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16 Signs You’re Living the Twin Mom Life

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All twin moms know that there are certain difficulties and challenges that only mom of twins will understand.

Not that other parents don’t face challenges; because they certainly do.

Let’s face it- parenting is hard in general.

But there are CERTAIN things- both challenges and joys- that, whether you have identical twins or fraternal twins, you will only understand if you’re living the twin mom life 😉

Twin Mom Life: What it's really like to be a twin mom

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1) You Outgrew Maternity Clothing Early In Your Twin Pregnancy

They should make a line of maternity clothing that’s reserved for being a mom of twins! Your bumps will be large and in charge very early.

I had a kind lady at a work event ask me how far along I was and her response that I was only 22 weeks was basically a big shocked face.

Once I explained that I was actually expecting twins and that I was appropriately sized for my pregnancy week, she stopped talking.

2) You’re Sometimes a Little Jealous of Singleton Moms

You try not to roll your eyes when you hear your friends complain about how hard it is when their one baby won’t sleep through the night.

It’s. One. Baby.

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3) You Should Have Purchased Stock in Diapers and Wipes

My girls are 3 and still aren’t potty trained, but that’s a discussion for another day. We have gone through so many diapers it’s ridiculous.

4) “Yes, They’re Twins. Yes, My Hands Are Full.”

You are used to saying that every time you leave the house, along with a whole other random things.

When you’re out with just one twin and they get your individual attention, it feels pretty weird.

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5) Your Double Stroller is Life

Yes, your double stroller is life.

It can be a serious safety hazard to take twin toddlers out in a public place by yourself. At least when they are strapped into the double stroller, they can’t run into a dangerous situation.

6) You Have to Put Back the Cute Outfits Because There Aren’t Two of the Same Size

It is inevitable that you will find an absolutely adorable outfit and then realize they don’t have two of the size you need. And don’t even think about clearance racks!

7) You Are a Mini Celebrity

When you’re out and about people will point and stare. One gentleman actually counted our children. “One, two, three…” then turned to his wife and exclaimed, “they have three of them!”

For the love. Three is not even an outrageous amount of children (I might even want one more…).

My husband’s response was the best though. He muttered “congratulations, you can count” as we walked away.

16 Signs You're a Twin Mom. What it's like to live the twin mom life!

8) Nap Time is Sacred

Do not text, call, or stop by between the hours of 1-4. I’m over here making doctors appointments, doing laundry, starting dinner, working out, writing charming little blog posts for you guys, and basically, doing all the things.

Do not interrupt me!

9) You Will Buy All the Baby Gear

Parents of multiples are busy. Anything that will possibly make our life easier, we throw money at. Oh, this swing is magical and will soothe my babies? Sold.

A special machine that makes bottles really fast? I’ll take 2, please.

And toys? Yes, two of each. Twins need to learn how to share, but to make your life easier in the beginning, just buy two of each!

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10) You Wish You Lived in a Single Story House

And if you DO live in a single story house, you don’t know how lucky you are! When our twins were newborns, we were constantly running up and down the stairs.

Naptime, bedtime, bathtime, getting more diapers, clothes, blankets, etc. Our feet were so tired at the end of the day we swore that the next time we bought a house it would be a ranch.

11) You Understand the Meaning of Double Trouble

Even though I get irritated when people make that comment to me when I’m out and about, it really is true.

I pulled into the driveway one day to my husband frantically running towards me. He leaped in the car and shouted at me to drive.

Our darling, rambunctious little twinnies had managed to open the gate to our yard and had run away. They were 2. We thankfully found them 2 blocks away, holding hands and gleefully running down the sidewalk in their matching hot pink sunnies.

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12) Sibling Rivalry Starts at About 8 Months

Stealing toys. Crying to be the only one in moms lap. Screaming to be fed first. Buying 2 of everything helps about 3% of the time.

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13) You’re the Only One Who Can Tell Them Apart

Well, you and other close family members. When people ask you how you can tell them apart, all you can think is “it’s just obvious. They’re individuals and they look different!”

Teachers at school comment on how identical they look, their friends mix them up, and you think they look nothing alike!

14) You Are Always On Alert

You have eyes in the back of your head and can hear a marker cap from a mile away. You don’t have the freedom to let your guard down if you’re a mother of twins!

15) You Embrace the Chaos

Whether your twins are newborns or three-years-old… things are loud.

Sometimes it’s laughing, sometimes it’s crying, and sometimes it’s screaming; by both you AND the kids.

16) You Wouldn’t Change Being a Mom of Twins for Anything


Having twins is such a delight and joy. It may be an insane amount of work, but it is the best gift you will ever receive.

I love living this twin mom life!

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16 Ways You Know You're a Mom of Twins. Living the twin mom life and loving it!

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brittaney atwood

Friday 28th of June 2019

the one about the kids being counted has happened to me so many times !! i have twin girls and a little boy 16 months younger he is the same height and almost weighs the same as my girls tho so looks like triplets ( most definitely couldnt have done 3 tho)


Wednesday 3rd of July 2019

Yes, we get asked if our 3 our triplets as well! So funny. 3 isn't actually that many kids bahaha!

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