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The Best Twin Nursery Ideas: Gender Neutral, Twin Girl, Twin Boy, and Boy/Girl Nurseries

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If you’re having twins, chances are you’ve been thinking a lot about what you want your twin nursery to look like. With so many ideas out there, it can be a little overwhelming! 

Whether you’re having twin girls, twin boys, and boy and a girl, or you don’t know yet, there are tons of awesome twin nursery ideas out there. You can go for a specific theme, keep it chic and modern, or mix and match to fit your own twin nursery vision.

The most important thing to keep in mind when designing your twin nursery is to make it your own. After all, you will be spending a lot of time there, especially at the beginning! So why not make it a pleasant retreat for you and your sweet twin babies?

I have some great ideas to get you started, no matter what you’re having. We’ll look at some stylish gender neutral nurseries that are great for any combo. Then there are some super cute twin boys’ and twin girls’ rooms. And of course, if you’re having one of each, there are plenty of adorable boy/girl nurseries that split things fifty-fifty!

All of these rooms are simply gorgeous and span all sorts of different themes and decor, so you’re bound to find some inspiration for your perfect twin nursery!

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.

The Best Gender Neutral Twin Nurseries

Maybe you’re having a boy and a girl, or maybe you won’t know what you’re having until you hold those two little bundles of joy in your arms! Or maybe you just want to go with a nursery that’s less traditional and more modern. Whatever your reason, a gender neutral twin nursery is a fantastic idea!

You have so much design freedom with a gender neutral nursery! From rustic wood accents, to boho-chic decor, to bold pops of color, your twin nursery will be so gorgeous you’ll never want to leave!

Gender neutral twin nursery with natural wood cribs and navy rug
Twist Me Pretty

This is one of my favorite nursery design for twins. I love the navy rug and the playful cushions. This could work as a gender neutral twin nursery, a twin boy room, or a boy girl twin nursery.

Fancy looking gender neutral twin nursery with boy girl twins sitting on the floor in front of cribs.

If you’re looking for a twin nursery theme that’s fancy, chic, and classic, this one’s for you. It’s light and airy and the perfect room to cuddle your newborn twins in.

Gender neutral twin nursery with wood accent wall.
Think. Make. Share. via Hallmark

I adore this modern, monochromatic twin nursery.

Gender neutral twin nursery with gray cribs.
Style Me Pretty

This twin nursery is bright and inviting and is adorable as a boy girl twin nursery, twin boy nursery, or twin girl nursery.

Gender neutral twin nursery with round cribs.
The Frosted Petticoat

These round cribs are gorgeous and work really well for a small space twin nursery.

Gender neutral twin nursery with mountain wall mural painted behind cribs.
Some Like a Project

Adding a mural is a great way to add some flair to a room. I love the pops of color in this gender neutral twin nursery.

Gender neutral twin nursery with natural wood cribs and cloud wall hangings.

One of the best ways to keep your twin nursery gender neutral is to keep the colors, you guessed it- neutral! These fluffy clouds are so dreamy and the perfect way to add personality to the room without adding color.

Gender neutral twin nursery with natural wood cribs and a colorful rub.
Project Nursery

This twin baby room from project nursery is minimal and bright. The greenery and colorful rug make it playful without being too stimulating for your newborn twins.

Gender neutral twin nursery with "good morning" and "good night" signs hanging above white cribs.
Project Nursery

These good morning, good night signs add so much character to this twin nursery!

Colorful twin nursery with white cribs and mint green walls and a vibrant rug.
West Elm x Pottery Barn Kids

If you’re dreaming of a twin nursery that’s full of color, considering adding a vibrant mobile or rug.

Gender neutral twin nursery with white cribs and colorful sheets.
Nat Your Average Girl via Project Nursery

This modern geometric nursery is double the cuteness!

Gender neutral twin nursery with hanging garlands above the cribs.
NashStyling via Project Nursery

These double hanging garlands are stunning!

Gender neutral twin nursery that is modern and glamorous with shiplap walls and a chandelier.
@ahouseon77th via IG

I love everything about this twin nursery, from the layout, to the shiplap walls, to the chandelier.

Gender neutral twin nursery with a round alphabet rug in between two brown cribs.
Oh Happy Play
Gender neutral twin nursery with gray and white striped accent wall.
Noelle Gray Creative

Adding an accent wall is sure to add an element of flair.

Twin nursery that's yellow and green with a dark green velvet couch in front of the window.
Gus & Lala via

Greens and yellows are the best way to keep a twin baby room gender neutral and this room is one of the pretties ones I’ve seen!

Twin nursery with two black cribs with bunny cutouts above each crib leaping towards each other.
Finnian’s Moon Interiors

These bunnies leaping towards each other is such a sweet indication of the twin bond that’s sure to develop.

