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What I’m Actually Getting My Kids for Christmas (2023)

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Last year was the first year that I published a “What We’re Getting Our Kids for Christmas” post and it was so popular last year that I decided to write an updated version this year, and probably every year after!

I know that it’s personally something I enjoy reading as well, AND it helps me to get my shopping done as early as possible. I am *so close* to being done and it feels amazing. I’m done with all of the big gifts and only have a few stocking stuffers left to purchase, and it’s only December 1st!

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The gifts on here are the things that my kids are getting for Christmas, including a few gifts from other family members. Sometimes it comes to a point where I don’t even remember who is getting what, haha!

*This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small fee if you purchase something from one of my links.

2023 Christmas Gifts

I said this last year, and I will say it again. There is such a wide variety of Christmas gifting. I have friends who do a lot less than us, and friends that do a lot more. There is simply no right or wrong way, just the way that is right for your family.

I make a spreadsheet to make sure that my kids are getting around the same amount of gifts. They might not all be the same prices, but having around the same number of gifts will avoid any hurt feelings at this age.

As they get older and better understand the concept of money (and, ahem, Santa…), I will probably stick to a certain budget per child. But for now, Theo is the only one who doesn’t believe in Santa.

You can read all about how our family does Santa here: How We Do Santa

Also, sometimes when I’m wrapping the gifts, I decide that I’ve gone overboard, and set some aside for their Birthdays. Luckily, all 4 of my kids have birthdays ranging from 1 month to 4 months after Christmas.

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2023 Family Gifts

We have one HUGE family gift (well… it is a family gift for everyone except for Beckham… sorry buddy). Our 3 big kids play soccer and have become VERY into the Inter Miami soccer team and Lionel Messi. Theo was even Messi for Halloween. Watching the games together has been something our family really enjoyed this fall.

Knowing this, we purchased tickets for the Inter Miami soccer game vs our local team, New England Revolution. The schedule hasn’t been released yet, but we have guaranteed tickets to the Miami vs New England game, plus 3 other games (it was a bundle purchase). The kids are going to be so excited!! We decided not to take Beckham because he won’t enjoy it.

I haven’t yet decided how I’m going to present the gift. I don’t think I’m going to get apparel because I’m not sure if I’d get gear for our local soccer team or the Inter Miami team lol.

I’ll most likely do some sort of scavenger hunt with a riddle to have them figure out what it is, and probably have the last clue be a picture of both teams. I’m totally thinking out loud as I’m typing, but that’s a really good idea!

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One of our friends has this Airfort and it is SO COOL! I wasn’t sure who to gift this to, and decided to make it a joint sibling gift from Santa.

My kids all love making forts and they are going to have so much fun with this. I love that it inflates super quickly but can be folded up and put away easily. I also kind of love that they might stop making giant fort tents with all of my pillows and blankets!

Picturepedia and Knowledge Encyclopedia Books

All 3 of my big kids love reading and learning different facts. I got them these books: Picturepedia, an Encyclopedia on Every Page, Knowledge Encyclopedia, Knowledge Encyclopedia, Science, Knowledge Encyclopedia, Animals.

I love that my kids (at least the 3 older ones!) have such a passion for reading and learning and I love to encourage that.

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Gifts For Theo, Age 9 (almost 10!)

Theo will be 10 in January, as he so kindly reminded me a few days ago when I called him nine and a half. We are almost at double digits! GAH!

This year, his Christmas list really didn’t include any toys and was mostly video games and sports jerseys. Many of the jerseys he requested we can’t actually find. We have been upfront with him about it so he isn’t too dissapointed on Christmas morning, and told him we will keep hunting to see if we can get them for his Birthday, which is in January.

