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Breastfeeding Tips for Twins: 5 Ways to Make it Easier

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If you’re considering breastfeeding your twins, then way to go, mama.  From someone who’s been through it, I can say that it’s not always easy – but if you can get through the rough parts, it can be incredible. To help you through the process, I’ve compiled the 5 best breastfeeding tips for twins. These are the tips that really helped me stick with it, and they’ll make your life so much easier!

And, to save time and stress, you can even add some of these tips to your pregnancy to do list, making the intense newborn days just a little bit easier, too.  

It’s my strong belief that any feeding route you choose with twins can be a good one.  

But, if breastfeeding your twins is your chosen path, then hopefully these breastfeeding tips for twins will help you succeed in your plan.

breastfeeding tips for twins
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Breastfeeding Tips for Twins

1. Don’t Stress About Tandem Feeding Too Early

I was eager to start tandem feeding (feeding both twins simultaneously) from day 1.  It would cut down the total time needed to feed babies and mean more sleep for this tired mom.

However, a lactation consultant urged us to not stress about it until the twins had stronger neck control.

While it took longer to do back-to-back feedings, it quickly became a part of our routine.  After the 6-month mark when one twin started to sit up, we tried tandem again and it worked well.  

If it works for you sooner, that’s great! But if back-to-back seems easier, go with that. You can also consider getting some breastfeeding tools to help, like a great twin breastfeeding pillow.

The good thing is that feeds do usually become shorter and less painful with time, so it will likely become easier.

2.  Feed Them at the Same Time

I believe that twins are the only exception to the “don’t wake a sleeping baby” rule.  When Baby A wakes at 3am, and Baby B is sleeping peacefully, you can be so tempted to let them rest.  

That is, until Baby B wakes at 4am, then Baby A again at 5am, and…you get the picture.

No matter the time of day (or night), when one twin demands food, swoop the other one up and feed them too, whether via tandem or back-to-back.  It’s the only way you stand a chance of their sleep times coinciding and getting more than a two hour stretch of sleep yourself.

And there’s nothing more blissful when you’re a mom of infant twins, than uninterrupted (or at least minimally interrupted) sleep.

breastfeeding twins tips

3.  Come to Terms with Supplementing

Repeat after me: supplementing with formula does not make me a failure.  Now repeat it 100 times.

Because as logical as it is to know that it’s a lot to expect of your body to produce enough food for two humans, there may come a time when you feel like you’ve failed because it hasn’t.  

Breastfeeding is HARD, mama. Any number of things could cause your supply to drop: missing meals, not drinking enough water, missing feedings, etc.

The kicker for me was that they say the number one way to produce more milk is to limit formula, and just feed more frequently.  

But when a baby is hungry, screaming, and you’re low on milk, do NOT let yourself feel bad about feeding them formula. Your job is to grow these babies big and healthy, any way you can.  

breastfeeding tips for twins

4.  Have a Formula Plan

When your twins are less than a month old, when you’re exhausted, and still recovering from childbirth, the last thing you’ll want is to add something to your To Do List.  

That’s why it’s good to have a formula plan in place.

Which brands will you be comfortable with?  Are you going with ready-to-drink, concentrate, or powder?  

Do you know the difference between organic, easy-to-digest, iron-fortified, and all the various formulations available?  

Do you know the prices of each brand and the savings from the most expensive to the least expensive?

Ideally, everything goes perfectly, and you won’t have any need for formula.  But because there’s a higher chance you may need to supplement (see point #3), don’t leave the research for the hard first month.  

Have something loaded into your Amazon cart ready to go.

tips for breastfeeding twins

5.  Remember the Perks of Breastfeeding

While at times it can feel incredibly hard to breastfeed two tiny humans, never lose sight of the huge benefits of doing so:

  • Breastfeeding twins can burn up to an extra 1,000 calories per day.  That’s like two extra meals!
  • It may help decrease the chances of developing some cancers in breastfeeding mothers, and many diseases in children
  • It provides the ideal nutrition for babies, with lower rates of obesity later in life
  • Cost savings: up to $3,500 in their first year of life alone
  • It’s with you everywhere you go, with no preparation, clean up, or dishes

Remembering these things can help get you through when you have a clogged duct or mastitis and feel awful for 3 days.  

It will get you through when your twins go through a growth spurt and it feels like you’re feeding them every hour.  

And it will help get you through the periods where you feel like quitting. If it’s the route you’ve chosen to take, remember that you have it in you, and you are pretty much a superhero for making it this far (seriously, we should get capes for breastfeeding twins).

Breastfeeding baby

Breastfeeding Tips for Twins: You’ve Got This, Mama.

Breastfeeding is not easy.  While people say “it’s the most natural thing in the world”, it’s also hard work, painful at times, and difficult to get your supply up for two.

Hopefully, these 5 breastfeeding tips for twins can help make things easier, but the most important thing is to be proud of any wins you get, and to never feel bad if struggles come your way.

Becoming a twin mom is incredible, and intense.  Make sure to be kind to yourself along this journey, and indulge in self-care, along with your twin care.

About the Author

Danielle is a mom of twins & a toddler, a marketing pro, and the founder of, a site dedicated to providing resources and support for new twin moms.  You can find her on Instagram @TwinWinning and at Pinterest @TwinWinning.


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Tuesday 11th of August 2020

42 years ago I decided to feed my twins at the same time too. If someone wasn’t available to bottle feed one for me I used a pillow to prop her up and did both myself. Sooo much better than on demand...that only took 1 night to decide what I needed to do.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.