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The Best Twin Birth Announcements: Ideas and Inspiration for 2021

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When your twins are born, you may want to send out twin birth announcements to share the good news. After all, it’s been a long road, and though twin pregnancy can be difficult, the fruit of your labor is being able to hold those two little miracles in your arms. And that makes it all worth it!

If you’re earlier on in your pregnancy, you may want to check out my Twin Pregnancy Announcements post first, or check out some ideas for your twin nursery!

But if you’ve already done all that, and you’re ready to start thinking about when your new arrivals finally come, stay tuned!

There are tons of great places to find custom twin birth announcements and multiples announcements. I’ve rounded up some great ideas and inspiration for announcing your new addition times 2, plus places where you can find reasonably-priced baby announcements with a variety of options.

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Ideas for Cute Twin Birth Announcements

Choosing the right card for your photo announcements doesn’t have to be a chore. There are templates all over the internet. You can design your twin birth announcements on a card-printing site like Zazzle or Minted, or find inspiration to design your own on a program like Photoshop, if you have it.

It really depends on what you want your birth announcement cards to look like, and whether you find a favorite design online or decide to build one from scratch.

Many times, if you want special textures like the gold foil that you see in printed cards, you’ll find it’s a good idea to custom order on a website. It’ll save you the time and energy it takes to design it yourself… unless you’re just that savvy!

One of the most common ways to share your twin birth announcement is with photo cards. These can be shots that you took yourself or your favorite photos from a newborn photo shoot. As long as they’re high-quality newborn photos and you like how they look, they make great announcements!

You can even do a custom photo book if you have too many pictures to fit on one card.

Another way to do it is to use standard greeting cards. You can either put a photo on the front of a custom card or print photos separately and stick them inside the cards as photo gifts. 

Photos with letter boards, name tags, or date cards have been popping up all over social media, and they’re super cute and simple! Especially if you’re putting together your own twin birth announcements from scratch.

When Should You Send Twin Birth Announcements?

Like with any card, you’ll want to get your mailing list together before you place the order so you know how many you need. Printing out some return address stickers beforehand (and buying some stamps!) is a great idea too, so that sending your announcements out is quick and easy!

The Best Twin Birth Announcements for 2021

Whether you’re expecting baby boys, baby girls, or a baby boy AND a baby girl, nearly all of these ideas will make great announcements!

Ways to Announce Your New Babies With a Letter Board

Letter boards are super trendy and easy to find, which make them a great prop for twin announcement photos. This one incorporates a cute little garland to add color:

twin birth announcements

Look how sweet these twin girls look in their matching swaddles:

twin birth announcements
Credit: Lisa Smith via Pinterest

But of course, if you have one of each, you may have contrasting swaddles instead:

twin birth announcements
Credit: Twin Mom Life

Or you can use little signs to announce the names of each twin, like this photo did with the wooden cut-outs:

Credit: Caden Lane

I love the idea of using name tags, too:

Credit: Ashley Smith via Pinterest

And if letter boards aren’t your thing, you can always just do name tags, like these custom tags you can get on Etsy:

twin birth announcements
Credit: Mod Wood Co via Etsy

Twin Announcement Photos With the New Parents or Big Siblings!

Another great photo idea is to include the proud twin parents or new big brother or sister! You can have each parent hold a twin, like this photo:

Credit: Life Love and Sugar

Or capture that tender moment when you first hold them in your arms:

twin birth announcements

Or show Mom in the background:

Credit: Twin Pregnancy and Beyond

Or just Mom with a twin in each arm:

Credit: Melanie Baldi Photography

And then, of course, you can show big sister or brother holding their new siblings:

twin birth announcements
Credit: Hallstrom Heart and Home
Credit: Kristen Soileau Portraits

Photo Shoot Ideas With Twin Babies

If you haven’t considered having a newborn photo shoot yet, this can be a precious way to capture those new arrivals in the moment. There are photographers who specialize in newborn photos, which takes the pressure off of Mom and Dad. Here are some great examples of twin photo shoots:

twin birth announcements
Credit: Magdalena Kalita via Pinterest
Credit: Alex Morris Design
twin birth announcements
Credit: S18 Photography
Credit: Janelle Key Photography
twin birth announcements
Credit: Live Joy Photography
twin birth announcements
Credit: Kyte Baby

Cute Card Ideas for Twin Boys, Twin Girls, or One of Each

Once you have your twin announcement photos, you may choose to send them as-is or post them on social media. Or, you may want to arrange them on a card and send them in the mail. If so, there are countless ideas for card templates.

Here are some favorites I’ve rounded up from different card making sites, starting with a cute checkered template that’s perfect for displaying more than one photo:

twin birth announcements

I also love how simple and classic this black and white photo template from Zazzle is. It almost looks like a Polaroid!


Here’s another minimalistic approach. Gotta love that ampersand:

twin birth announcements

Here’s a perfect choice for winter babies, especially if they’re born around the holidays:

twin birth announcements

Another cute option that utilizes gold foil and a classic twin catchphrase:

twin birth announcements

And of course, you can never go wrong with a twin pun:

twin birth announcements

I love the clean look of this “double the joy” card, and the idea of having three photos means you can include one of each twin and then one of them together:

twin birth announcements

A sweet, minimalistic option that’s perfect for a single photo:


I love the blues and scalloped edges on this announcement card:


Another adorable gold foil card from Zazzle:

twin birth announcements

Cannot get over how cute this “Twinning” card is, especially for a pair of identical twins:

twin birth announcements

This sweet flower border is the perfect choice for a pair of twin girls:

Credit: Simply to Impress

This simple, gender-neutral card template would be great for boy/girl twins:

Credit: Basic Invite

Congrats on Your New Arrivals!

Making your twin birth announcements is a fun and exciting experience, and I hope these ideas give you a place to start! Also, welcome to twin parenthood! You’re going to do great. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out these posts on life with newborn twins and twin parenting:

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