Inflatable Football Target

Theo LOVES playing soccer and flag football and misses those activities in the winter months. He will often dribble the soccer ball around in our finished basement, or shoot with our over-the-door basketball hoop. This will be an amazing way for him to entertain himself and burn some energy when it’s too cold or dark to go outside and practice sports.
It comes with a small, soft football, so it will be perfect to play inside. This isn’t meant to be used to practice sports skills, it is more of an indoor game.

Klask: An Award Winning Game

Another thing that Theo loves is air hockey. Once our kids are all a bit older, I will change our playroom into more of a game room. But now, since we still have a 3-year-old, those bigger games such as air hockey and foosball are off the table.

Klask looks like the next best thing. It has AMAZING reviews. It’s a tabletop game that’s half air hockey and half foosball. It’s played with magnets underneath the board. It looks SO FUN.

10X5 Soccer Goal

One of Theo’s specific requests was a big soccer goal to practice goalkeeping. He doesn’t want two goals to play soccer, he just wants one bigger one so we can practice shooting on him. This is the one we ended up with.

Columbus Crew Sweatshirt

I can’t find a link to this, but Theo is also really into the Columbus Crew soccer team. He was born in Columbus and we go back every year to visit family, so I was happy to gift him this!

Surfer Dude

This is a gift that I’m getting for all of the kids. One of our friends has this as a beach toy and our kids love playing with it. You throw it into the ocean and it “surfs” back to you. I got each kid a different color and I know they will be so stoked.

Laser Tag

My kids love playing outside and I’m excited about this. It would make a great family gift, but Theo put it on his list, so it’s going to him. I did a lot of research and this is the brand that I ended up with. Some of the laser guns are battery-operated and require an obscene number of batteries. I made sure to get a rechargeable set.

Goalkeeper Gloves

Do you know what’s extremely stressful as a parent? To watch your child play goalie! It is SO STRESSFUL. Theo played goalkeeper at almost every game on his travel soccer team this year and enjoyed that position quite a bit. He always borrowed goalkeeper gloves from a teammate, so it’s time for him to have his own.

Goalkeeper Jersey

We can’t have goalkeeper gloves without a goalkeeper jersey! Theo is going to be so excited about this! It has padded elbows and is really nice quality. He will no longer have to wear the random penny jersey when he plays goalie.

Adidas Messi Shirt

We pre-ordered this Messi T-shirt at the end of August and it still hasn’t arrived yet, but is supposed to ship mid December. Hopefully it comes in time!

Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening

The kids were gifted a Nintendo Switch last year from a grandparent, and we have slowly been easing our way into the world of video games. The kids all asked for video games this year for Christmas, and they are each receiving one. I let my husband handle this because I know NOTHING about video games.

He chose ones that are age-appropriate in terms of content (appropriate content is something I am possibly a little overboard passionate about; but once you see something you can’t UNsee it!) but also ability. This is the one we got for Theo, and we got it on sale from Walmart for $39, which is a crazy good deal!

Smart: Use Your Eyes to Boost Your Brain

This book has amazing reviews. It’s a kid-friendly version of the book “Visual Intelligence: Sharpen Your Perception” by Amy Sherman. It’s a nonfiction book with different puzzles and challenges. Theo loves learning and being challenged, so I think this will be a great fit for him!

3D Pen

All 3 of my big kids put a 3D pen on their list. I’m excited to see the things they create with it! I’m especially excited that Theo put one on his list, because he isn’t usually interested in crafty, creative type things.

Super Mario Tabletop Adventure Game

When Theo didn’t put any toys (other than video games) on his Christmas last this year, I was super sad. I’m not ready to admit that my super playful little boy isn’t so little anymore. Then, we visited a toy store in person, and he saw this and immediately added it to his list!

I was so happy to see him excited about a toy that I went home and ordered it immediately. It’s a tabletop action puzzle-type game that looks super fun.


Our family LOVES to play board games, and we usually get a few new ones each Christmas. Splendor is a strategy game where players compete to build the most lucrative jewelry business. This has fantastic reviews (over 12 THOUSAND 5-star reviews!) and is usually fairly expensive, so when I saw it for 50% off, I grabbed it for Theo!

