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Twin Pregnancy Weeks 4 and 5: What to Expect

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Twin Pregnancy Guide Weeks 4 and 5

Twin pregnancy at 4 weeks… you definitely don’t know that it’s twins and you might not even know that you’re pregnant at all yet!

If, like me, you were planning and trying for another baby, you might have a positive pregnancy test, but there’s no way you will know it’s twins at only four or five weeks pregnant.

Like seriously, no way!

You won’t really have much going on with your body, other than a missed period.

If your periods are irregular or you don’t track them, you may not even realize that you’ve missed it!

It is also entirely possible that you start to feel symptoms this early and experience early signs of twins at 4 weeks.

Pregnancy symptoms resemble premenstrual symptoms, which is incredibly annoying, so it can be difficult to tell.

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Twin Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

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Elevated HCG Levels in Pregnancy Test

If you have a very dark line on your pregnancy test, it could be twins!

HCG is a pregnancy hormone that is detected by the line on your pregnancy test.

The darker the line, the more HCG.

That’s why it’s advised to wait until after your missed period, so the test line will be dark enough that there is no mistake.

The line on my test was VERY dark at 4 weeks pregnant with twins and there was no mistaking it at all!

I tested exactly 14 days after I ovulated, because it was our anniversary and I wanted to share the news with my husband if I was pregnant.

Increased Morning Sickness

When you’re pregnant, your body starts producing pregnancy hormones.

Twin pregnancies have twice as many hormones flowing through your body.

The changes in hormones in your body can cause a lot of symptoms, and the biggest is nausea, also known as morning sickness.

Increased morning sickness, especially early on, could indicate that there are two babies growing inside of you!

Extra Weight Gain

While weight gain with twins isn’t (or shouldn’t be!) quite double, it is more for a twin pregnancy.

If you start packing on the pounds early on in your pregnancy, make sure your ultrasound technician is extremely thorough!

Relentless Fatigue

It is hard working growing one baby. It is even harder work growing TWO babies! Increased fatigue that does. not. let. up. could be a sign of a multiplepregnancy.

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All Possible Symptoms at 4 and 5 Week Twin Pregnancy

  • Fatigue
  • Breast tenderness
  • Morning sickness
  • Heightened sense of smell
  • Frequent urge to pee
  • Change in appetite: Food cravings and/or aversions
  • Increased emotions and moodiness

Development of Twins at 4 Weeks Pregnant

At 4 weeks, your babies are merely two little gestational sacs! At this point in a twin pregnancy, twins are developing at the same rate as a singleton.

By 5 weeks in pregnancies, they are about the size of seeds!

Not much else is going on at this point in your twin pregnancy.

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My Twin Pregnancy Experience at 4 and 5 Weeks

I found out I was pregnant at exactly 4 weeks.

I was overjoyed, but also struck with a feeling of… oh my goodness, another baby!

What have I done! Our first, Theo, was only 15 months at the time and not even walking yet!!

I knew that I was pregnant the night before I took the test because I was sooo moody and Ben and I got in a fight over absolutely nothing.

Right in the middle of our fight, I was like on snap, I’m probably pregnant! Haha!

I woke up super early the next morning so that I could take a test first thing and hopefully surprise my husband on our anniversary.

To my shock (and delight… but mostly shock!!!) the second line on the pregnancy test showed up, pretty dark, and right away.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t blogging at that point, so I don’t have an overload of pictures for you like I would if it happened today.

We were right in the throes of the young toddler stage, and while Theo was an absolute delight as a baby and toddler, it was going to be a big change (even bigger than we expected!!).

I already had a pregnancy journal in anticipation of getting pregnant, so I was able to record my entire pregnancy, from before I even knew that I was expecting twins!

I loved having a pregnancy journal and it’s so fun to look back on. I highly suggest getting one!

My entry for 1-4 weeks read:

“Wow! Just… wow. We have another little blessing on the way. As soon as the second line popped up, I was scared. What have I done? Life as we know it is over! It was so awesome to find out on our anniversary and put the test in Ben’s card :)”

At 5 Weeks Under How Are You Feeling, I wrote
I feel slightly more tired than normal, but pretty good. No sickness yet, but I am very emotional!”

4-5 Week Twin Pregnancy: What You Should Do

Once you confirm with an at-home pregnancy test that you are expecting a baby, you should call your doctor to set up an initial appointment.

You should also start taking your prenatal vitamins if you haven’t already been doing so.

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Support Band

Week 4-5 Twin Pregnancy To Do List

  • Call your OBGYN
  • Call your insurance provider
  • Start prenatal vitamins
  • Rest and relax!

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