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The Best Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: Funny, Cute, and Unique!

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So it’s time to share the big news: that you’re pregnant with twins! First off, congratulations! Having twins is HARD AS HECK but oh my goodness is it such a privilege and an honor.

And whether you’re a new mom or you’ve already had a singleton or two, you’ve absolutely got this!

I can’t stress enough that you are in for the adventure of your lifetime, and what better way to kick off your twin pregnancy journey than with the most epic pregnancy announcement for twins?

So when it comes to making your twins pregnancy announcement, you want it to be special! Thankfully, there are tons of fun, creative ways to spread the good news.

So let’s dive into the best twin pregnancy announcement ideas for 2021. Double the baby, double the fun!

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When Should You Announce Your Twin Pregnancy?

When you first find out that you’re pregnant, whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth, you probably won’t know you’re having twins right away.

And even if the second line on the pregnancy test was really dark, or you show any of the other common twin pregnancy symptoms, (intense morning sickness or advanced weight gain are two of the biggest ones!) you generally won’t know for sure until you go in for your first ultrasound, around 6-8 weeks. 

However, after the first trimester (12 weeks) is when most parents decide to make the big announcement. In all reality, it’s when the risk of miscarriage drops, so waiting until the 12 week point is a good rule of thumb for both physical and mental reasons.

Also, 12 weeks is when a lot of expecting mothers get their first ultrasound, since it’s easier to see the baby(s!) by then. This comes in really handy if you want to share ultrasound images with your friends and family!

Twin Pregnancy Announcements That Are Great for Social Media

You don’t have to announce your twin pregnancy to the whole world, but if that’s something you want to do, go for it! There are tons of adorable ideas for posting your twin pregnancy announcement. And any of these are also great for sending to family and friends, too!

Letter boards

One great way to announce a twin pregnancy is with a letter board. These make for great photographs, and if you’re savvy, you can do a really cute flat lay that incorporates things like baby shoes, onesies, and the ultrasound picture.

Pregnancy Announcement for Twins with a Pregnancy Test

twin pregnancy announcement ideas

Another fun way to announce your pregnancy is to show the pregnancy test reading positive. That says it all!

Twin Ultrasound Photo Pregnancy Announcement

twin pregnancy announcement ideas
Heather Steele via Pinterest

A classic and cute way to reveal that there are two buns in the oven is to show the ultrasound photo! You can post this on your social media or send it in a pregnancy announcement card to your closest friends and family!

Twin Due Date Pregnancy Announcement

twin pregnancy announcement ideas
IreneTemplate via

It’s likely that you’ll probably incorporate the due date no matter what, but I’ve seen some really fun ideas that involve calendars, date cards, or “coming soon” lettering. 

Twin Pregnancy Announcements for Older Siblings

If you already have a firstborn (or several), some of the best ways to announce the new addition is to get them involved!

Some of the best ways to include them are to have the big brother or big sister to-be hold the sign, or take pictures of them reacting to the new baby news! This is especially fun when you have older children who can understand right away what “twin babies” means!

pregnancy announcement for twins
Via Pinterest

Twin Pregnancy Announcements When You Know the Genders

If you already know the genders of the twins, you may choose to announce it at the same time you announce your twin pregnancy, especially if you don’t plan on having a gender reveal party and you want it announced before the baby shower.

You can always head on over to my twin gender reveal post for a round-up of great ideas on how to make the big announcement.

But here are some other adorable ways to do it, too!

twin pregnancy announcement ideas

For twin boys, any reference to “bros for life” or “double trouble” is definitely fun, and you can find tons of cute onesie sets on Amazon and Etsy that are perfect for your little boy twins!

For twin sisters, the same rules apply. Though there are plenty of other onesie sets and other twin products that are gender neutral or perfect for one boy, one girl!

Unique Twin Pregnancy Announcements

A fun and easy way to announce your twin pregnancy involves a blank wall, some washable paint, and some simple math. Your friends and family will go bonkers!

via Pinterest

Another variation on the numbers theme is to purchase a large “2” balloon…

If it’s close to a holiday when you find out you’re expecting, you have some fun opportunities for a memorable pregnancy announcement.

If it’s the fall, using pumpkins in your announcement photo is the perfect way to share the good news in a festive, seasonal way.

twin pregnancy announcement ideas

The Double Trouble onesies to announce that you’re going to be twin parents are not only adorable but functional, as you’re going to need a LOT of baby clothes!

twin pregnancy announcement
Via Etsy

As a New Englander, I absolutely LOVE this classic shoe twins announcement, with Sperrys!

twin pregnancy announcement
Via Picklee

If it’s around Christmas, you can incorporate all sorts of fun holiday references into your twin announcement. You can even combine it with your Christmas cards for a fun surprise!

twin pregnancy announcement ideas
Kris H via Pinterest

For those of you with a fun, quirky sense of humor, there are tons of ways to make a twin birth announcement funny, too! 

I’ve seen people do this toilet picture and it is a hilariously funny way to break the news! Although in my case, my husband was the one delighted with the news and I was the one hyperventilating!

twin pregnancy announcement ideas
via Pinterest

Eating for three, AINT THAT THE TRUTH! This is a fantastic announcement if you are just so tired (trust me, you will be) that you can’t muster up the energy to actually, you know, get yourself ready for a picture.

Via Pearl on Instagram

And for all you Star Wars fans out there, here’s the perfect way to reference that galaxy far, far away…

twin pregnancy announcement ideas

And of course, for fans of Friends…. “Did we just become best friends?” “Yep!”

twin pregnancy announcement ideas
Kenzie Groves via Pinterest

Classic twist… oh baby babies! Balloons and confetti, what could be a more adorable way to announce that you’re expecting multiples!

Via ModaPrints

If you’re already a parent to fur babies, this is there is no better twin pregnancy announcement!

twin pregnancy announcement
Signing Steph


Making a baby announcement is an exciting time, and when you’re expecting twins, it’s just that much more exciting. And rejoice: you made it through (or almost through) the first trimester! You can do this!

Do you have any other great twin pregnancy announcement ideas? Share them down in the comments!

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