Shashibo Shapeshifting Cube

Theo received this for his Birthday last year and somehow lost it on the school bus! He was super sad and has been wanting a new one ever since. All 3 of my big kids put this on their Christmas list this year (they really are so cool! perfect for car rides or school bus entertainment) and they are going in their stockings.

For Josie and Margo, Age 7 (almost 8!)

Christmas shopping for twins should be a separate blog post because there are many intricacies that make it complicated. I encourage my girls to be individuals and lean into their unique personalities However, they’re both 7-year-old girls with similar interests. They love crafts, singing, dressing up, fairies and making potions and spells, and their American Girl Dolls.

In the past, I’ve been very intentional about following their requests and Christmas lists and it has not always gone well. They will get sad if their sister gets something they didn’t (even if it wasn’t on their list!!). So. I now tend to get them the same gifts with tweaks for their favorite colors or animals.

Unless I specify that it is only for one of them or they are sharing it, I purchased 2 of every item on this list.

Mine to Design Jewelry Studio

This is not the exact version that I got my girls. The one I got for them they saw in a BJ’s catalog, and luckily, I was able to get it during Black Friday for an amazing price. This thing is HUGE. Like it comes up to my waist. It’s definitely going to be a big WOW type of gift.

Disco Ball– Josie

This is a gift solely for Josie and it was at the top of her list. When Theo saw that she had both a karaoke machine and disco ball on her Christmas list, he said to me “Please tell me you’re not going to get both of those for her.” Haha. Sorry dude, but I am.

Loom Bracelet Maker

My crafty girls are going to love this! Margo actually has used one at school this year and has been asking me for one ever since. The age on this is 8+ but they will be 8 in February, so hopefully they have no issues with it.

The Never Girls Book Set 2 and The Never Girls Book Set 3

I got the girls The Never Girls Book Set 1 earlier in the year and they LOVED THEM. They are avid readers and so I am gifting each one of them a book set of the series for Christmas.

How to Draw Animals– Margo

We have had different versions of these “how to draw” books throughout the years and they are always a hit. The ones by this author have phenomenal reviews.

How to Draw Flowers– Josie

Margo got the animal version and Josie got the flower version! I’m sure they will use them together and draw the same thing. That’s the beauty of the books!

Draw, Paint, & Create Art Set

This gift is sort of a make-up gift from last year. I gifted Margo a similar art kit, and was trying to lean into the girls’ individual personalities, and thought that Margo seemed to be more into crafting than Josie.

Well, Josie has not let me live it down. Every time Margo gets it out, Josie becomes upset all over again and insists that she loves art even more than Margo, and she can’t believe that Santa got that for Margo and not Josie.

SO. This year, they are both getting an art kit. I purchased this from BJ’s, but there are many similar ones on Amazon.

Karaoke Machine with Two Microphones– joint gift

This was at the top of both of their lists. I asked them if they each wanted their OWN karaoke machine with one microphone or a joint machine with two, and they both agreed that they wanted one. They both love singing and dancing and I know this will be used a lot!

This machine, microphones included, is rechargeable (NO BATTERIES!), and connects to Bluetooth.

Mexican Train Dominoes– Margo

We don’t have this game, but my kids love the regular version of Dominos. I love that this comes in an aluminum carrying case.

Gnomin Around– Josie

This is a light strategy game, similar to the card game mini golf. The cards and game are incredibly beautiful and high quality and I’m excited to add this to our collection!


Margo had this gift on her list and it’s one of those things that I just KNEW that Josie would like as well. So rather than have Josie be upset on Christmas morning, I showed her a video of a Bitzee and asked if she thought she’d also like one. Her eyes immediately lit up and she said she did want one. Phew. Glad I asked her!

Calico Critter Bunk Bed– Margo

Both girls have Calic Critter toys, but Margo enjoys playing with them the most. She specifically requested the bunk beds for her little critters.