Two cribs with four pictures of jungle animals animals above the cribs.

You can find those adorable animal art prints on Etsy!

Gender neutral twin nursery with a sunset mural.

The Best Twin Nursery Ideas for Girls

If you’re having twin girls (twin girl mom over here!), you may be dreaming of creating a sweet and feminine nursery where pinks and pastels are the main theme. There are plenty of adorable, stylish ideas for a twin girls’ nursery, from soft and subtle to fun and bold!

Twin girl nursery that's elegant with floral accents.
Gina Dreher Photography via Emilime Designs

This floral and gold nursery is classic and sophisticated.

Twin girl nursery that's elegant with ivory and light pink.
Project Nursery

I love that this is soft and feminine without being in your face PINK. It’s the perfect touch of girly-ness for your twin girl nursery.

Twin girl nursery room with pink and gold accents and swans.

This swan nursery is absolutely gorgeous for a twin girl nursery theme.

Twin girl baby room with two white cribs and a gray leaf decal between the two cribs.
Luna Pop Lights via Pinterest

If a full wall of wallpaper is too much for you, a decal or mural in between the two cribs will really bring your twin nursery theme to life.

Hot pink and gray twin girl nursery.
Dallas Moms

Hot pink and gray is a classic color combo.

Twin room with gray cribs and two twin girls on the floor of the room.
Today’s Parent

Nothing screams twin girls like a framed dress and a sign that says “friends are forever and ever and ever.”

Twin girl room with floral wallpaper and two white cribs.
A Well Dressed Home

This floral wallpaper makes the most gorgeous accent wall!

Twin girl nursery with shooting stars on the wall and pink and blue star mobiles.
Project Nursery

Star light, star bright, I hope my twins sleep tonight…

Classic pink and gold twin girl nursery with white cribs.

You can’t go wrong with gold and pink accents and white cribs.

Twin girl nursery with floral wallpaper and two white cribs pushed together.
@dncardin via Instagram

Look at that gorgeous floral wallpaper from Project Nursery!

The Best Twin Nursery Ideas for Boys

If you’re having twin boys, you may be thinking about how to make their nursery a touch more rustic and masculine. That doesn’t always mean you have to make everything blue, either! From soft grays to bold pops of green and yellow, there are lots of different ways to make your twin nursery ready for your two little boys!

Classic twin boy nursery room in navy and white.
Pottery Barn Kids

You can find the crib and bedding sets on Pottery Barn Kids!

Oh Happy Play

This little man cave sign is the cutest for your twin boy nursery!

Classic yellow and gray nursery for twin boys.

I love the yellow and gray color combo.

Classic and modern navy blue and white twin boy nursery.
Heather Scott Home via Decor Pad

Navy and white will never go out of style for twin boys!

Twin boy nursery that's yellow and teal.

I love these colors for boys but they could also work as a boy girl twin nursery.

Twin boy nursery with navy blue and orange accents.
Project Nursery

I am swooning over this elephant print and the navy pom pom mobiles!

Small space twin boy nursery with dark brown cribs.
Kellie Dunbar via Pinterest

This is a great example of how to organize a twin nursery when you have a small space. The rocker fits between the cribs with the crib on an angle- genius!

Rustic twin boy nursery with dark wooden cribs.
@georgiasattic via Instagram

This looks like another small twin nursery room idea. I love the rustic look and the exposed bulbs on the light.

Astronomy themed win boy nursery.
Architectural Digest

The Best Twin Nursery Ideas for Girl/Boy Twins

Finally, you may already know that you’re expecting one of each: a boy and a girl! If that’s the case, and you want to make the twin nursery distinctly boy/girl, there are many ways to put contrasting colors together in a similar theme. It doesn’t always have to be all pink and blue, though it certainly can be!

Girl boy twin nursery two cribs pushed together.
Project Nursery

This is a classic boy girl twins nursery idea… a combination of pink and blue!

Twin nursery for boy girl twins.
LittleCooperLane via Etsy

You can find those “watermelon seed” wall decals on Etsy!

Classic girl boy twin nursery with dark brown cribs.
Kristine Morieko via Pinterest
Classic and modern twin nursery inspiration with dark gray cribs and shiplap walls.
Jenifer via Pinterest

I love that these cribs are matching but the sheets and signs on the wall are gender specific.

Colorful twin nursery.
Project Nursery

This girl/boy twin nursery is airy and playful.

Classic boy girl twin nursery with white cribs.
Ashleigh Helton via Pinterest
Green and teal nursery for twins.
Salty Canary

I am all about this colorful boy girl twin nursery!

I hope these ideas help you get started as you anticipate your double bundle of joy! Tell me more about what kind of twin nursery you plan to build and whether any of these ideas inspired your design.

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