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8 Twin Pregnancy Essentials to Manage Your Discomfort

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The time has come to talk about twin pregnancy essentials. Get ready, because these are game-changers.

When you first find out you’re expecting twins, you are probably most concerned with getting your nursery complete and choosing the right car seats, diaper bag, and double nursing pillow.

But first, do you know what is even more important than finding the perfect crib? Finding those essentials to help you through your twin pregnancy. Some women experience hardly any discomfort throughout their twin pregnancies. But for most of us, myself included, it is really, REALLY hard.

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While the best thing you can do is rest, that’s just not possible for everyone. So, I’ve outlined the twin pregnancy essentials that worked for me, as well as things I’ve heard from other twin moms.

twin pregnancy essentials

Twin Pregnancy Discomfort

Before I actually became pregnant with twins, I knew nothing about being pregnant with multiples. I thought it was just a little bit of extra weight gain! Having twins is nothing like having one baby.

I mean, nothing. There’s so much more to it than a bigger belly and two babies! While I powered through my singleton pregnancy without doing anything extreme to keep me comfortable, that wasn’t the case with my twin pregnancy.

So, while you’re waiting to become twin parents, invest some money in staying comfortable in the process. Trust me, you will not regret it!

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Products to Get You Through Your Twin Pregnancy

I’m outlining all of the symptoms and giving a description of the products below. However, if you’re like me, you want to get straight to the point before you’re interrupted by a child. So, here’s a list for you!

  1. Snoogle pregnancy pillow for help sleeping
  2. Chillow for help cooling off at night
  3. Peppermint oil to combat morning sickness
  4. Ginger tea to help with morning sickness
  5. Pink Story hard candies to help with pregnancy nausea
  6. Pregnancy support belt
  7. Pregnancy bath salts to help with aches and pain
  8. Earth Mama Tea for Heartburn

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Twin Pregnancy Essentials: Fatigue

Being extremely fatigued was by far my biggest symptom when I was pregnant with my twin girls. No matter how much sleep I got, I was so tired, allll the time. I was working part-time AND had a 2-year-old to take care of, so it was incredibly challenging.


I took a nap every single day while Theo napped. Not everyone can do that, obviously, but I planned it into my day. Anything that absolutely HAD to get done, would get done during the day. If you can’t nap, get as much done while sitting down as possible. I would prep dinner sitting at the kitchen table instead of standing at the counter.

Pregnancy Pillow

A good pregnancy pillow will help you get comfortable at night. While a good nights sleep won’t necessarily make you full of energy, it will at least help to ease the fatigue. I used the Snoogle and it was a fantastic purchase well worth the cost.

Pregnancy Heat

Chillow: I struggled with being so hot at night, NO MATTER WHAT. The chillow helped a little bit. It definitely wasn’t perfect, but I’d usually use it when I woke up in the middle of the night burning up.

There are certain cooling points on our body. The tops of your feet and inside of your elbows are two big ones, and I would stick my feet under cold water when I woke up hot at night.

Magnesium Bath

This pregnancy bath salt is supposed to be wonderful for relaxing your body and getting rid of aches and pains. It’s also supposed to help with morning sickness!

Morning Sickness With Twin Pregnancy

twin pregnancy essentials

My first trimester was terrible. I was nauseous all day and night, starting at around 6 weeks and lasting until right about 12. I love my babies, but I sure could have lived without the morning sickness! While there’s no true morning sickness cure, there are some things you can do that will help. Here’s what got me through:

Small Meals

Do whatever you can to eat small meals. Having an empty stomach will make things worse. Eat whatever sounds good… twin pregnancy is NOT the time to be worried about calories or food! I basically only ate plain bagels and saltine crackers.

I kept a sleeve of crackers next to my bed and would have a few when I first woke up and before I went to bed to keep my stomach full.

Peppermint Oil

Different smells really triggered my nausea, especially when my husband cooked eggs or meat. I had a little jar of peppermint oil, and I’d put a few drops on a cloth and breathe it in. For me, it was a huge morning sickness relief.

