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The Best Twin Baby Shower Ideas: Themes, Decorations, and More!

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So you’re planning a baby shower for twins… double the baby means double the fun and double the adorable decorations! 

But where to start? There are so many great twin baby shower ideas, whether it’s twin boys, twin girls, one of each, or a complete surprise!

There are some wonderful upsides to planning a baby shower for twins. First of all, the themes! So many unique and adorable twin baby shower themes that leave so much room for creativity and fun. These unique baby shower themes for twins will have you swooning.

And right along with themes comes the decor… from super cute food puns to “double trouble” to everything in between. We’ll talk about them all and help you find the absolute perfect theme, decorations, cake, and more for your most amazing twin baby shower ever!

Some Things to Keep in Mind About Twin Baby Showers

I know that there’s a certain etiquette about when you are supposed to have a baby shower. But, honestly? Throw etiquette out the window when you’re pregnant with twins!

First of all, the later you get in your twin pregnancy, the more uncomfortable you are going to get. I don’t want to make you super scared or anything, but twin pregnancy is really hard.

My best advice is to have your twin baby shower EARLY!! My water broke with my twins when I was just under 30-weeks pregnant; well before the “correct” time to have a baby shower. I think the ideal time to have a baby shower for twins is between 26-28 weeks. Your bump will be adorable but you won’t be completely beyond uncomfortable yet!

Make sure the baby shower is in your budget. There’s no need to go overboard when truly the thought and effort put into a baby shower will be appreciated.

You also want to be prepared for changes. There are risks with a twin pregnancy and you never know what can happen: from bedrest to premature delivery to having twins in the NICU (I experienced all of it!).

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What About Twin Baby Showers During COVID?

With the time we currently live in, having a traditional baby shower may be out of the question. If that’s the case, there are work-arounds that will keep everything safe without sacrificing the celebration!

One option is, if it’s something you’re comfortable with, simply keeping the gathering small and socially distanced. No more than ten people is the standard for social gatherings. Instead of inviting everyone you know, keep it intimate with close friends and family. Like the small weddings we’ve all seen, it can make for a very special event!

There’s a trend going around where people do drive-by baby showers. Instead of gathering inside a home, people decorate their driveway and their guests drive up to deliver gifts, congratulate, and receive a goody-bag. It’s a clever way to let people be part of the celebration without sacrificing health and safety.

And of course, there’s always the virtual baby shower option where people FaceTime or Zoom in with their well-wishes! There are some additional benefits to this one: you only have the decorate the space visible in the webcam and you don’t have to prepare extra food!

Best Gender Neutral Twin Baby Shower Ideas

Here are some great theme ideas for twin baby showers that can work no matter what combination you’re having!

Oh Babies!

This theme lets you keep things simple with greenery, rustic wood, and floral accents! It’s mostly about the play on words, so you can really do anything with the color pallet!

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Thing One and Thing Two

For fans of Dr. Seuss, this is a fun one for twins! Since Thing One and Thing Two are the epitome of twin shenanigans, you can go wild with it! There are so many great things you can do, including really fun twin baby shower games.

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Taco “Twosday”

Taco Tuesday puns and a fiesta-style taco bar? Yes please! You could even print out the twin baby shower invitations to look like menus.

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Two Cuties

This orange theme is so perfect for a twin baby shower, especially if you’re throwing one in the spring or summer! How cute would it be to use little clementines as part of your twin baby shower favors?

Parties by Tanea

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We Can Bear-ly Wait

Bears and babies have always gone hand-in-hand, but when you make it about two twin bear cubs, it gets that much cuter!

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Two Peas in a Pod

An oldie but a goodie, you can’t go wrong with the adorably green “two peas in a pod” theme! The little peapod cake toppers are sure to delight the twin mama to be.

Kara’s Party Ideas

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Baby Shower Ideas for a Boy and a Girl

Pink and Blue

Co-opt every gender reveal party theme ever and make it an adorable twin baby shower for a girl and a boy. Because the plot twist is that there’s one of each! These different colors are the perfect way to shower a twin mama with love!

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Pink + Blue = Purple!

If doing pink and blue feels too much like a gender-reveal, mix it up with purple… literally! This is some of the prettiest baby shower decor I have seen.

Saving with Sarah

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Prince and Princess

Another fun way to put a spin on a gender-reveal theme by making the baby shower theme prince AND princess!

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Baby Shower Ideas for Twin Girls

If you’re having girl twins, be prepared to have SO MUCH FUN with two little girls! The fun can begin at your baby shower, with the perfect baby shower food, games, and party favors. Here are my favorite baby shower themes for twin girls.

Pretty in Pink

Double the girls mean double the pink! Going all-out with a pink theme is perfect for a twin girls’ baby shower!

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Two Princesses

Take the pink theme, add more glitter and tiaras, and you’ve got a perfect twin princess theme!


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Tea For Two

Twin girls means it’s tea for two all the time! A tea party-themed baby shower is adorable AND elegant!

Style Your Senses

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Baby Shower Ideas for Twin Boys

Plan the perfect twin boy baby shower with these different options that I’ve found. They are great ideas to kick off your journey into becoming a twin parent. Find the best baby shower decorations that will have all of your family members swooning!

Oh Boys! (Or Boy Oh Boy!)

Two boys means you’ll be saying “oh boy” double as much! It is a great choice for a baby shower for twin boys.

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Son of Gun, There’s More Than One!

Arguably this could be a gender-neutral theme too, but I just love the idea of two little cowboys or woodsmen for a rustic baby shower theme!

My Twin Babies

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Have fun planning your twin baby shower!

Preparing for one baby is exciting and stressful enough, preparing for twins, is, well, double that! But remember that while a twin baby shower is a wonderful way to celebrate the two new blessings on the way, it shouldn’t add any stress! Find the theme that makes you happy and that you know you and your family can pull off. Have fun and enjoy it! 

Which twin baby shower idea is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.