired of!

It wasn’t long into my twin pregnancy when I realized that people are fascinated by twins. I mean, that’s not a bad thing, right? It can catch you off guard when you see two people who look alike.

The relationship between twins is fascinating and I often wonder what exactly is going through the heads of my twin girls. Since I am curious, it only makes sense that other people are curious about twins as well.

However, there is a very thin line between friendly curiosity and downright rudeness.

I believe that people have good intentions, and don’t set out to ask inappropriate questions, but it happens so frequently that I thought I’d put together a little PSA.

Sometimes having my kids out in public is so stressful that the little comments can put me over the edge.

Here are things twin moms hear on repeat that we get tired of hearing!

Having twins can sometimes feel like you're in a circus. The amount of attention you receive can be overwhelming! Here is a list of things twin moms hear that, to be honest, we get a little bit sick of! #expectingtwins #twins #twinmom #newtwinmom #itsatwinthing #lifewithtwins

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“You’ve got your hands full!

This is by far the number one thing I hear.

It’s not mean or rude, but it’s not exactly helpful.

My husband and I joke around that it’s just people stating facts. What if we were to look at someone and say “Your hat is blue!” or “You have two legs!”

What to say instead: “You’ve got your hands full and you’re doing a great job/your family is beautiful/etc.”

A few extra words can make all the difference. It is a compliment instead of a vague comment.

“Are they natural?”

The main problem with this question is the fact that all babies are natural, EVEN if they are conceived via fertility treatments.


The other main problem with this question is the fact that… it’s none of your freakin’ business how someone’s baby is conceived unless it is your own.

What to say instead: Your family is beautiful! You’re doing a great job!

“Do twins run in your family?”

I don’t mind at all if I’m asked this by friends or acquaintances.

I don’t even mind if it’s someone I’ve just met and have been chatting with for a few minutes.

Oftentimes I get stopped by women who are about to become a grandparent to twins that they want to ask me all about it.

I  don’t mind answering questions like that.

What I DO mind is the people who upon seeing my twins say and without even saying hello or anything else, say, “Oh, twins! Do they run in your family?”

What to say instead: Your family is beautiful! You’re doing a great job!

“Are they identical?”

Similar to the above question, there is nothing inherently wrong with this question.

Sometimes it seems as though people feel entitled to ask me anything.

Sometimes I just want to get through the grocery store without a million questions.

What to say instead: Your family is beautiful! You’re doing a great job!

“Better you than me!”

I actually had a store employee one time say “oh, twins!” to my husband pushing the girls on the stroller.

Then, as I came up behind him with our singleton, she said “and you have one more, too! God bless you, I have one and it’s more than I can handle! Better you than me!”


I am so thankful for my children and wouldn’t trade them for the world. I’ll take the endless loads of laundry and sticky fingers any day.

Just. Don’t. Say. This.

What to say instead: Your family is beautiful! You’re doing a great job!

“I always wanted twins!”

I feel so conflicted when I hear this because having twins is such a blessing.

But you guys… IT IS SO MUCH WORK.

When someone nonchalantly says “I want twins!” it feels as though it is downplaying how hard it is.

What to say instead: Your family is beautiful! You’re doing a great job!

“Double trouble!”

While completely true at the moment (toddler twins are crazy), I don’t want a random stranger calling my children trouble.

What to say instead: Your family is beautiful! You’re doing a great job!

“Two for the price of one!”

Last I checked, I have to buy things for both of them, so definitely two for the price of two 🙂

What to say instead: Your family is beautiful! You’re doing a great job!

In conclusion, if you see a twin mom (or twin dad for that matter!) out and about and want to acknowledge how cute their twins are, simply say “your family is beautiful! You’re doing a great job!”

You can never go wrong with complimenting someone!

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Ernstine Anderson

Monday 22nd of March 2021

Stupidest comment I got was, “ Are they both yours?”. They were in a twin pram, wearing matching outfits!