Take Your Prenatal on a Full Stomach

Your prenatal vitamin will help with morning sickness, but it might actually make you feel worse if you take it on an empty stomach. Prenatals are vital for good pregnancy health, so do everything you can to be able to stomach them.

Sea Bands

Sea bands are supposed to work by applying pressure on certain points in the wrist to restore balance. I tried something similar to these, and they did NOT help me. However, these have 4 stars on Amazon, and different things work for different people, so it’s worth a shot.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is supposed to help with nausea. You can get Preggie Pop Drops that are hard candies that contain B6.


Ginger is incredibly soothing to the stomach! They make Pink Stork Morning Sickness Sweets that are hard candies that contain BOTH B6 and ginger. I don’t think they made these when I was pregnant, but I 100% would have been all about them!! Bonus, they are USDA organic!

Pink Stork actually makes an entire line of morning sickness remedies that have fantastic reviews. I’m SO jealous I didn’t have them when I was pregnant!

Fresh Air

Fresh air helped me tremendously, but not while it was hot out! I found out I was pregnant in July, and so the bulk of my morning sickness happened over the summer months. Getting out for a walk in the evening once it had cooled off was great.


I’ve heard from many moms that they had trouble drinking water while they were pregnant, and it was the same for me! I actually craved sparkling water while pregnant, but it gave me heartburn. What I ended up drinking the most of was water with lemon or a splash of orange juice.

Morning Sickness Medicine

If your morning sickness is really affecting your life, ask your doctor about Diclegis. It’s a new medication that is approved by the FDA for morning sickness during pregnancy.


I have a good friend who swears by acupuncture to help with morning sickness!

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Twin Pregnancy Essentials For Heartburn

I experienced heartburn both in the first and third trimesters. Many of the things I listed for morning sickness are good for heartburn, such as small meals, and ginger. Those both helped me a lot.

Bed Elevation

I propped bricks underneath the top of my bed so that my bed was slightly elevated.

Avoid Triggers

I had to avoid spicy food, as well as anything acidic or bubbly. I love bubble water, so that was hard!

Loose Clothing

Clothing that is too tight in the stomach can make heartburn worse. This can be tricky with a growing body, but try to wear loose clothing!

Heartburn Tea

Earth Mama makes a fantastic tea that’s good for heartburn AND is safe to drink during pregnancy.

twin pregnancy essentials

Twin Pregnancy Essentials For Discomfort

My body was constantly in pain. Like, beyond discomfort, I WAS IN PAIN.


I took a bath every single night. I know that many women think they can’t take a warm bath while pregnant, but I asked my Doctor and he said it was fine. He actually said that for the water to be hot enough to harm the baby, I wouldn’t be able to tolerate it myself. I think the Pink Stork bath salts would have been an amazing addition.

Twin Pregnancy Support Belt

A pregnancy support belt is crucial. I used the Azmed Maternity Belt. It was great because it adjusts so I could wear it as my belly grew! By around week 29 I needed something with even more support, so I ordered the Neotech Care Maternity Belt. That one actually comes in sizes, so I think that waiting to order one was a good idea.

Unfortunately, my water broke (10 weeks before my due date!) and I was put on bed rest so I was never able to actually use it.

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Carpal Tunnel

I had minor issues with carpal tunnel with my singleton, but when I was carrying twins, it really flared up. I slept with a carpal tunnel wrist brace that helped with the discomfort.

Twin pregnancy is so so hard. But you have been chosen to be a twin mama, and you WILL get through this, and it WILL be worth it!

As challenging as it was to have twins in the NICU, and then bringing home newborn twins, for me, personally, twin pregnancy was the biggest struggle.

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Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can be an encouragement to you!

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twin pregnancy essentials

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Hi there! 20ish weeks pregnant with twins, and my breast size keeps changing every two weeks. What on earth did you buy in terms of bras to keep up with the rapid growth? My band AND cup size keep expanding!

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