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The Ultimate List of Twin Baby Registry Essentials

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Choosing essentials for your twin registry list is a daunting task and one that I definitely recommend starting to as early as possible. I tend to be very minimalist when it comes to products for my twin baby registry. There were definitely a few things I thought “meh, I don’t need that!” only to send my husband on a frantic run to Target in the middle of the night.

twin registry essentials

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We registered both at Amazon and Target and were very happy with both places. I highly suggest doing the same; for some people, it’s easier to shop online, but some people prefer to shop in person.

When Should You Start Your Twin Baby Registry?

I suggest starting your twin baby registry list as early as possible. Liiiike, the day you pee on the stick. OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration since you won’t even know that you’re expecting twins yet.

But seriously, start your baby registry list early. I had a perfectly fine twin pregnancy with zero complications…. until my water broke just before 30 weeks and I was put on hospitalized bed rest. I was SO thankful that I had our nursery complete and all of the twin baby essentials purchased.

You can read all about my twin birth story and tips for surviving bedrest!

Twin Baby Essentials: Sleeping


twin baby essentials

You will most definitely need two cribs. Even if you put them in the same crib in the beginning, once they can move at all, they need to be in separate cribs for safety reasons.

We chose The DaVinci Jenny Lind crib pictured above for several reasons. I wanted a simple, delicate style. Since there were going to be two in a room, I didn’t want something too ornate.

I also wanted cribs that were affordable because, hello, I had to buy two of them… AND we actually own three cribs because our son had just turned two when our twins were born and we kept him in his crib.

(You can read more about how we transitioned our son from only child to big brother of twins.)

Sound Machine

twin baby essentials

Sound machines are incredibly soothing to babies. They also help to cover up the crying sound of one twin so the other one can continue to sleep peacefully!

They make all kinds of fancy sound machines, but this one worked great for us and is so inexpensive! If your twins are sharing a bedroom, you only need one sound machine. Just turn up the volume a bit so both babies can hear it.


twin baby essentials

Swaddles are one of my number one sleep must haves! You will want at least 4 so while one set is in the wash you have a backup.

The Woombie is by far my favorite, especially for twins, because it is so easy. You literally just zip it up like a sleeping bag! My girls also broke out of several swaddles, but never once got out of the Woombie.

Once your baby is rolling and you have to stop swaddling, the Woombie pictured above can even convert into a sleep sack. They’re truly amazing. I didn’t know about the Woombie when my first was born, and I used the HALO SleepSacks, which I liked as well.

Twin Baby Essentials: On the Go

Car Seats

You will obviously need two infant car seats! I’ll let you do your own research to choose the best car seat for your vehicle. Definitely, watch both Target and Amazon for sales.


A double snap and go stroller is one of the best baby products for twins. The newborn car seat carriers just pop right in. You don’t want to be lugging two car seats around, trust me! It’s also a pain to get your babies out of the car seats and strap them into a stroller for every outing. Snap and goes are where it’s at!

We couldn’t have survived the newborn days without our Baby Trend Snap N Go. You will only use it for 6 months or so, but it is so worth it. I highly suggest trying to find one used. We purchased ours second hand from a local mom and it held up great.

Once your twins outgrow their infant car seats, you will need a good quality double stroller. The question most moms ask is side by side or front to back? I knew I wanted a front to back for several reasons: 1. ease of maneuverability in stores and tight spaces, 2. so they can’t reach each other when they’re toddlers.

I ended up choosing the Baby Jogger City Select and I have hands down loved it. The back seat is higher than the front seat, so both children can see. The seats also flip around so they can both face me, or each other. My girls like to face each other if we’re not moving so they can talk. The seats are also big enough so that Theo can fit comfortably in it, and he’s four! It’s been a fantastic investment and worth every penny.

We also purchased the glider board that is perfect for an older sibling to ride on. The stroller is frequently marked down on Amazon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Baby Carriers

twin baby essentials

Admittedly, I am not the biggest fan of babywearing. Despite not loving it, we did wear our twins quite a bit, mainly if we were out and about and didn’t want to take our stroller.