3D Pen

They are getting the same 3D Pen as Theo. The girls love crafting and being creative, so hopefully this will be a hit!

Super Mario Odyssey– Margo

As I mentioned above, my husband researched video games and this is the one that he chose for Margo. He said it’s supposed to be a fantastic game and the kids will love it.

Mario Party Superstars– Josie

This is the game that my husband chose for Josie. He said it’s a great multi-player game and he’s hoping the kids have fun playing it together.

Lightweight Puffer Jacket

I saw this jacket and immediately knew that my girls would love it. They hate wearing bulky jackets and usually try to wear sweatshirts or fleeces to school. But it’s getting cold enough that they need to wear an actual jacket and they don’t want to wear their heavy winter jackets (which I totally understand, I don’t like wearing mine, either!).

I hope that this puffer coat is lightweight enough that they can wear it on a daily basis, and pretty enough that they will want to!

Deluxe Princess Capes in Fuschia and Light Pink

We saw these in a local toy store and both girls wanted me to take a picture of them so they could add them to their Christmas lists. They are gorgeous, amazing quality capes.

Jellyfish Lamp– Margo

This is a gift that Margo put on her Christmas list and it actually looks really cool. The jellyfish look very lifelike!

Gemstones and Crystals- Josie

Josie put gemstones and crystals on her list, so I think that this set of gemstones would be a huge hit. To go along with it, she is getting a crystal growing lab.

Magic Mixie

I know that the Magic Mixies were a huge hit last year, so when I saw them on sale on Prime Day, I grabbed two of them! You make a little potion and, apparently, a little toy animal appears out of the potion. Or something like that. I honestly don’t know much about them other than the fact that they are widely popular! My girls love fairies and potions so this will be a surprise gift that I know they will love.

I got the pink for Josie and the blue for Margo

Surfer Dude

As I mentioned above, they are all getting a surfer dude, or dudette in this case. Josie is getting pink and Margo is getting purple.

Hula Hoop

This is such a classic gift. My girls are so active and love to play outside. I know that they will use a hula hoop year round and love that they can use it in our garage or finished basement when it’s too cold to get outside this winter.

For Beckham, 3.5

Beckham is always my hardest child to shop for. As the youngest of 4, we have every toy he could ever need. From outdoor toys such as basketball hoops and bikes, to toy vehicles, building toys, pretend toys, books, puzzles, games… we have SO MUCH. But, obviously, we still need to get him presents.

Here are the things that I came up with to get him this year.

Thomas & Friends Multi-Level Track

Theo had a track that was similar to this when he was Beckham’s age and he LOVED it. I unfortunately donated it on our local buy nothing page, but when I saw this on sale for Prime Day, I grabbed it. It’s a really cool, multi-level train track and Beckham is going to LOVE it.

Octonauts Playset

Octonauts is hands down, Beckham’s favorite television show. I saw this Octonauts playset on a cyber Monday deal (I hadn’t even thought to look for Octonauts toys!) and immediately know that Beckham would loovvvee this!

Paw Patrol: Rubble from the Mighty Movie

We have a TON of Paw Patrol toys from when the other kids were younger. Josie and Margo still frequently play Paw Patrol with Beckham and I thought it would be fun for him to have a character that’s 100% *his* and not passed down from his siblings.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Rescue Vehicles and Garage

Classic 4th child problems… we don’t need anything. We have sooo many toys, but I obviously just can’t NOT give Beckham anything. I saw this Melissa & Doug garage with rescue vehicles and I know he will love playing with it.

Peppa Pig Alphabet Suitcase

Beckham loves Peppa Pig! This is a little suitcase that stores alphabet letters in a puzzle on the inside. Beckham doesn’t know all of his letters yet, so this will be educational AND he will love it!