I didn’t even know about the Twingo carrier! It would have made the witching hour when I was by myself much easier. We used the Ergobaby carriers that we purchased second hand. We also had the Moby Wraps for when they were teeny tiny.

Diaper Bags

Unless your twins are in daycares that require a separate bag for each baby, you only need one diaper bag. I am a fan of the Skip Hop brand but diaper bags are such a personal choice that I won’t suggest a certain one!

Twin Baby Essentials: Feeding

You will need different things depending on if you are breastfeeding, exclusively pumping, or formula feeding.

Exclusively Pumping

This is probably the choice that you will need the most supplies for. If you are exclusively pumping, I recommend checking out my post on the essential supplies you’ll need.


Although I wasn’t able to breastfeed, I have talked to many twin moms who have. The #1 item you need (aside from breasts, haha!) to successfully breastfeed twins is the My Brest Friend Pillow. Isn’t the name fantastic? My good friend Kim was able to exclusively breastfeed her twins, and she has a great post on the supplies you need to exclusively breastfeed twins.

I also highly suggest you read this post: How to Breastfeed Twins: The Logistics of Double Nursing.

Bottle Feeding

You will need bottles, obviously. In the beginning, your babies are going to be eating every 3 hours, so make sure you have at least 6 bottles. We used Dr. Brown’s bottles because our girls both had terrible reflux.

We used the Avent bottles with our first, and they worked great. I suggest only buying a few of a certain brand in the beginning until you know that your babies will take the bottle.

twin baby essentials

I LOVED my Twin Z Double Pillow. We used it to prop the babies on almost every time they ate so that I could pump at the same time.

Many moms also use the Twin Z (what is with these pillows and the awful names??) as a breastfeeding pillow; personally, I only used it for my babies to lie in and for tummy time.

The Table for Two is another option, although it is reeeaaallllyy expensive. I do know a few twin moms who invested in them and loved them, so I wanted to at least mention it as a resource.

We tried the Beebo because I thought it looked like an awesome way to hold both babies and give them bottles simultaneously. It was a huge fail for us and I ended up sending them back. It’s possible that they didn’t work well because my girls were premature and needed so much extra attention when they were eating, but the bottles never were at the right angle for them.

I didn’t try these hands-free bottles, but I asked about them in desperation in twin mom groups. A few moms had used them and didn’t have positive things to say about them. It takes a lot of work for the babies to suck up the milk, so would probably be good for an older baby… and older babies can hold their own bottles so there is no point!

You will also need approximately one million burp clothes regardless of how you choose to feed your babies. You can check out Tips and Advice for Feeding Twins for more tips on feeding twins.

Twin Baby Essentials: For the Home

High Chairs

You will definitely need two high chairs.

I wanted high chairs that could fit on top of chairs so that they would take up less room, but that’s personal preference. We did have three high chairs around our table, so it made sense to get smaller ones.


It’s really hit or miss with whether or not you need two swings. We had one from when Theo was a baby and borrowed a second one when the girls were born.

I would suggest starting with one and adding a second one if both babies like the swing, OR purchasing two but keeping one in the box with the receipt taped to it. Simply return it if your babies don’t like it.

Play Mat

A play mat is something you are totally fine with one of!


twin baby essentials

You have a few options for monitors. If your twins are in separate rooms, or in one room that’s really big, you can get a video monitor with double cameras.

Or, you can get a camera that can just rotate around the room to see both babies. We got a Foscam and have been very happy with it. The Foscam is just a camera and it connects to an app on your phone. We are fairly low-key when it comes to watching our kids (we didn’t even have a video monitor with Theo!) so it works for us.

We used the V Tech for audio monitors if we were going to be outside and the babies were sleeping.

twin baby essentials

Pack n Plays

They make some pretty fancy pack n plays for twins, but they aren’t really necessary. My girls napped in their rooms in rock n plays or their cribs.

If you’re going to be traveling a lot, then you will need two pack n plays.

WHEW. That was a lot of writing. I hope it helps to at least give you an idea of what you twin baby essentials you’ll need. Every family is different and what one mom considers a must-have, another will feel is completely unnecessary. If you’re currently pregnant, be sure to check out my post on what to expect during a twin pregnancy!

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