Peppa Pig Camper

This is one gift that Beckham saw in a catalog and specifically asked for. He got the little Peppa Village last year and it will be so fun to add to it.

Light Up 3-Wheel Scooter

Surprisingly, none of my kids have ever had a 3-wheel scooter, so we have none to hand down to Beckham! He has borrowed one of our neighbor’s scooters and scooted around on it and absolutely loved it, so I know he’s going to be thrilled for his very own scooter.

Big Bouncy Ball

Beckham is going to freak out in the best possible way when he sees this ball on Christmas morning. He loves bouncy balls (and I am constantly putting them in the trash because they TERRIFY me as a choking hazard, even though he’s almost 4). One of the only things he’s asked for this Christmas is for a “really big bouncy all. As big as me. A bouncy ball that’s big like Beckham!”

Magnetic Alphabet Fishing Game

We had a game like this when my big kids were younger and they loved it! I love that this version has the alphabet letters on the fish.

Play-doh Kitchen Creations

I strongly dislike Play-Doh. But my kids love it. I did a lot of Play-Doh when I had 3 little ones at home, but I hardly do it with Beckham! I actually forgot that Play-Doh was even a thing until Beckham asked me about it after he played with it at daycare. So he will be thrilled to get his own little Play-Doh kitchen set!

Mini Yoto Starter Set

I have seen the Mini Yoto all over Instagram and everybody who has it raves about it. I got the starter set which comes with a few cards, and we will most likely add to his collection for his Birthday in April.

The Yoto is a mini audiobook player that plays books with specific Yoto Cards. It is pricey, and even more pricey when you factor in the fact that you need to buy the cards to play it! However, Beckham is unlike my other children who would entertain themselves for hours on end and he also has very little interest in sitting and listening to us read him books.

I think this will be a great, screen-free addition to our household. It will help him be more interested in books, and will be a tool I can use when I need him to be occupied and don’t want to turn on the television.

Magnatiles Expansion Set

Magnatiles are one of the toys that my kids have played with the most out of probably any toy we have ever owned. The expansion packs are sooo fun and perfect for the 4th kid that really doesn’t need any toys!

Stocking Stuffers

I haven’t finished shopping for stocking stuffers yet, but I am close! I think I have Josie and Margo covered, aside from some candy and small treats. Beckham and Theo need a few more things, but that won’t be hard.

Girls: Washable Tempera Paint Sticks– I have heard such amazing things about these washable paint sticks. I got a big pack and I will divide it between their stockings.

Beckham: Play-doh– Play-Doh is a must for stockings for this age, right??

Big 3: Cats Cradle– I lovedddd doing Cats Cradle when I was a kid! It’s a little instructional book with a Cats Cradle string and you can learn different finger patterns to do with the string. That is a terrible way to describe it and it sounds so lame, but I promise it is SO FUN!

Everybody: Beanie: all 4 kids are getting a new winter hat, Theo is getting this Messi Beanie.

Girls: PomPom Pens– Cute pens are a must for my girls!

Girls: Initial Necklaces– Along with cute pens being a must for my girls, so is jewelry! These beaded Initial necklaces are precious and I know my girls like them because they chose it as part of a birthday gift for a friend this month.

Big 3: Shashibo Shapeshifting Cube- I talked about this shapeshifting cube under Theo’s gifts even though all of my big kids are getting them. This is a perfect stocking stuffer!

Beckham: Giraffe Electric Toothbrush– This electric toothbrush is so cute. It comes in a variety of animals, plus it comes with a timer to make sure little ones are brushing for long enough!

Everyone: Chapstick– My whole family suffers from dry lips in the winter months and we go through so much chapstick. I always put it in their stockings and this is a new brand that I’m trying this year.

I still need to grab a few more stocking stuffers for Theo and Beckham, and find a gift for my husband and one other family member, but other than that? I AM DONE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING and it’s only December 1st!

I hope that this post was helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions! I am an open book.

Merry Christmas!

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